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-> Zimbabwe - 21/01/2022
Chinese green light for Zimbabwe citrus
China and Zimbabwe have signed a phytosanitary protocol on citrus fruits. This authorisation to export to the Chinese market will enable Zimbabwe to reduce its dependence on its traditional markets (Europe, South Africa). ... >Read more

-> Canada - 21/01/2022
Vaccination requirement for truckers could affect fresh produce supply
Now in Canada, all truckers crossing the border must be fully vaccinated. This requirement will sideline 16% of the workforce and is likely to cause various disruptions... >Read more

-> Peru - 21/01/2022
Avocado exports increased 28% in volume and 39% in value
In 2021, Peruvian avocado exports reached 525.829.494 kilos... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 21/01/2022
Dutch distributor substitutes carton boxes for reusable crates for grape transportation
Thanks to the tight cooperation with the South African organic grape grower Orex Export (Pty) and IFCO SYSTEMS, OTC Organics became the first company to offer the most sustainable overseas packed organic grape mainly to consumers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 20/01/2022
The winners of Banana Awards to be announced on March 11
Make sure to register until January 28... >Read more

-> France - 20/01/2022
Come and present your innovations at medFEL 2022
For more than 10 years, the Fruit & Vegetable sector has been meeting at medFEL. A place for exchanges and meetings between professionals, this 2022 edition will be an opportunity to highlight innovative products and services... >Read more

-> Egypt - 20/01/2022
Exports expected to rise rapidly for 5 Egyptian products
In Egypt about 3,000 new farms have been approved for export... >Read more

-> Switzerland - 20/01/2022
Obtain guaranteed premium quality yields with clean growing system
Aeroponics is the technology that provides the best sustainability-food safety ratio... >Read more

-> USA - 19/01/2022
New forecasts for Florida citrus production
The latest forecasts for the 2021-22 crop in Florida indicate a decrease in the production of oranges, mandarins and tangelos. Grapefruit production remains stable.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 19/01/2022
Sustainable pest control solutions under the new branding and logo
After 30 years it was time to present a branding that matches company's ambition and reflects its connection to nature... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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