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-> Ethiopia - 04/03/2024
Another important step towards boosting Ethiopian exports
As a landlocked country with no seaports, Ethiopia has set up DPSE (Dry Port Service Enterprise) to develop dry ports that improve the country's logistics network.... >Read more

-> England - 04/03/2024
1st Potato Days UK in September
Organiser of trade fairs for the agricultural and food industry worldwide (Anuga, Agritechnica, PotatoEurope), DLG is organising the 1st 'Potato Days UK' for the potato value chain.... >Read more

-> Chile - 04/03/2024
Advances in integrated pest management in the face of climate change in Chilean citriculture
Climate change is a challenge for citrus growers, who are adopting integrated pest management (IPM) to cope with it.... >Read more

-> Spain - 01/03/2024
Oranges from Egypt threaten Cordoba citrus growers' profitability
Palmanaranja points out that it is impossible to compete with lower cost products from outside Europe.... >Read more

-> Malaysia - 29/02/2024
Malaysia wants to make its durian a global icon
In Malaysia, durian production is experiencing remarkable growth, as are exports, which generate income and stimulate the agricultural sector.... >Read more

-> Israel - 29/02/2024
Avocado production in Israel set to reach record levels this year
Despite the conflict in Gaza and its various repercussions on agriculture, a record level of avocado production is expected in Israel this year.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 29/02/2024
State of Sonora leads watermelon production in Mexico
Internationally, Mexico remains among the top 10 watermelon producers... >Read more

-> Spain - 29/02/2024
Arrival of Egyptian oranges sparks call for more rigorous controls in Spain
The Department of Agriculture announced an inspection plan to prevent the fraudulent sale of fruit... >Read more

-> Italy - 29/02/2024
All set for the 4th World Banana Forum Global Conference
This free event will bring together industry stakeholders to discuss and collaborate on issues of sustainability, value distribution in the supply chain, labour rights ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 29/02/2024
Turkish citrus fruit exports to exceed $1 billion by 2023
Excellent performance for citrus exports in 2023. The volume exported reaches 1.95 million tonnes of citrus fruit and the value USD 1.11 billion (TRY 34.5 billion).... >Read more ad.

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