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-> Mexico - 20/08/2019
Compac expands in Mexico with Rochin
Last week Industrias Rochin has opened new office in Uruapan…... >Read more

-> India - 19/08/2019
A grape federation to better organise the marketing
Maharashtra, a state in west-central India, is known for its capital Mumbai and for its fruit production. In particular table grapes of which Nashik District is a major exporter.... >Read more

-> Honduras - 19/08/2019
Pineapple exports will grow by 8% in volume
Honduras is the second largest country in Central America, after Costa Rica, in terms of pineapple production and exports. The sector expects exports to increase by 8% in volume.... >Read more

-> China - 19/08/2019
Chinese cherries imports will increase further
According to estimates, in China, despite the 23% increase in domestic cherry production, the volume of imports will increase further. ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 16/08/2019
Turkey’s leading pistachio exporter shares how technologies helped them to work with the biggest brands in Europe
Turkey’s average annual production of shelled pistachios is around 130,000 tons...... >Read more

-> Denmark - 15/08/2019
Sales of Organic Fruits & Vegetables tripled
Danish consumers are increasingly enjoying organic products. Sales of organic food products jumped 14% between 2017 and 2018. Sales of Organic Fruits & Vegetables tripled.... >Read more

-> All countries - 14/08/2019
Earn an extra dollar adding few days to shelf life for grapes
Jet-Ready Precoolers, designed and manufactured by Global Cooling Inc., can add extra profit and are... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 14/08/2019
The UAE has increased its demand for mangoes
Emirate-based importers and exporters in Pakistan find that demand for mangoes is growing.... >Read more

-> Nepal - 12/08/2019
Deliveries of imported products delayed due to lack of equipment
The Government of Nepal has decreed that all imported fruits must undergo chemical testing before customs clearance. But the lack of adequate equipment leads to additional costs for traders and a lot of delay in deliveries.... >Read more

-> Armenia - 09/08/2019
Armenia has managed to double its exports
In Armenia, according to the Ministry of Economy, exports to Eurasian Economic Union countries (EUUS) have doubled since 2014.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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