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-> Italy - 05/12/2022
The blueberry will be the emblematic fruit of Macfrut 2023
The 40th edition of Macfrut will take place from Wednesday May 3 to Friday May 5 at Rimini Fiera (Italy), with a novelty: the 'International Blueberry Days'.... >Read more

-> All countries - 05/12/2022
13% drop for citrus production in the northern hemisphere
For the 2022-23 season, as forecast by WCO (World Citrus Organisation) and based on data from Egypt, Greece, Israel, Italy, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States.... >Read more

-> Hong Kong - 05/12/2022
Asia Fruit Logistica returns to its historic location
The 2022 edition took place in Bangkok (Thailand) in November but for the 2023 edition the show returns to its historic location and to its usual dates.... >Read more

-> Spain - 05/12/2022
France is the main supplier of fruit and vegetables to Spain
From January to September 2022, Spain imported 2.7 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables... >Read more

-> France - 02/12/2022
New support for TELETHON from Saint Charles International companies
For a few years now, the member companies of Saint Charles International have been mobilizing in favor of the TELETHON by collecting citrus fruits from the companies on the platform.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 02/12/2022
Bananas: Vietnamese exports to China increased by +49.2% in value
In the first 9 months of 2022, according to official Chinese sources, Vietnam is already the 2nd supplier country of bananas behind the Philippines... >Read more

-> Australia - 02/12/2022
New varieties of mangoes on the Australian market
Australia produces around 70,000 tonnes of mangoes annually, which are essentially (88%) intended for the domestic market, only 12% of the volume produced is exported.... >Read more

-> Peru - 02/12/2022
Major avocado exporting regions of Peru
From January to September 2022, Peruvian avocado exports totaled $976 million... >Read more

-> Peru - 02/12/2022
Volume and value of Peruvian mango shipments in 2022/23 will maintain the trend of recent seasons
So far this season, Peru exported 1,971,499 kilos of mango in October and 12,878,390 kilos on November 20... >Read more

-> Mexico - 02/12/2022
Slight decrease in Mexico's pear production in the campaign 2022/23
The decrease is explained by lower planted areas due to low investments in technology and infrastructure... >Read more ad.

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