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-> Turkiye - 13/06/2019
Turkish Cargo has transported $18 million of Turkish fruits and vegetables
Last year, Turkey Cargo's Turkish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables totaled $18 million, up by 71% in value compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> Peru - 13/06/2019
Production of table grapes could exceed 700 000 tonnes
According to estimates by the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture, the production of table grapes in the country could increase by 11.4% and exports total 384,000 tons.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 13/06/2019
Red kiwi: decision by the end of the year for marketing
Despite conclusive sales tests in New Zealand's supermarkets and in Singapore, Zespri will decide by the end of the year whether the red kiwifruit will become a cash crop.... >Read more

-> All countries - 13/06/2019
FreshCloud saved the grower approximately $14,400 and continues to fight fruit waste
FreshCloud platform consisting of Storage Insights, Transit Insights and Predictive Screening was officially launched...... >Read more

-> Dominican Rep. - 12/06/2019
Income from mango exports will double
The Dominican Republic' Minister of Agriculture has announced that income from mango exports will exceed this $40 million, doubling 2018 figures.... >Read more

-> All countries - 12/06/2019
IBO SUMMIT will bring together professionals from the Blueberry sector
IBO SUMMIT, the global meeting of blueberry professionals, will be held in Richmond, Canada. Continuous research, innovation and the popularity of blueberry are giving the sector new opportunities for growth and a bright blue future.... >Read more

-> All countries - 12/06/2019
Temperature maps taken from space will increase agricultural production
Scientists are developing a satellite system to record the temperature of crop fields from space. The data will help to estimate the use of water and the quantities available for crops.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 12/06/2019
Target at 40,000 tons of litchis in 2019
In Vietnam, the province of Hai Duong produces various fruits (lychees, longans, bananas, watermelons ...). Lychee crops cover 10,500 hectares and fruits are exported to several foreign markets.... >Read more

-> England - 11/06/2019
A robot to harvest raspberries
Researchers at the University of Plymouth (U.K.) completed the first field trials of a new robotic raspberry harvesting system. Other tests will take place later in the year and manufacturing for commercialization could begin in 2020.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 11/06/2019
Production of grapefruit recessed
In South Africa, the grapefruit season has now reached half of its time, and industry professionals in the Grapefruit Focus Group have reduced their forecasts for this 2019 harvest.... >Read more ad. ad.

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