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-> Belgium - 23/09/2022
EU: the volume of wasted food is greater than the volume of imported products
Sad findings. The European Union wastes more food than the volume of agricultural products it imports.... >Read more

-> Spain - 23/09/2022
Artichoke, broccoli and cabbage production in Andalusia suffers consequences of droughts
The scarcity of water and the rise in production costs will cause the artichoke harvest in the province of Seville, the main producer in the region of Andalusia, Spain, to be reduced by at least a third this year, according to the Coordinator of Artichoke Organizations. Farmers and Ranchers (COAG)... >Read more

-> All countries - 23/09/2022
Participate in the 10th edition of the Pacific Alliance Business Roundtable
The event will take place during September and October... >Read more

-> Germany - 23/09/2022
Fruit Attraction 2022: GLOBALG.A.P. to coexhibit with certification body Agrocolor
Join GLOBALG.A.P's press conference in Spanish on October, 5... >Read more

-> Peru - 23/09/2022
Peruvian cassava is only exported to Chile and Canada this year
Between January and August 2022, Peru exported 3.760.677 kilos of cassava... >Read more

-> Spain - 22/09/2022
Good demand for conventional lemon and grapefruit this season
Spain is a world leader in the sale of fresh and organic lemons and the second largest supplier of processed lemons, with an annual turnover of 700 million euros, according to data from the Spanish Lemon and Grapefruit Inter-professional Association (Ailimpo)... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 22/09/2022
Fall of 50% for fresh fruit imports in Bangladesh
Severe decrease in the volume of fresh fruit imports in Bangladesh, following a new regulation concerning these products deemed 'non-essential'.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 22/09/2022
Fruit Attraction 2022: Jan Oskam to showcase new apple variety
Jan Oskam BV is a Dutch importer and exporter of fresh fruits and vegetables with over 70 years of background in the fruit business. The company is ready to supply high quality produce to any part of the world... >Read more

-> Morocco - 22/09/2022
3rd edition of the Morocco Berry Conference
In the continuity of their successful events, GREEN SMILE & HORTITOOL are organizing the Morocco Berry Conference 2022 on November 9 and 10 in Agadir. It is a key event that targets soft fruit professionals from Morocco and beyond, with the participation of key players and experts from around 20 countries.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 21/09/2022
The number of apple producers has decreased by 40% in 15 years
A worrying finding for apple growing in Belgium, where the Flanders region has 40% fewer apple growers than in 2005.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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