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The acquisition of IngeAgro by Decco and their fruitful collaboration on FullCover Electrostatic Solutions

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Decco, one of global leaders in biosolutions for sustainable agriculture, has acquisitioned IngeAgro, the company well-known for their FullCover electrostatic solutions commonly used in packinghouses in South America. It is an innovative electrostatic application system that enables the application of fruit coatings in very low volumes. This ensures that fruits that are sensitive to water-based coating can be treated to extend their commercial life, reducing losses and increasing the profitability of each harvest.


Together companies are already working on implementation of new technologies for use on traditional packing lines for apples, pears, citrus, stone fruit, bananas, pineapples, melons etc.


Decco has a strong social corporate responsibility strategy, makes a focus on the “plant defense”, thus, lowering the food waste in their new FullCover electrostatic technology elaborated together with IngeAgro.


Augusto Mengelle, company’s General Manager, said, “The acquisition will allow the company to get some new business opportunities and to bring to the market their solution of ‘dry application’”.


Tomas Yakasovic, who established IngeAgro in 2013, a highly experienced specialist that knows all the challenges that could encounter agricultural business, will continue as the general manager, aspiring to new innovations.


To conclude, the acquisition of IngeAgro opens new potentials for UPL (Decco´s parent company) to broaden its postharvest footprint and to evolve new Open Agriculture Initiative concept of no limits for novation.


Decco is one of the leaders inside the postharvest industry, providing their customers with high quality postharvest products, equipment and services for various fruits and vegetables companies. Improving their expertise for more than 90 years of experience with customized coating, decay control, sanitization and disinfection products, application technology, on-site service, the company always focus on lowering food losses and enhancing the freshness of fresh fruits and vegetables.


More information can be found on  Decco´s website.


UPL – one the biggest agrochemical companies in the world that provides agricultural solutions for arable and specialty crops, covering biological, crop protection, seed treatment and post-harvest solutions.


Click here for further information about UPL.



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