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-> Turkiye - 24/06/2017
Turkey, partner country of Summer Fancy Food.
The event will open its doors in New York from the 25th to 27th of June.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 20/06/2017
Trabzon: leader in exports to Russia of fresh fruits and vegetables
In the first 5 months of the year, a third of Russian imports were made from this region.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 17/06/2017
More fruits and vegetables exported to the Gulf countries.
The first half of June saw a marked increase in Turkish exports to these countries.... >Read more

-> Russia - 16/06/2017
Rising operating volumes in Russian ports
Good start to the year for Russian seaports, which handled 320 million tons of freight (+ 11.6% year-on-year), according to ASOP (Association of Commercial Sea Ports).... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 14/06/2017
China's green light for Turkish cherries
The checks carried out on the spot by the Chinese delegation are positive.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 10/06/2017
Strong Turkish participation in World Congress of Dried vegetables
his event will bring together industry specialists in Vancouver from July 10-13, 2017.... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 09/06/2017
Exports to Russia increase
Azerbaijan is an essential partner for the supply of the Russian Fruit & Vegetable Market, even in winter the country exports greenhouse tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and eggplants to Russia.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 06/06/2017
Exports of Turkish fruits and vegetables down for the first time of the year.
A decrease of 6% in quantity and 8% in value was recorded for all exports combined, fruits, vegetables and citrus fruits, according to official statistics.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 03/06/2017
Improvement in the transportation of Turkish fruits and vegetables
The public and private together to find solutions.... >Read more

-> Russia - 01/06/2017
Trade between Russia and Africa is growing
Trade between Russia and African countries has quickly grown in recent years and agricultural products are an essential element...... >Read more ad. ad.

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