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-> Togo - 02/06/2020
The ginger sector must organize to develop
In Togo, as in many other countries, demand for ginger has exploded on the local market. Constantly increasing demand but still insufficient national production.... >Read more

-> Fiji - 02/06/2020
Fiji wants to boost the ginger industry
The COVID-19 health crisis has highlighted the importance of agriculture. The Fiji government wants to make agriculture a major economic sector.... >Read more

-> All countries - 02/06/2020
Fructidor Pre Post Harvest directory soon to be published – don’t miss your chance to be included
Since 1935, Fructidor directories are the daily working tools for thousands of Fruit & Veg professionals worldwide. As our customers say: “Fructidor directories are the only books that people still use, all others have disappeared but one still finds Fructidor directories on every fresh produce buyer’s desk”, others call it "The Bible" of fruit and vegetable" ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 02/06/2020
Sultana, a premium blackberry with excellent shelf life and low regression
Produce Lovers got a new acquisition of a premium blackberry variety with excellent shelf life and low regression.... >Read more

-> All countries - 01/06/2020
HELLAGRO brings solutions for environmental-friendly packaging
How to drive positive environmental impact while satisfying customers`needs and helping retailers to achieve their goals ? Hellagro, a greek expert, proposes various solutions in biodegradable and compostable packaging.... >Read more

-> All countries - 01/06/2020
Smurfit Kappa helps companies to open their doors safety after Covid-19 lockdown
Smurfit Kappa helps offices, workshops, warehouses and schools resume work by launching portfolio of distancing products designed in accordance with safety regulations... >Read more

-> USA - 01/06/2020
Giumarra Represents New Line of Three Premium Nectarine Brands
US Giumarra’s DulceVida brand introduces new trio of premium nectarine... >Read more

-> All countries - 01/06/2020
Post-harvest Solutions for Peak Freshness of Fruit and Vegetables from AgroFresh
AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. has spreaded application of its flagship SmartFresh technology solution for wide range of crops... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 01/06/2020
No shortage and new export targets
According to a statement from the Ministry of Agriculture, Turkey did not experience any disruption in the food supply during the coronavirus pandemic.... >Read more

-> Peru - 29/05/2020
Peru remains the No.1 producer of potatoes in Latin America
According to Minagri (Ministerio de Agricultura y Riego) Peru remained the first potato producer in Latin America in 2019.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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