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-> Netherlands (the) - 05/06/2023
Case study on extending shelf life of avocados by wholesaler from ABC Westland, NL
Fine Fruits Company, a wholesaler at ABC Westland, Poeldijk, the Netherlands, has made a breakthrough in extending the shelf life of ready-to-eat avocados ... >Read more

-> Kenya - 01/06/2023
The 13th edition of the WPC (World Potato Congress) will take place in Nairobi, Kenya
This will be the first time that this globally significant biennial trade event will be held in Sub-Saharan Africa.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 24/05/2023
Export of fresh produce by sea will gain momentum in Kenya
According to local media, Kenya plans to shift 50% of its horticultural exports from air freight to sea freight.... >Read more

-> Iran - 24/05/2023
Iranian family business supplies fruits and vegetables year round
Bezhit ships from any Iranian port to any destination... >Read more

-> Iran - 17/05/2023
Bananas: Decline in volume and value for Iranian imports
Local media reports that Iranian banana imports reached USD 374.48 million at the end of the 2022-23 fiscal year which ended on March 20, 2023.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 02/05/2023
Introducing Herbox: reliable packaging for fresh herbs
Designer and manufacturer of carton packaging, Cargolite, presents a game-changing solution for the fresh produce industry... >Read more

-> Kenya - 27/04/2023
Avocado exports set to double within 5 years
With increasing demand in the international market, Kenya plans to double its avocado exports.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 20/04/2023
South Africa expected to export 80,000 tonnes of avocados in 2023
Local media report that according to estimates by SAAGA (South African Avocado Growers Association) the volume of avocados exported in 2023 could reach 80 000 tonnes.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 12/04/2023
Decreases in volume and value for Tunisian citrus exports
The decrease in volume is mainly due to the -16% variation in the harvest compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 12/04/2023
Growth of +392% for mango production in Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia, mango production has been encouraged to ensure the country's food security. National production can now meet 60% of demand... >Read more

-> Iran - 07/04/2023
Severe drop (-44.16%) in the volume of apples exported by Iran
In Iran the area dedicated to the cultivation of apples reaches 247,000 hectares, with a production of about 4 million tons. But apple exports fell -44.16% in volume over the past calendar year.... >Read more ad.

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