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-> All countries - 22/03/2019
Arrigoni green solution against excessive rainfalls and insects in cherry growing
Italian technical textile producer for agriculture Arrigoni S.p.A presents PROTECTA: a new concept of coverage which guarantees multiple advantages: reduction in the percentage of water flow; maintaining sufficient air flow and a good microclimate; high mechanical strength…... >Read more

-> France - 22/03/2019
The Best Eating Fortnight, the new event of Réseau Provence Dauphiné
With its latest events (Mission terroir, Producers' week and the sunny island with more than 300 events), the Provence Dauphiné network offers a new highlight: the "Quinzaine du mieux manger". ... >Read more

-> USA - 22/03/2019
OTA launches program to fight against fraud in organic products
The global market for organic products is growing steadily at nearly $ 90 billion and the US market alone is worth nearly $ 50 billion. Organic imports to the United States in 2017 totaled approximately $ 2.1 billion, up by almost 25% from the previous year. In recent years, however, investigations have revealed imported products that have been fraudulently labeled as organic products and some shortcomings in the supply chain.... >Read more

-> Qatar - 22/03/2019
Qatar has increased food self-sufficiency
Significant progress in food production has already been made by Qatar, which wants to continue strengthening its food self-sufficiency. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 21/03/2019
Strawberries: Spain-France-Italy contact group analyzed the campaign
The contact group, made up of representatives of Spanish, French and Italian producers, met in the Italian town of Parete (Caserta, Campania) to review data from past campaigns, evaluate the current campaign and analyze the state of play and progress in joint work in the phytosanitary field.... >Read more

-> Peru - 21/03/2019
Blueberry is the star product of Peruvian exports
In Peru, Minagri (Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego) announced that in the first two months of the year, exports of agricultural products reached US $ 1,327 million, an increase of 18% over the same period in 2018.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 21/03/2019
Import quota of 200,000 tonnes of duty-free potatoes
In Turkey, a government decree has established a duty-free import quota for 200,000 tonnes of potatoes.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 21/03/2019
Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables decreased by 30%
A worrying finding in Mexico, where in the last 30 years the consumption of Fruits and Vegetables in the population's diet has decreased by 30%, with negative effects on overweight and obesity issues. ... >Read more

-> France - 20/03/2019
1st day of spring and day of happiness in the island of Ré
On this first day of spring the Rebelle d'Ars en Ré company has just made its first harvest of new potatoes.... >Read more

-> Singapore - 20/03/2019
Singapore wants to improve food security and plans to produce 20% of its F & V needs
Currently importing more than 90% of its food supply, Singapore plans to develop local production to improve its food security. ... >Read more ad.

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