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England 25/08/2022

Losses are estimated at 60 million pounds sterling (70 million USD)

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According to a survey of UK growers and projections made for the whole sector, this year around GBP 60 million (USD 70.9 million) of fruit and vegetables have been left in the fields, due to the lack of workers for the harvests
According to the recent survey conducted by NFU (National Farmers Union) of 200 growers, around 22 million GBP (26 million USD) of fruit and vegetables were left in the fields during the 1st half of the year due to labor shortages. 'work. The survey covered around one-third of the horticulture sector, so the figure for the whole sector must be over £60 million (USD 70.9 million).
Respondents to the NFU survey said they suffered crop losses due to a lack of workers, and growers expect production to fall another 4.4% next year. UK fruit and vegetable production was valued in 2020 at around GBP 2.7 billion (USD 3.1 billion).
NFU has called on the government to change regulations for seasonal workers to prevent wasted crops in the future and encourage investment in the sector.
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Losses are estimated at £60 million (USD 70.9 million) worth of fruit and vegetables that were left in the fields due to labor shortages (Picture:
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