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-> Mozambique - 16/05/2024
Bananas: Mozambique exports down 21.9% in value terms
For the year 2023, the results show a clear decline in the value of Mozambique's banana exports. The main cause is the fall in production... >Read more

-> Morocco - 14/05/2024
The blueberry is the star of berry production in Morocco
Blueberries were not grown in Morocco 15 years ago. Now blueberry acreage exceeds strawberry acreage and even raspberry acreage.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 14/05/2024
India has given the go-ahead for South African avocados to enter the country
The efforts and negotiations of several years have now come to fruition for the South African avocado sector.... >Read more

-> Qatar - 13/05/2024
Qatar increased 98% fresh vegetables production in 5 years
Qatar also became 100 percent self-sufficiency in fresh milk, dairy products, and fresh poultry. ... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 13/05/2024
New Gulfood Green expo launched in Dubai for a sustainable food chain
Organized for the first time next September 24-26th at Dubai World Trade Center, Gulfood Green is inspired by the motto “Good for you, good for the planet”.... >Read more

-> Algeria - 09/05/2024
Algeria plans to import 10,000 tonnes of bananas
Banana prices have been soaring in Algeria for several months. A number of factors have been identified as contributing to this surge in prices (restrictions on imported volumes, increased demand during the Ramadam period, speculation), but prices have continued to rise for Algerian consumers. ... >Read more

-> Senegal - 07/05/2024
Senegalese exports up 114.28% in volume terms
Horticultural production in Senegal has increased significantly over the last 10 years. The expansion of production has led to an increase in exports ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 25/04/2024
First Morocco Tomato Conference in Agadir by Greensmile, May 30th
The first Morocco Tomato Conference will convey industry leaders, researchers, and stakeholders in Agadir to explore innovative strategies and techniques aimed at enhancing tomato cultivation.... >Read more

-> Algeria - 18/04/2024
Banana prices soar again in Algeria
In Algeria, the price of a kilo of bananas rose from 300 DZD (2.23 USD) at the beginning of 2024, to over 500 DZD (3.71 USD) during the recent Ramadan.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 18/04/2024
Very satisfactory 2023/24 season for South African grapes
In South Africa, the 2023/24 season ended 2 to 3 weeks earlier than the previous season.... >Read more ad.

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