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Spain - 14/11/2013
Buyer is looking for MELONS
Buyer, based in Spain is looking for MELONS ...... >Read more

Madagascar - 13/11/2013
Processing company is looking for financial or business partner
Company specializing in the processing of fruits, based in Madagascar, is seeking a partner ..... >Read more

Italy - 13/11/2013
Buyer is looking for BROWN CHESTNUT
Buyer is looking for chestnut/brown from ...... >Read more

Spain - 11/11/2013
Buyer is looking for KIWI FRUIT
Buyer based in Spain is looking for KIWI FRUIT ...... >Read more

France - 11/11/2013
French buyer is looking for shallots
Long or semi-long shallots ... >Read more

Tunisia - 08/11/2013
Buyer is looking for DATES
Buyer based in Italy is looking for DATES... >Read more

Ukraine - 06/11/2013
Spanish company is looking for an agent in Ukraine
Spanish company, producer of citrus... >Read more

England - 06/11/2013
Buyer is looking for BANANAS
Buyer based in Great Britain is looking for BANANAS ...... >Read more

China - 05/11/2013
Buyer is looking DRIED GRAPES
Import export company based in China is looking 200 tons of dried grapes ...... >Read more

Spain - 05/11/2013
French buyer seeks Golden Apples
French buyer seeks Golden Apples... >Read more

All countries - 31/10/2013
Buyer (Puerto Rico) is looking for YAMS
Buyer based in Puerto Rico is looking for roots, including YAMS... >Read more

All countries - 31/10/2013
Moroccan importer seeks BANANAS
Moroccan importer seeks BANANAS... >Read more

All countries - 29/10/2013
Importer/Exporter seeks AVOCADO
Importer/Exporter seeks AVOCADO... >Read more

All countries - 28/10/2013
Moroccan Importer/Exporter seeks APPLES and PEARS
Moroccan Importer/Exporter seeks APPLES and PEARS... >Read more

Italy - 25/10/2013
Italian buyer seeks potatoes
Country of origin: Poland... >Read more

Spain - 24/10/2013
Buyer seeks canned pineapple in slices
Canned pineapple in slices... >Read more

Algeria - 23/10/2013
Algerian importer seeks Golden and Modi apples
From France, Chile and Spain... >Read more

All countries - 15/10/2013
Buyer is looking for CITRUS: clementines, lemons, oranges, pomelos
Buyer is looking for CITRUS: clementines, lemons, oranges, pomelos...... >Read more

All countries - 14/10/2013
Buyer is looking for WALNUTS
Buyer is looking for walnuts... >Read more

All countries - 10/10/2013
buyer is looking for SWEET POTATOES
Importer is looking for sweet potatoes... >Read more

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