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-> France - 19/07/2019
New office elected at the General Assembly of Saint Charles Export
The 13th Saint-Charles Export's General Assembly has just taken place at the beginning of the summer period, as traditionally.... >Read more

-> England - 19/07/2019
+ 69% growth for the value of berries' exports
According to Defra data, UK red fruit exports grew by 69% year-on-year.... >Read more

-> USA - 19/07/2019
Florida is No. 1 for the production of watermelons
According to various studies only 5 states in the United States produce nearly 75% of the total volume of watermelons, Florida is No. 1. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 18/07/2019
Chile plans to double kiwifruit exports to India
A new campaign to promote the Chilean kiwifruit has just been launched in India by the Chilean Embassy, ​​ProChile and the Chilean Kiwi sector. The sector plans to double the volumes of kiwifruit exported over the next 5 years.... >Read more

-> France - 18/07/2019
Compromise for the production of organic tomatoes under heated greenhouses
In France organic tomato growers will be able to continue growing them under heated greenhouses, but marketing is no longer allowed between 21 December and 30 April.... >Read more

-> Greece - 18/07/2019
Good start to the season for summer fruit exports
According to the data processed by INCOFRUIT-HELLAS, the Association of Greek exporting companies, the growth rates are satisfactory for several summer fruits categories. ... >Read more

-> All countries - 17/07/2019
Tricks from un-recommanded importers
We have been informed about tricks used by some importer in Poland/ Lublin area in order to push for price rebate.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 17/07/2019
The Netherlands is accelerating for the energy transition of the merchant marine
For the Netherlands, which has the first European seaport and the first fluvial fleet in Europe, the energy transition in the merchant marine sector is a growth vector and an opportunity to take the lead in green innovation. ... >Read more

-> Kenya - 17/07/2019
The technical situation will delay the promises of the Chinese market
With the recent Kenya / China agreement that made Kenya the only African country able to export avocados to the Chinese market, analysts were predicting a boom in Kenyan exports. But the lack of sites in Kenya for freezing avocados may cause some delay for the promises of the Chinese market to come true. ... >Read more

-> Georgia - 17/07/2019
Progress of Georgia-EU trade
According to the Ministry of Economy, Georgia has increased its exports to the European Union thanks to the free trade agreement concluded but also thanks to a diversification of its products.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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