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-> New Zealand - 03/02/2023
Apples: 2023 New Zealand export volumes will be similar to last year
In New Zealand the 2023 harvest season is approaching and professionals in the sector expect good quality and good size fruit.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 03/02/2023
Satisfactory performance for Turkish citrus exports in 2022
The total value of Turkish citrus exports in 2022 did not reach 1 billion USD, mainly due to difficulties related to the international context, but remains in line with previous years.... >Read more

-> All countries - 02/02/2023
Fruit Attraction will celebrate its 15th anniversary
The next edition of Fruit Attraction will take place from October 3 to 5, 2023. The invited importing countries will be Brazil, the United States and Canada, lettuce will be the flagship product of this 2023 edition, which will have the slogan 'Growing together!' .... >Read more

-> Philippines - 02/02/2023
The Philippines has lost its place as No. 2 in the world ranking of banana exporters
For several years, the Philippines had been firmly established in 2nd place in the world ranking in volume of banana exports, behind Ecuador, the permanent leader. But according to a recent report, the Philippines has just been overtaken and now occupies 3rd place.... >Read more

-> All countries - 02/02/2023
World production of lemons 2022/23 is estimated to be lower than the previous one
For 2022/23 the world production of lemons and limes should register a variation of -6.68% in volume compared to the previous season. This decrease is explained by the drop in production in 3 major countries.... >Read more

-> Germany - 02/02/2023
Sales of fresh fruit and vegetables fell in Germany
According to official data, in 2022 compared to 2021 consumer prices recorded an increase of +13.4% for all food products, an increase of +10.7% for vegetables and an increase of + 3% for fruit... >Read more

-> Greece - 01/02/2023
A 3-fold increase in the volume of kiwis exported is now planned
The kiwi is the 1st export product, in the Fruits & Vegetables category, in terms of value for Greece. The country has now become, after New Zealand and Italy, the 3rd world exporter of kiwis.... >Read more

-> France - 01/02/2023
Carrots: Variation of -20% for the volume of French production
According to official estimates, the 2022/23 production of carrots for the fresh market should fall sharply, mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions and the reduction in surface area.... >Read more

-> Australia - 01/02/2023
Australia sets target to export 40% of its cherry production by 2025
For the 2020/21 season only 23% of Australian cherry production had been exported, the sector is setting itself the ambitious target of reaching 40% of national production exported by 2025.... >Read more

-> Peru - 01/02/2023
Sharp decrease in Sutil lemon exports from Peru in 2022
The primary destinations for Peruvian Sutil lemon from January to December 2022 were Chile and Panama... >Read more ad.

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