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Downtime in packaging house, should anyone pay for it?

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For manufacturers, packers, sorters down time is the single largest source of lost production time. Some companies significantly underestimate their true down time – especially when they estimate their down time or manually record down times for each occurrence. Fortunately, downtime is a problem that can be fixed. Head of TOMRA Food Grading Mike Riley shared with us how they reduce downtime by 90% for their customers.

Down time is most often associated with equipment breakdowns, but it actually includes any unplanned event that causes packaging process to stop. For example down time can be caused by shortage of operators, unscheduled or planned at the wrong time maintenance.

“Most of the owners do track downtime for last season. And when they calculate downtime and therefore lost profit, it is incredible. One recent example: 47 hours downtime during season has cost €800 000. And now we can reduce the downtime by 90%”, - tells Mr. Riley.

Mike Riley explains that Compac’s customers before approaching the season receive all upgrades and get their equipment maintained: “We make everything upgraded and refreshed. The idea is before they start packing for the season they just have the latest, the upgraded technology. We test and run machines, test software, upgrade computers, all things that need to be done. When they start packing it seems they have bought a brand new machine, but it is just upgraded according to latest developments”. Another tool is recently introduced Sizer Simulator that can reduce overall downtime by enhancing knowledge of line speed management.

I ask Mr. Riley if this is possible to upgrade from “other brand” sorting/packing machine to Compac’s one, as we did receive this kind of questions from our customers, he shares: “You’ve got big mechanical size, it does weighing, mechanical sizing, it works, it is fine. But later you want to do vision based grading, internal inspection, digitally run the line before the season starts, have remote control etc. In this case we are able to make “brain transplant”, as people call it. Each particular case should be discussed. But we can retrofit most of our competitor’s lines, we have examples doing it pretty much everywhere in the world”.

Recently Compac has implemented brand new technologies: Sizer SimulatorSmartline™, introduced new Inspectra2 results with T&G Global, announced partnership with AVEVA and much more. TOMRA and Compac will continue with innovations and leading digital transformation of fresh produce Industry”, - says Mr. Riley and announces that for Fruit Logistica in Berlin they are preparing other innovations and good news for customers and potential customers. To learn more about latest developments, test new equipment, run digital packing line, calculate what a commercial outcome could be Mike Riley invites to visit their Stand (Hall 9 / D-22).

For contact:
Roberto Ricci
GM & VP Europe
+39 335 1224955

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Head of TOMRA Food Grading Mike Riley introducing digital innovations and partnership with AVEVA at PMA in Orlando, FL, USA
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