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-> Tunisia - 20/03/2019
Good performance for dates and citrus fruits
In Tunisia exports of food products have increased, with notably good performances for dates and citrus fruits.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 15/03/2019
Egypt exports more and more potatoes to the EU
According to an official of the Ministry of Agriculture, since the beginning of the agricultural products exports, Egyptian exports of potatoes have increased to 200 000 tons.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 13/03/2019
Organic products, privileged vectors to develop the agricultural sector
In Morocco, the total area cultivated organic was 380 hectares in 2010, this year it is 8 000 hectares and the goal is to reach 40 000 hectares.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 11/03/2019
A team of Chinese inspectors soon in Kenya
After the agreement on sanitary and phytosanitary standards concluded last November between Kenya and China, a delegation of Chinese inspectors is expected this month in Kenya. ... >Read more

-> South Africa - 06/03/2019
Citrus fruits: growth will continue
In South Africa, growth in citrus production will continue in 2019, thanks to the expansion of planted areas, favorable conditions and strong demand. Exports account for 79% of total citrus production. ... >Read more

-> Israel - 25/02/2019
Date processing: Israeli based company has shorten season and improved quality
Dates are a very difficult kind of product to work with: because of size, shape and high sugar content which makes them very sticky. ... >Read more

-> Israel - 20/02/2019
How advanced cold chain monitoring solution can improve ROI?
"Improper temperature control is the key reason why food or other perishable cargo are spoiled or wasted in the supply chain. Smart companies understand the value of intelligent and reliable cold chain monitoring of the global fresh produce supply..."... >Read more

-> South Africa - 06/02/2019
Live from Fruit Logistica: Launch of South African Fruit
At the South African Pavilion, Hall 26 Stand D-14, where the DTI leads a delegation of 25 national companies, ARC (Agricultural Research Council) presents its new fruit and citrus range.... >Read more

-> Israel - 31/01/2019
Seed innovation with TOP SEEDS INTERNATIONAL at Berlin Fruit Logistica 2019
"The company will organize two meetings to present two new brands professionals of the fresh produce industry at Berlin Fruit Logistica..."... >Read more

-> South Africa - 29/01/2019
Westfalia Fruit inaugurates a modern avocado plant in Colombia
New avocados plant opened by Westfalia Fruit in Colombia can process more than 20 tons per hour and should reach a capacity of 3 to 4 million kilos in 2019...... >Read more ad. ad.

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