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-> Panama - 24/03/2017
Lower production has weighed on fruit exports
UNPAPA (National Union of Agricultural Producers of Panama) estimates that the country has lost about 24,000 hectares of fruit crops in recent years, which has led to a decrease in exports.... >Read more

-> USA - 23/03/2017
Big Idaho® Potato truck back on US roads
A big promotion for potatoes grown in the state of Idaho, with this unusual truck"Big Idaho® Potato" that will once again travel the American roads.... >Read more

-> Chile - 21/03/2017
Europe becomes the first destination for avocados in Chile
Although there has been significant growth in avocados' exports to China, the main destination for Chilean avocado is Europe with over 84,000 tons of avocados. ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 16/03/2017
Exports: Avocados is more lucrative than oil
In Mexico, according to official data, exports of avocados in 2016 were far more profitable than exports of oil and petroleum products.... >Read more

-> Honduras - 16/03/2017
Fall for melon and watermelon exports
The report by BCH (Central Bank of Honduras) shows that exports of melons and watermelons have generated revenues down by 6.2% at the end of 2016.... >Read more

-> USA - 14/03/2017
A satisfying harvest in time for St. Patrick's Day celebrations
In California the rains have drastically reduced the drought throughout the state where the avocado crops began a little ahead this year. The production of avocados is estimated at 119 million pounds (53 million kilos).... >Read more

-> Colombia - 13/03/2017
EU consumes 73% of Colombian production
The European Union has become Colombia's main trading partner for banana exports.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 09/03/2017
Increase in volume but not in value for exports of blueberries
Between 2015 and 2016 blueberry exports increased by 15% in volume, totaling 17 100 tonnes in 2016. These positive results mask a sharp decline in value, sales prices in 2016 were 25% lower than last year.... >Read more

-> Cuba - 08/03/2017
Exports of pineapples to Europe exceeded expectations
Satisfactory results for the region of Ciego de Ávila, whose exports of pineapples to Europe totaled 1,100 tonnes, exceeding by 200 tonnes the volume shipped during the previous season.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 07/03/2017
South Korean Market Opens for Brazilian Mangoes
After 13 years of negotiations, South Korea opens its market to mangoes from Brazil announced MAPA (Ministério da Agricultura, Pecuária e Abastecimento). ... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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