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-> All countries - 21/01/2019
Ventilation of ripening rooms improves ripening results
The ripening process for fruits such as bananas, tomatoes, and avocados require close attention to detail given for desired results. Fruit maturity, grade, and temperature are all factors that affect the way fruit will ripen. Failure to vent ripening rooms is another factor, often overlooked, which leads to poor ripening results.... >Read more

-> All countries - 21/01/2019
Red kiwi is one of the nominees for the Fruit Logistica Innovation award 2019
The top award for the fresh produce industry will be presented on 8 February 2019 in Berlin. More than 77,000 trade visitors from over 130 countries will have a chance on 6 & 7 February 2019 to vote for the innovation of the year.... >Read more

-> France - 18/01/2019
A boom in the vegetarian and vegan market
Last year in France sales of vegetarian and vegan products in supermarkets and hypermarkets (GMS) generated a turnover of around 380 million euros, an increase of 24% compared to the previous year, according to data from the studies of the Xerfi institute. ... >Read more

-> All countries - 17/01/2019
Dramatic increase of pomegranate export in 2018 made by turkish fruit exporters
The pomegranate harvest in Turkey has increased significantly in 2018 due to favorable weather conditions in the Antalya and Denizli regions.As Anı Tarım Fresh Fruit Export ve Trade Limited Company reports,it has exported around 1300 tons of pomegranate in 2018.... >Read more

-> Italy - 17/01/2019
A new Italian-French axis is born with the MACFRUT / SIVAL partnership
Le salon italien MACFRUT et le salon français SIVAL viennent de passer un accord de partenariat. Cet accord est placé sous le signe de l'internationalisation des chaînes d'approvisionnementde de Fruits & Légumes... >Read more

-> Greece - 17/01/2019
BanaNatural, the simple yet innovative system for collecting, transporting, distributing and selling bananas
Based in Greece, BanaNatural will be present Hall 26 Stand F-16 at Fruit Logistica, its patented support system that can be used to collect, transport, distribute and display bananas. ... >Read more

-> Sweden - 17/01/2019
The mushroom production stops because of the mine closure
Since 1989, the abandoned mine in Kiruna (Sweden) had been transformed into a mushroom production site but the mining group LKAB indicated that it was no longer possible to guarantee its safety and decided to close the site.... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/01/2019
Oranges: Spain is widely the No. 1 country in Europe for production and export
According to a recent EUROSTAT study, in 2017 there were 270 000 hectares devoted to the production of oranges in the European Union. Only one country, Spain had more than half of these areas (140 000 hectares or 52% of the EU total). Italy had 80,000 hectares or 31% and Greece 30,000 hectares or 11% of the EU total.... >Read more

-> France - 16/01/2019
Apples Joya® are available at BLUE WHALE
In mid-January, the latest apples, the Joya® arrives on the stalls. BLUE WHALE is a Joya® marketer since its origin and its volumes are constantly growing (more than 6,000 tons).... >Read more

-> USA - 16/01/2019
With new team member Seven Seas focuses on California sales and marketing
Seven Seas has brought on industry veteran Brent Scattini as Vice President West Coast. Scattini will oversee California operations for both citrus and strawberry categories.... >Read more ad.

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