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USA 05/12/2018

Company selling instruments for fresh produce issued an instructional video

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QA Supplies announced the launch of a new informational video that shows the mission and purpose of their business.

Short 2 and a half minutes video in simple and clear way demonstrates why it is important to use quality control and measurement instruments and how to use them. A few of company’s most popular products are shown: firmness testers, refractometers, water quality analyzers, and data loggers.

Video also features onsite calibration laboratory, where quality and measurement equipment are tested and certified.

“We believe fresh produce should look and feel good, while offering the best taste possible,” said Russ Holt, Sales & Marketing Manager at QA Supplies. “Continuous quality expectations must be met to keep customers coming back.” 

View the new company video for QA Supplies below (duration is only 2 min.

Visit QA Supplies’ Booth 539 at the New York Produce Show, next week December 10-13th.

Contact information: 
Russ Holt
QA Supplies LLC


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