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Saudi Arabia 08/09/2022

Saudi Arabia has improved its food self-sufficiency

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In recent years, agriculture, food systems and supply chains have had to deal with numerous disruptions (pandemic, effects of climate change, war, inflation, etc.) which have made food security a priority for governments around the world.
Saudi Arabia has been preparing since the food crisis of 2007-08 to strengthen its food self-sufficiency by implementing various programs for agricultural development and investment, encouraging farmers to plant more and exploit the last innovative techniques.
The country has significantly improved its level of self-sufficiency. Thus, according to the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture, the total production of dates reached 1.5 million tons, representing a self-sufficiency rate of 125%, while the production of vegetables reached about 1.6 million tons, a self-sufficiency rate of 60%, potato production reached nearly 403,000 tons, a self-sufficiency rate of 92%.
Even the production of fruit and citrus fruits increased with 650,000 tonnes, i.e. a self-sufficiency rate of only 35% but a marked increase compared to 2016 when 266,000 tonnes of fruit and citrus were produced, i.e. a self-sufficiency rate of 15%.
Other agricultural sectors show high rates, such as egg production (116% self-sufficiency) or the production of fresh milk and its derivatives (109% self-sufficiency).
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Fruit and vegetable production is increasing in Saudi Arabia where local products are increasingly numerous (Photo:
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