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-> Mexico - 25/05/2017
Avocado deserves its nickname "green gold".
This year, avocados have reached record price levels, to the point that it has become a luxury for some consumers in Mexico, the world's No. 1 avocado production country.... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 25/05/2017
Costa Rica has embarked on a strategy to diversify its exports
Exporting mainly bananas and pineapples, Costa Rica intends to take advantage of the strong international demand for exotic fruits and vegetables by widely diversifying its offer. ... >Read more

-> Philippines - 25/05/2017
Macadamia nuts considered as an alternative crop
In the Philippines the Ministry of Agriculture encourages farmers to develop macadamia nut cultivation as an alternative commercial production. ... >Read more

-> Romania - 25/05/2017
Cherry prices soar
In Romania hail and frost severely affected cherry production, causing about 50% loss of crops. This decrease in volumes leads to a sharp rise in prices.... >Read more

-> Italy - 24/05/2017
Net increase in consumption of Fruit & Vegetables
Italian consumers are pleased with Fruits & Vegetables, their consumption has just recorded the rate of increase never seen before of + 4%.... >Read more

-> Spain - 24/05/2017
New collective mark "Avocados and Mangoes of Malaga and Granada"
The Association of Sub-tropical Fruit Producers has launched the new collective brand 'Aguacates y Mangos de Málaga y Granada' to promote the image and quality of these products.... >Read more

-> France - 24/05/2017
Strong performance growth and positive outlook for CMA CGM
CMA CGM continues the dynamic launched in 2016 with a strong increase in its performances... >Read more

-> Iran - 24/05/2017
Major date producer, Iran exports little
One of the largest date producers in the world, Iran produces about 1 million tons per year but exports only 80,000 tons.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 23/05/2017
"Banano del Ecuador" the new brand for a better identification
The Minister of Foreign Trade and AEBE (Asociación de Exportadores de Banano del Ecuador) signed a cooperation agreement for the development and implementation of the "Banano del Ecuador" sectoral brand.... >Read more

-> Spain - 23/05/2017
Spain expects to produce garlic more than 200 000 tonnes
The 2017 season is expected to be good for the garlic production, which is expected to reach a total volume in excess of 200,000 tonnes, almost as well as last year.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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