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Mexico 17/04/2024

Mexican mango seeks expansion in the Middle East and Oceania

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The Mexican mango industry continues to explore the diversification of international markets.
José Ángel Crespo, president of the Mexican Mango Exporters Association (EMEX), believes it is important to expand beyond the U.S. market to Europe, Asia (including Korea, Japan, Australia and New Zealand) and the Middle East, where promising opportunities are on the horizon.
For Crespo, these territories are particularly attractive and demand superior quality and impeccable presentation. He also highlights the growth in airfreight of mangoes to Europe, although he recognizes the need to address arrival problems that affect marketing.
Crespo also discusses the effort to open the Chinese market, an effort that requires time and collaboration with Mexican authorities to establish adequate phytosanitary protocols. This focus on diversification and strategic expansion reflects the Mexican mango industry's commitment to international development and competitiveness.
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Mexican mango continues to explore diversification as a key to its expansion in the industry (photo:
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