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-> Italy - 24/05/2017
Net increase in consumption of Fruit & Vegetables
Italian consumers are pleased with Fruits & Vegetables, their consumption has just recorded the rate of increase never seen before of + 4%.... >Read more

-> Spain - 24/05/2017
New collective mark "Avocados and Mangoes of Malaga and Granada"
The Association of Sub-tropical Fruit Producers has launched the new collective brand 'Aguacates y Mangos de Málaga y Granada' to promote the image and quality of these products.... >Read more

-> France - 24/05/2017
Strong performance growth and positive outlook for CMA CGM
CMA CGM continues the dynamic launched in 2016 with a strong increase in its performances... >Read more

-> Spain - 23/05/2017
Spain expects to produce garlic more than 200 000 tonnes
The 2017 season is expected to be good for the garlic production, which is expected to reach a total volume in excess of 200,000 tonnes, almost as well as last year.... >Read more

-> Italy - 23/05/2017
Italian citrus fruits in China next season
This is an important milestone for Italian citrus fruit which will be able to enter the Chinese market with high potential in the next marketing season. ... >Read more

-> France - 22/05/2017
2017 production expected early and superior in volume
Cherry production in France is estimated to be 10% higher than in 2016 and should be close to the five-year average.... >Read more

-> France - 17/05/2017
The network COMPAGNIE FRUITIERE FRANCE expands with a ripening of bananas in Perpignan
With a large national network, COMPAGNIE FRUITIERE FRANCE is expanding and opening a 9th ripening, becoming the network offering the best coverage of the French territory.... >Read more

-> Germany - 17/05/2017
A federal salad election in Germany
The year 2017 is a year of elections to the German Parliament and BONDUELLE takes advantage of this news to propose his own candidates to the "Bundessalatwahl", the salad federal election.... >Read more

-> Italy - 16/05/2017
MACFRUT, the 2018 edition already in sight
MACFRUT has already begun planning the 2018 edition, which will be held next year at the Rimini Expo Center from 9 to 11 May. The partner country will be Colombia, the partner region Veneto, the symbol product of the Radicchio event.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 16/05/2017
Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables continues to increase in the EU-28
Measured optimism but certaincxf , with recent FRESHFEL data showing a further increase in Fruit & Vegetable consumption in the EU-28 countries.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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