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-> France - 24/04/2017
COT International's new selection of cherries and apricots
COT INTERNATIONAL a French company created in 1991 specializes in the research and selection of apricots, cherries and plums.... >Read more

-> France - 24/04/2017
Harvest optimization with innovative equipment
Delecroix Constructions has introduced a new machine for harvesting melons. It allows to gains 20 – 30 % of productivity, improve ergonomics and product quality.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 24/04/2017
Promotion of 'Belgian fries' in South-East Asia
The VLAM will shortly launch a promotional campaign in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines to introduce Belgian fries.... >Read more

-> Poland - 24/04/2017
10% increase for Polish exports
A satisfactory 2016 for Polish exports of fruit and vegetables, which exceeded by volume more than 2 million tonnes, 10% more than the previous year.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 22/04/2017
Egypt is a strategic market for Italian apples
An increasingly important market. In just 5 years Italy has seen its apple exports in Egypt, go from a very small share to 16% of its total production. ... >Read more

-> Egypt - 22/04/2017
The 2nd edition of MAC FRUIT ATTRACTION has started
Today, opening of the doors of the 2nd edition of MAC FRUIT ATTRACTION MENA in Cairo. The fair co-organized by IFEMA and CESENA FIERA, which takes place jointly with FOODAFRICA, the leading event in the food sector.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 21/04/2017
FRUCTIDOR.COM will be exhibiting at MAC FRUIT ATTRACTION in Cairo (Egypt)
From the 22nd to the 24th of April, the MAC FRUIT ATTRACTION will bring together, for the 2nd edition, professionals of the Fruits and Vegetables market in Cairo - Egypt.... >Read more

-> Chile - 21/04/2017
Official opening of the largest plant inspection center
In Chile, the new Cabrero site, dedicated to the inspection of fresh fruit intended for the US market, was officially inaugurated by Mrs. Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic.... >Read more

-> India - 21/04/2017
India wants to reduce post-harvest losses
About 40% of India's agricultural production is lost each year due to insufficient infrastructure. To reduce these estimated losses to 920 billion rupees (14.2 billion USD) the country announces an ambitious project, SAMPADA.... >Read more

-> Bolivia - 21/04/2017
Argentina is the No. 1 banana customer in Bolivia
In 2016 the main market for bananas produced in Bolivia was Argentina which received 96.4% of exports of these fruits indicated IBCE (Instituto Boliviano de Comercio Exterior).... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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