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-> France - 15/10/2019
SIIM announces the selection of its strategic technical partners for the equipment of its state-of-the art new platform in Rungis, dedicated to the ripening and packing of bananas and tropical fruit
The 12.000 sq. m platform will be finally equipped with 42 double and single-tier ripening rooms for a global simultaneous capacity of 67 trucks - 1.608 pallets – 38.592 banana boxes, making it the largest ripening unit in France. ... >Read more

-> USA - 15/10/2019
Ripening is taken to the next level with new generation of TarpLessⓇ SX Ripening Room
As manufacturer states the TarpLess ripening room has become...... >Read more

-> India - 14/10/2019
Mersel Foods has opened new factory for vacuum packaged ready-to-eat corn
Mersel Foods Private Limited is famous as grapes supplier from...... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 11/10/2019
Japanese companies continue to invest in Vietnam's agricultural sector
The number of Japanese companies starting to invest in Vietnam has increased and the ones already in the country want to increase their investment.... >Read more

-> All countries - 11/10/2019
New decline for air cargo
IATA (International Air Transport Association) has released data on global air cargo markets indicating that demand has fallen for the tenth consecutive month.... >Read more

-> India - 11/10/2019
Massive import to control rising prices
While the new crop has not yet reached the market, the Indian government has decided to import onions to cope with the shortage and combat rising prices.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 11/10/2019
After a year of operation of the new packhouse Aksun continues to break export records and conquers far markets
A year ago in October Aksun has launched new packaging house. Open area is 68 000 sq. m. and closed - 23 800 sq. m. Pack house has storage capacity for...... >Read more

-> All countries - 10/10/2019
American Dream® launches in Asia
American Dream® is a program created by Washington-based...... >Read more

-> Colombia - 10/10/2019
Inspectra2 system for in-line non-destructive measurement of avocado dry matter is introduced to the Latin American market
Compac, part of TOMRA Food, at World Avocado Congress 2019 in Medellin, Colombia has introduced to the Latin American market the new generation Inspectra2 NIR platform with dry matter detection technology as well as...... >Read more

-> Italy - 10/10/2019
UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology, an even more valuable asset in complex seasons
The weather conditions are decisive for fruit production, but the quality of the sorting and its homogeneity are now essential to promote the products. The UNITEC Cherry Vision 3.0 technology installed by some French professionals has been very successful during this cherry season.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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