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-> Morocco - 04/05/2021
Morocco on track to become UK's No.1 supplier
British imports of fresh produce from Morocco grew by + 51% in January 2021 compared to January 2020. According to a British politician, Morocco could quickly overtake Spain and the Netherlands as the No.1 supplier fresh produce... >Read more

-> Morocco - 27/04/2021
Produce avocados in Morocco to supply the European market
Mehadrin, a fruit and vegetable producer and exporter based in Israel, plans to start growing avocados in Morocco. Production is expected to reach 10,000 tonnes per year and will target the European market.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 26/04/2021
Tunisia exceeds its citrus export target
Despite the difficulties linked to the effects of the health situation, Tunisia achieved the objective, set before the start of the season, which provided for a volume of 15,000 tonnes of exported citrus.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 23/04/2021
Increase of + 75% for the volume of avocados exported by Kenya
In Kenya, the start of 2021 is very satisfactory for avocado exports. During the first quarter, the exported volume reached 26,000 tonnes of avocados, i.e. almost + 75% compared to the volume shipped during the same period in 2020... >Read more

-> Morocco - 22/04/2021
Morocco climbs to 4th place among EU melon suppliers
With an increase of 10% recorded in 2020, Morocco has risen to the 4th rank of melon suppliers to the European Union. Behind Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands which form the top three and ahead of Costa Rica... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 15/04/2021
Cameroon's banana exports are trending
A positive start to the year for Cameroon, which recorded an increase in its banana exports. With a remarkable growth rate of + 31.17% for the month of March 2021... >Read more

-> Egypt - 15/04/2021
The 1st shipment of Egyptian oranges has arrived in Japan
After almost 25 years of negotiations between Egypt and Japan and an agreement reached in November 2020, the 1st shipment of Egyptian oranges has arrived in Japan.... >Read more

-> Burkina Faso - 13/04/2021
Mango season in Burkina Faso is in full swing
For several years now, Sanlé Sechage has been the permanent supplier of organic mangoes for OTC Organics. This subtropical fruit will be available through the April in the Amélie variety and will alternate with the Kent variety.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 08/04/2021
Fears of regional tensions around the Nile dam
The new failure of negotiations between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt concerning the GERD (Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam), the great dam on the Nile built in Ethiopia, raises fears of an increase in regional tensions.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 07/04/2021
Blueberries continue to boom in South Africa with exports up by 27%
Remarkable result for the South African blueberry which recorded in 2020 an export volume higher by 27% than in the previous year.... >Read more ad. ad.

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