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-> Morocco - 22/09/2022
3rd edition of the Morocco Berry Conference
In the continuity of their successful events, GREEN SMILE & HORTITOOL are organizing the Morocco Berry Conference 2022 on November 9 and 10 in Agadir. It is a key event that targets soft fruit professionals from Morocco and beyond, with the participation of key players and experts from around 20 countries.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 21/09/2022
Morocco exported a record volume of citrus fruits
Despite a difficult international context, Moroccan citrus exports recorded a record volume for the 2021/22 campaign, up +40% compared to the previous campaign.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 15/09/2022
South Africa halts some of its orange exports to the EU
Because maintaining long-term access to the EU market remains a priority, South Africa has decided to voluntarily close the export of Valencia oranges from areas affected by CBS (Citrus Black Spot) .... >Read more

-> Senegal - 15/09/2022
Concern over the availability and price of onions
Senegal, which produces onions, also imports them after its production period. This year due to a reduction in production capacity in Europe, the supply from exports is less and prices are rising... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 14/09/2022
Further good performance for banana exports
After having recorded for the month of July 2022, an increase in volume of +6% compared to the same period of 2021, Cameroon recorded for the month of August an increase in volume of +24.4%... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 08/09/2022
Saudi Arabia has improved its food self-sufficiency
In recent years, agriculture, food systems and supply chains have had to deal with numerous disruptions (pandemic, effects of climate change, war, inflation, etc.) which have made food security a priority for governments around the world.... >Read more

-> Iran - 08/09/2022
Iran has obtained access to the Chinese market for its fresh citrus fruits
Iran and China have reached agreements that allow Iranian fresh citrus to access the Chinese market... >Read more

-> Jordan - 07/09/2022
Heat and drought impact crop yield in Jordan
Jordan recorded temperatures 12 to 15°C higher than normal and a lack of water resources which will cause a sharp drop in crop yields.... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 06/09/2022
The WUWM 2022 conference will take place in Abu Dhabi
For the first time, the WUWM (World Union of Wholesale Markets) conference will be held in the Middle East. WUWM is the world's largest global wholesale market network and fresh food supplier.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 31/08/2022
Kenya aims to export 100,000 tonnes of avocados to China
Kenya has just made the 1st shipment of fresh avocados to the Chinese market, which could in the future become the largest importer of fresh Kenyan avocados. Kenya aims to export 100,000 tonnes of fresh avocados to China annually, says government official... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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