26/01/2024 | Chile

Third estimate for Chilean table grape exports in 2023/24

The Chilean Fruit Table Grape Committee has presented its third estimate for exports for the 2023-2024 season, forecasting a surplus of 62,461,069 boxes, which represents an increase of 3.3% compared to the previous fiscal year (2022-2023). 
Although this new estimate is 1.9% lower than the second one presented last November, it is anticipated that new varieties will constitute 64% of the total exported volume of grapes.
The main market will continue to be North America, with a 57% share of total shipments, reflecting an increase compared to last season, where it received 50% of exports.
In terms of varieties, table grapes of new varieties are expected to reach 39,665,392 boxes, followed by 13,066,520 of traditional varieties and 9,729,152 of Red Globe. Among the new red varieties with the greatest growth are Candy Hearts, Jack Salute and Sweet Celebration, while the white varieties include Autumn Crisp, Sweet Globe and Cotton Candy. In the case of black grapes, an increase is expected in Sweet Favors, Sable, Midnight Beauty and Sweet Sapphire.
Red variety grapes would lead the ranking with 24,257,786 boxes, followed by 22,523,428 boxes of white grapes, 9,729,152 boxes of Red Globe grapes and 5,950,703 boxes of black variety grapes.
source: simfruit.cl


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