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-> Spain - 02/10/2023
Test quality meters for avocado, mango, and kiwi at Fruit Attraction
Experience the revolution in the produce quality assessment with Felix Instruments – the pioneers in the non-destructive measurement methods... >Read more

-> USA - 02/10/2023
COSMIC CRISP® apple sales set new records in the United States
The organically grown Cosmic Crisp® brand apples have been selling exceptionally well... >Read more

-> Italy - 28/09/2023
Italy has tripled its tropical fruit acreage
Global warming is leading to changes in crops, and in southern Italy farmers have developed tropical fruit crops such as mangoes.... >Read more

-> Portugal - 28/09/2023
Portugal in negotiations with Thailand over pear exports
Negotiations are underway between Portugal and Thailand to open up the Thai market to Portuguese pears.... >Read more

-> Spain - 27/09/2023
Obtain free access to Fruit Attraction with Fructidor's visitor badge
With the exclusive code, you will become part of the largest community of professionals dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector... >Read more

-> Belgium - 27/09/2023
Must-see solutions for sorting, grading, processing, and post-harvest at Fruit Attraction
TOMRA Food will be on hand to present its latest developments and discuss its new European hub in Valencia, Spain, and the direct-to-market approach now being taken by TOMRA Food in Latin America... >Read more

-> Spain - 27/09/2023
Obtain hands-on experience on Fresh Produce Instruments at Fruit Attraction
The company will showcase three major instrument categories... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 27/09/2023
Ecuadorian banana exports to the European Union grow 22.4% up to August
From January to August 2023, Ecuador exported more than 247 million boxes of bananas to the world.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 26/09/2023
Expanded offering of at-source ripening solutions by Interko
Companies interested in Interko's ripening technology are invited to meet the team at Fruit Attraction 2023... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 26/09/2023
Another strong performance (+57.5%) for Vietnamese exports
Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exports set a new record in the first 8 months of 2023 ... >Read more ad.

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