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-> Oman - 17/09/2020
Oman AgroFood is postponed to 2021
The continued spread of the virus and the uncertainty over international flights have forced the organizers of the Oman AgroFood fair, scheduled for next December, to postpone the event to 2021.... >Read more

-> Syria - 15/09/2020
Expected decline of around 30% for citrus production
Unfavorable weather conditions in the spring will cause a decline in citrus production in Syria. Estimates predict a decrease of around 30%... >Read more

-> Egypt - 11/09/2020
Digital mode of AgroGate event for professionals of fresh produce industry
Egyptian Exporters Association will organize the next AgroGate’s event... >Read more

-> South Africa - 02/09/2020
Halls has appointed a new Managing Director of its South African subsidiary
Halls, a world-class avocado firm, has announced the appointment of Managing Director for South Africa.... >Read more

-> Ethiopia - 27/08/2020
Partnership between Ethiopia, Djibouti and the Netherlands for a logistics corridor and the development of fruit exports
Last week was sent the first export of Ethiopian products destined to reach Europe via Djibouti. ... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 12/08/2020
Dubai strengthens its position as a hub for the fresh fruit & vegetable trade
Increased consumer awareness of healthy lifestyles and food as well as the increase in population are helping to make fresh fruits and vegetables an important commercial product in Dubai.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 10/08/2020
Export halt causes overabundance of tomatoes in Cameroon
The health situation having led to the closure of the borders of several African countries, Cameroonian tomato producers were unable to export their crops.... >Read more

-> Senegal - 04/08/2020
The health crisis has slowed down the momentum of the mango sector
The COVID-19 pandemic and its negative effects have also hit the mango sector in Senegal. The situation is not favorable for exports. ... >Read more

-> Egypt - 30/07/2020
Egypt continues to develop agricultural cooperation with other African countries
During the last 6 years Egypt has developed several joint farming projects with African countries. Other projects are underway and about to be implemented.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 23/07/2020
Save water and improve storage capacity
Morocco is setting up a national water plan which will extend until 2050. The various axes of this plan concern demand management, in particular water saving in the agricultural sector, and protection of resources, with the project to build 50 new dams. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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