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-> South Africa - 03/12/2020
The United States facilitates a two-way trade for South Africa by opening new ports for citrus exports.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service approved the use of several extra ports for South African citrus producers. ... >Read more

-> Madagascar - 24/11/2020
Uncertainties over demand in Europe for the new lychee season
Selon les professionnels du secteur litchi à Madagascar, l'année sera particulière. La crise du Covid-19 en Europe, principal marché d'exportation pour les litchis de Madagascar, risque de provoquer quelques changements quant à la demande de ces fruits... >Read more

-> Iran - 18/11/2020
Growth of 13.8% in value and 26.7% in volume for Iranian exports
The negative impacts of the health crisis have obviously not affected Iranian fruit and vegetable exports, which have just recorded an increase of + 13.8% in value and + 26.7% in volume.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 10/11/2020
UK signs trade deal with Kenya
In less than 2 years, the British government has signed or accepted trade agreements with 52 countries. The UK-Kenya Free Trade Agreement will ensure duty-free access to both markets.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 10/11/2020
FRESH EXPO & LOGISTICS AFRICA is delayed to April, 2021
The International Trade Exhibition for Perishables & Logistics ‘Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Markets’, which was scheduled for November 26-28, 2020, has been delayed to ... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 28/10/2020
Abundant production and search for new markets for Tunisian dates
In Tunisia, the date harvest reached a record volume. But this season is special because of the impacts of the health crisis. Local demand must be stimulated and external markets must be strengthened.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 26/10/2020
Egyptian exports of oranges already reach 1.4 million tonnes
In Egypt, the record volume of last year which had enabled the country to reach the position of world No.1 in orange exports may not be reached. But the volume already shipped is significant and comes largely from land reclaimed from the desert.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 26/10/2020
Expected increase in production and exports of South African stone fruits
In South Africa the 2020/21 season is approaching and the overall stone fruit volume estimates are much better than last year at the same time. The volumes produced will increase and exports should increase by 5 to 22% depending on the category.... >Read more

-> Iran - 23/10/2020
Increase of 55,000 tonnes for pistachio production this year
In Iran, pistachio production is better this year than last year and the expected total volume is 55,000 tonnes higher.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 20/10/2020
Tunisia sees good prospects for exports to 6 African countries
Tunisia has studied the export potential to ACFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) markets, 6 of which have good prospects for its agricultural exports.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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