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Philippines 29/07/2019

China-Japan-Korea, the TOP 3 of the Philippines banana export markets

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According to Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) data, Phiippines exported 645,333.17 tonnes of bananas between January and April this year. In terms of volume exported, the ranking of export markets shows China as No. 1, followed by Japan and South Korea.
Between January and April of this year, the Phillipines exported 645,333.17 tons of bananas. Of this total, China has purchased 532,971.282 tons, making it the No. 1 market for Philippines' bananas. Japan is No. 2 followed by South Korea.
While these last two countries have increased their purchases of tropical fruits from the Philippines, they have reduced their purchases of bananas.
According to Filipino professionals, the country is losing market share to Latin American producers. Japan is a saturated market because of its aging population, South Korea is now buying more bananas from Latin American countries like Ecuador.


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If China continues to increase its purchases of bananas from the Philippines, Japan and Korea have reduced their volumes.
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