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Try your luck in photo competition by CID Bio-Science & Felix Instruments

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words, CID Bio-Science & Felix Instruments think it can be rewarded too. The companies organized photo competition.


Participants need to submit photos of them or their colleague using one of the company's instruments for a chance to win $600 cash prize that will be divided between 3 winners.


Photos will be judged based on composition and overall visual quality. Members can submit as many photos as they want. Cash prize will be sent in currency of their choice.


Submission deadline is Tuesday, November 17th.


Click here to submit the photo.


Based in Camas, Washington, CID Bio-Science is a manufacturer of portable, precise instrumentation helping environmental, agronomic, climate, and biology-focused researchers gather and analyze plant data, and has 30 years of experience.


More information about company, on the CID Bio-Science website.


Felix Instruments is a subsidiary of CID Bio-Science, Inc. focusing on pre- and postharvest applications helps fresh market professionals maximize the value of their products with company’s line of portable Gas Analyzers and NIR Produce Quality Meters.


Full information about Felix Instruments’ products can be found on their website.



GOLD Member
Gold Members
Dominican Rep. ART Agro Industrial SRL - Dominican Rep. - 1. Mango
Peru Koriwasi Frut SAC - Peru - 1. Avocados - 2. Blueberry - 3. Mango
Belgium Fresh Connection bvba - Belgium - 1. Coldstores - 2. National road transport - 3. Shipping (sea transport)
France Oui Fresh - France - 1. Fruit - 2. Vegetables - 3. Potato
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Photo Competition by CID Bio-Science & Felix Instruments
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