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-> Jordan - 25/05/2022
Jordan, especially for its dates, seeks to penetrate the Brazilian market
Jordan is a producer and exporter of dates, and is seeking to enter the Brazilian market. A delegation from Jordan was in São Paulo (Brazil) to participate in the APAS food and beverage fair and presented Jordanian dates during the seminar 'Jordan & Brazil – Challenges and opportunities'.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 20/05/2022
Morocco to export citrus fruits to the Japanese market
The meeting in Rabat (Morocco), between the Ministers of Agriculture of the two countries, aimed to strengthen trade and cooperation relations between Morocco and Japan. Agricultural trade will be developed, particularly for the export of Moroccan citrus fruits to Japan. ... >Read more

-> Kenya - 19/05/2022
Kenya tightens quality requirements for exported avocados
In order to protect the brand image of the Kenyan avocado on international markets, the authorities had already limited export periods to curb harvests of immature fruits. Now, AFA (Agriculture and Food Authority) announces that the maturity criteria are tightened for exported avocados.... >Read more

-> Zimbabwe - 18/05/2022
Diversity and earliness, the major assets of the products offered by Zimbabwe
This 2022 edition of the Macfrut show highlighted African countries, including Zimbabwe, which was present with 12 companies represented. The delegation was led by ZimTrade and HDC (Horticultural Development Council). ... >Read more

-> Senegal - 16/05/2022
Participation in the fair is fruitful for Senegal
Africa was an important theme at Macfrut 2022. One of the most important delegations from the African continent was Senegal. The show made it possible to present the diversity of Senegalese products and to establish commercial and technological exchanges with the aim of improving production and export.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 03/05/2022
Kenya, the real cornucopia of East Africa, is present on Macfrut 2022
Located at the equator, Kenya enjoys a climate that favors the growth of many varieties that are prized in international markets, such as lush mangoes, creamy avocados and crisp green beans. Come to Macfrut 2022 to learn more about the Kenyan products offered by the different companies present at the show.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 03/05/2022
The expected volume for potato production is very satisfactory
In Tunisia, for the season running from May to June, the expected volume of potato production is very satisfactory and could total more than half of the annual harvest during this 2022 campaign.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 25/04/2022
Supplier from Egypt seeks to increase its presence in the European markets
Gadco Egypt is a family business founded in 1987 by Ibrahim Gad, who still takes over the company. Its main activity is export of fresh fruits and vegetables from Egypt: “From oranges, mandarine, lemons, grapes, and mangoes, to garlic and onions”, says Mr. Gad... >Read more

-> Zimbabwe - 22/04/2022
Zimbabwe has joined SHAFFE, the Southern Hemisphere Fresh Fruit Exporters Association
SHAFFE, the Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters of the Southern Hemisphere was founded in 1991 and is made up of the main trade associations in the fruit and vegetable sector of various countries (South Africa, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, New Zealand, Peru, Uruguay) which Zimbabwe has just joined.... >Read more

-> Zambia - 21/04/2022
Zambia has started exporting avocados to Europe
This 1st shipment of Zambian avocados to Europe represents an important step, according to the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, as it offers new opportunities to local farmers.... >Read more ad. ad.

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