16/01/2020 | Israel

Citrus production estimated to return to normal levels for this 2019/20 campaign

After a 2018/19 campaign which had recorded low production volumes due to unfavorable weather conditions, the 2019/20 campaign should experience a return to normal production levels.
According to USDA Gain Report, citrus production in Israel for this 2019/20 campaign is expected to reach 525,000 tonnes. A production volume consistent with previous years, excluding 2018/19 considered "very low" due to the weather conditions that affected yields.
For this 2019/20 campaign, the area planted totals 17,842 hectares. The production of oranges is expected to reach 76,000 tonnes, the production of grapefruit 155,000 tonnes, the production of mandarins and tangerines 200,000 tonnes.
More than 15 varieties of tangerines and tangerines are grown, but the producers mainly focus on the Or / Ori variety. This variety holds 57% of total Israeli citrus exports and 90% of total mandarin / tangerine exports.


source : gain.fas.usda.gov




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