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-> Germany - 21/02/2020
Frigotec GmbH starts a revolution in avocado ripening
German market leader in ripening is prepared to go worldwide after they introduced revolutionary technology...... >Read more

-> Chile - 20/02/2020
Concrete results and many benefits thanks to UNITEC Cherry Vision technologies
In Chile the cherry campaign is coming to an end. The time for balance sheets has arrived and, at UNITEC, the balance sheet is extremely satisfactory. The Chilean Fruit and Vegetable Powerhouses which have trusted Cherite Vision 2 and Cherry Vision 3.0 technology from UNITEC for the processing of their cherries have obtained great benefits on several fronts.... >Read more

-> Colombia - 20/02/2020
Pineapple peel has the potential to generate renewable energy
Fruit and vegetable waste could be used more efficiently and produce components that would be used as raw materials to generate renewable energy. According to scientists from UNAL (Universidad Nacional de Colombia) pineapple is the most promising.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 20/02/2020
Freshfel Europe targets students and young professionals
After Fruit Logistica in Berlin, Freshfel Europe presented the pan-European campaign ‘Follow me to be Healthy with Europe' to students and young professionals at the POLITICO EU Studies and Career Fair.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 20/02/2020
Estimated volume similar to last year for the kiwiberry harvest
In New Zealand, the hot, dry summer was good for orchards, and the fruit had minimal flaws. Industry professionals are planning a kiwiberry harvest similar to that of last year.... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/02/2020
Be vigilant, ongoing phishing attempts regarding Fructidor' passwords
If you receive an email, having as subject "Reconfirm your Fructidor Details", we thank you for not answering it. This is an attempted to hack, does not ask to reconfirm passwords.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 19/02/2020
One month ahead to resume avocado exports to Kenya
In Kenya the decision to ban avocado exports was made last November. The embargo was to be lifted on March 15 for the Fuerte variety and on April 15 for the Hass variety. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 19/02/2020
Chile announced 2 new varieties of table grapes
New productive and easy-to-harvest varieties according to the scientists who developed them.... >Read more

-> All countries - 19/02/2020
Thermal Tech has Added New TarpLessⓇ Video-testimonial
US based Thermal Technologies, one of the global leaders in produce ripening room design and construction, has added new TarpLessⓇ Video-testimonial. The video takes only five minutes...... >Read more

-> China - 19/02/2020
Resumption of normal activity for road traffic
After an almost general paralysis in more than 10 provinces of China, the ministry of transport announces the resumption of a normal activity for the road traffic in the regions outside the province of Hubei of which Wuhan is the capital. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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