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-> Iran - 24/05/2017
Major date producer, Iran exports little
One of the largest date producers in the world, Iran produces about 1 million tons per year but exports only 80,000 tons.... >Read more

-> Nigeria - 23/05/2017
Lower production volume leads to higher prices
The volume of tomato production is collapsing due to the devastation of the Tuta Absoluta parasite, which affects several producing areas in Nigeria. ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 19/05/2017
Technical partnership for water and irrigation between Morocco and Ethiopia
High cooperation potential between Morocco and Ethiopia in the water, irrigation and electricity sectors.... >Read more

-> Nigeria - 18/05/2017
Export growth of vegetables
Nigeria will be able to profit from its agricultural products with the beginning of exports of vegetables to the United Kingdom and to India.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 16/05/2017
Spanish expertise to increase Egypt's agricultural land (+80,000 hectares)
The Egyptian government's vast project to recover land from the desert and to introduce suitable technologies to transform it into arable land is being realized through agreements with companies from the Murcia region of Spain.... >Read more

-> Oman - 15/05/2017
AGRO OMAN opens its doors
Today begins Agro Oman & Fisheries Expo which takes place until the 17th of May in Oman Convention & Exhibition Center. Agriculture is one of the key sectors of the economic development policy of the Sultanate of Oman.... >Read more

-> Jordan - 09/05/2017
Security measures and procedures are strengthened
The decision by the United Arab Emirates to refuse imports of fruit and vegetables that did not include official certificates on the absence of pesticide residues prompted Jordan to strengthen its security measures and procedures.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 04/05/2017
US campaign to begin in June
The annual planning meeting for the 2017 season brought together professionals from South Africa and the United States around SCSA (Summer Citrus from South Africa).... >Read more

-> Oman - 03/05/2017
Oman to benefit from Indian expertise
Cooperation between Oman and the Indian state Haryana to develop trade and expertise sharing in the agricultural sector.... >Read more

-> Senegal - 03/05/2017
Producer in Senegal are looking for a financial partner
The company Sadesi, Dakar Senegal, vegetable producer on the local market seeks financial and / or commercial partner to extend its exploitation.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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