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Buyers Alerts Service You are a buyer: will connect you directly to suppliers. Whenever you need any kind of fruit or vegetable, from any country.
1. Post your Buyer Alert - FREE TRIAL; 2. Fructidor team calls you back to check every detail; 3. Growers & Exporters will contact you directly.
NO Commission !
Sales Offers Service You are an Exporter: Post Sales Offer about the product you want to sell. Your Sales Offer will be displayed on in 4 languages + on Fructidor Newsletters in 4 languages.
1. Choose how many weeks you want; 2. Write your Sales Offer; 3. Pay …. You are on & on Newsletters.
Buyers will contact you directly. With CONFIDENTIAL Option, Fructidor will forward you all incoming messages. NO Commission !
Post a Buyer's Alert Post a Sales Offer
You are an Exporter: Receive all Buyers Alerts during 1 year - 50 Buyers Alerts Guaranty Opt for Gold Member
Latest Buyers Alerts Latest Sales Offers
Russia 02, October 2023 Importer from Russia is looking for Pear
For Sale: DRIED DATE origin EGYPT
20, September 2023 Conventional
Size/Caliber: All sizes are available
Quantity: 1000 tons
Russia 28, September 2023 Buyer from Russia is looking for Grapes
Spain 28, September 2023 Importer from Spain is looking for White Sesame Seed
France 27, September 2023 Buyer from France is looking for Apples
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