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-> Peru - 22/09/2021
Peruvian onion exports are on the upward trend
Between January and August 2021, Peruvian onion exports reached $46,860,354, according to Agrodata Peru... >Read more

-> Peru - 22/09/2021
Peruvian blueberries and citrus fruits are entering Indian market
To be exported to India, the products must come from certified fields and have been processed in packing houses authorized by Senasa... >Read more

-> Italy - 22/09/2021
Meet Bulltec at Madrid Expo to find out more about the alternative vision of sorting
Bulltec electronic sorting machines are equipped with intuitive management software and an accurate optical sorting system. Its solutions are ideal for small and large companies operating in the retail industry... >Read more

-> Iran - 22/09/2021
Good start to the year for Iranian exports
According to IRICA, the Iranian Customs Administration, the country exported around 2.5 million tons of agri-food products in the first 4 months (March 21 to July 22) of the year 2021-22.... >Read more

-> All countries - 21/09/2021
A new e-mailing service allows you to obtain a qualified list of potential customers
How to send an email and collect the list of professionals who click on it? A new solution has been developed by, thanks to the latest online marketing technologies, it is called: E mailing + Identification It allows you to send an e-mailing to fruit / vegetable professionals, and to identify interested people... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 21/09/2021
Reusable folding trays: the most sustainable solution for fresh produce
In more than 25 years, Euro Pool System has grown into one of the leading logistics service providers for reusable standard packaging in Europe... >Read more

-> Argentina - 21/09/2021
Argentinean blueberry campaign kicks off with the first supplies to Israel and Indonesia
In the 2021 season, the Argentinean Blueberry Committee projects same production levels as in the recent years, with some 17.5 million kilos per year... >Read more

-> Belgium - 20/09/2021
Spending on fruit and vegetables increased in Belgium
Les ménages belges ont modifié leurs postes de dépenses en 2020. La crise du coronavirus et les différents confinements imposés ont impacté les dépenses des ménages belges. Stabel, l'office belge de statistique, indique dans sa dernière enquête une progression de +10% des dépenses pour les fruits et une progressin de +26% des dépenses pour les légumes... >Read more

-> England - 20/09/2021
6-month postponement for controls on European products imported to the United Kingdom
The UK government has set a new timetable, a pragmatic timetable according to the press release, for the introduction of full checks on goods imported from the EU to the UK. ... >Read more

-> USA - 20/09/2021
Predicted 14% drop in volume for oranges in California
Based on the results of a survey closed on September 1, the initial forecast for Navel orange production in California indicates a volume drop of 14% from the previous year... >Read more

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