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-> Peru - 20/02/2017
A very satisfactory year for CAMPOSOL
The Peruvian company CAMPOSOL published very good results for 2016, its sales increased by 3.7% and its net profit by 380.6% compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 17/02/2017
Rambutan producers seek new outlets
Producers in the Soconusco region (Chiapas state, southern Mexico) are looking for new marketing channels for their rambutan.... >Read more

-> Chile - 16/02/2017
Excellent prospects for the walnut sector in Chile
In Chile, the nut sector is one of the most dynamic agricultural sectors in recent years and its outlook is excellent with an expected doubling of its exports.... >Read more

-> Peru - 16/02/2017
Fruitful participation in Fruit Logistica 2017 for Peru
Satisfaction for the Peruvian delegation with the successful launch of its new brand 'Superfoods Peru' and a growing turnover.... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 15/02/2017
Volume and record value for banana exports
Record year for banana exports to Costa Rica, both in volume and value.... >Read more

-> Chile - 10/02/2017
F.Log. direct: Introducing the new app "Fruits From Chile"
Available for Apple and Android devices, the new application "Fruits From Chile" was presented on Fruit Logistica 2017. It is aimed at professionals, with information on Chilean exporters... >Read more

-> Canada - 10/02/2017
F. Log. Direct: The first National Pavilion of Canada
Hall 23 Stand A11, the National Pavilion of Canada for which it is the first participation at Fruit Logistica, with representatives from companies and organizations that have introduced the wide variety of Canadian products... >Read more

-> USA - 09/02/2017
F.Log. Direct: European premiere for an innovative DELTATRAK solution
For the first time in Europe, on Fruit Logistica, Hall 23 Stand E-06, DELTATRAK presents its BLE routing solution, a wireless monitoring solution... >Read more

-> Peru - 08/02/2017
F.Log. Direct: Official launch of the brand "SuperAliments of Peru"
In Hall 25, the exhibition space occupied by Peru is impressive. On more than 500m2 dozens of companies gather 300 professionals who come to present their products and especially this year "The SuperAliments of Peru" with the official launch of the brand.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 07/02/2017
ITAUEIRA will propose the tasting of its wonderful melons to Fruit Logistica (11th participation for the Brazilian producer)
Itaueira Agropecuária S.A. will once again be present at Fruit Logistica: Hall 23 Stand B-01. Throughout the fair, a tasting of melons will be proposed by the Brazilian producer who believes that this is the best way to present its fruits to future customers and consumers. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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