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Christophe Durrieu
Christophe Durrieu
I'm Christophe Durrieu, President of Fructidor since 1989.
Since 1935, my grandfather and my parents have developed the services Fructidor provide to make it the leading international guide for buyers of fruits and vegetables.

Our directories and websites are the preferred sources of information for buyers of fruits and vegetables in Western Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. We have also recently extended our activities across the world and our reputation is growing rapidly.

We take pleasure from our work through our independence, innovation, on-site verification and respect for our partners.

I am personally committed to ensure for you the following 13 points.

1. 1,000 visits GUARANTEED

Fructidor guarantees "GOLD Members" at least 1,000 visits to your business card in 12 months.
This applies regardless of your business, products or country.

What happens if the hearing is not reached ?
We will extend your listing for free, without additional payment from you, until you receive 1,000 visits

How can you verify the figures ?
The access to your statistics (see Point 7. Below), allows you to follow day by day your visitor numbers.

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2. Your COMPLETE Business Card

Business Card sample

Your business card is displayed for all research that concerns you, whether it is made using your name, brand, product or activity.
Additionally, it is displayed for advanced searches.

Your card includes :
  • your logo
  • company name + country
  • town + postal code
  • activities
  • your top 10 products
  • your Internet address with dynamic link

+ "GOLD Member" logo
+ the ability to contact you by email

Tip : the more details you provide about your company, the more visits you will receive.

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3. Your COMPLETE mini-website

Mini-website example It is essential for your mini-website to give the visitor as much detail about your business, products, product origins, seasonality, certifications, equipment, type of customers, business contacts, foreign languages spoken etc. In short, everything a good sales person would highlight with a prospect!
This will bring more visits.

Visitors carefully consult fructidor.com mini websites to contact only a limited number of partners: those that exactly match their search!
A well-detailed mini-website will save time and you have the assurance of only being contacted by interested professionals.

← Hover over the image for a detailed view.

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4. Maximum visibility with 339 495 visitors

Your business card and your mini website are available to all visitors to the Fructidor websites for free access.
In the last 12 months, visitor numbers reached 339 495.

Your company is visible on www.fructidor.com (english), www.fructidor.fr (french), www.fructidor.it (italian) and www.fructidor.es (spanish).

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5. PRIORITY display

As a "GOLD Member", your card will appear first, before the "Free Members"

This is important on the internet because it gives you tremendous visibility.
The proof ?
Statistics show that 92% of visitors do not go beyond the second page of results.

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6. You benefit from the "GOLD Member" logo

Gold Member You can use this logo for all your communications : business card, website, brochure...
You are highlighted as a "GOLD Member" in the print edition of Fructidor.
The Fructidor directory is the leading international guide for buyers of fruits and vegetables since 1935 !
Its long history means the printed directories are still very widely used.
With the "GOLD Member" logo your business is emphasized in the print edition. You can remind professionals that complete information about your company is available on Fructidor websites in English, French, Italian & Spanish.

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7. Your statistics

You benefit from an analysis tool following your presence on the Fructidor sites.
Through your confidential access codes, you can gain access to your private space, "MyFructidor", where you can follow, month after month, all your key indicators :
  • visitors to your business card
  • visitors to your mini website
  • history of contacts through e-mail
Also, the effectiveness of your listing :
  • the filling rate of your profile
  • the internationalization rate of your profile

Fructidor.com is the only website in the fruit & vegetable sector to offer total transparency of your statistics!

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8. You can manage your own profile

In "MyFructidor" so you can enrich your company profile and give the maximum detail about your business, products, origins, seasonality, certifications, brands, equipment, type of customer, geographical footprint, business contacts, foreign languages spoken etc...

You can also add pictures and videos (optional).

This is a real mini website that you can change at any time while avoiding the often substantial costs of updating your own website.
Have you noticed the number of websites that are not up to date?
This conveys a very negative image of these companies that have spent a lot of money.
We avoid this by calling you to update your profile regularly.
The Fructidor team will assist you in updating your profile.

Tip : Whenever you update your profile, you improve your "filling rate." You will then be highlighted in the websites and you increase your opportunities for contacts.

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9. 5 directories and one subscription for FREE

You will receive the 5 fructidor.com directories :
  • Fructidor Western Europe
  • Fructidor Asia, Pacific & Americas
  • Fructidor Africa & Middle East
  • Fructidor.com Central & Eastern Europe
  • Fructidor.com Transport, Logistics, Pre & Post Harvest
+ 1 access to all the Fructidor.com database during 1 year.
Value : 545 € - Offered with Gold Member listing.

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10. Guaranteed editorial Support : at least 4 news a year

To communicate effectively, we must communicate often !
The editorial team of Fructidor is available to post at least 4 news a year on our sites for you. This could concern the arrival of new staff, a new product launch, expansion of your structure, crop forecasts, launch campaigns etc.
By publishing a news about your company, you will increase the number of visitors and as well as the number of contacts in your mini website.
You have a choice :
- Send us your "news"
- Call our editorial team who will write the news according to your instructions.
Sales/advertising news are not accepted.

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11. Highlighted "GOLD Members"

To increase your visibility, Gold members receive an additional exclusive space in the most visible part of the sites : Highlighted "Gold Members"

This space is placed on the pages "news" and the home page : the most visited pages.
Your logo, name, specialty, and country will appear. Also, a dynamic link to your card.

Fructidor homepage

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12. Highlighted in "Updates"

To further increase your visibility, Gold members receive a highlighted space in "Updates" on the home pages of all Fructidor sites.
Your name, activity and country will appear. Also, a dynamic link to your card.

Updates on Fructidor homepage

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13. Club Fructidor offers

As a « Gold Member », you will become a member of the Fructidor Club and can enjoy various benefits.
Invitation as VIP visitor to business events.
Example : Fresh Antalya delegation in Turkey, Macfrut exhibition in Italy.
Invitation to cost-sharing stands :
- Asia Fruit Logistica, Hong Kong
- Fruit Logistica, Berlin
- World Food Moscow, Russia
- Fresh Produce Ukraine, Ukraine

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