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-> Kenya - 16/07/2021
Mango: Kenya's exports to the EU to resume in September
For 8 years Kenya had self-imposed the export ban because of the presence of fruit flies on its mangoes. The efforts of the whole sector have just been rewarded, the EU has approved the resumption of exports.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 13/07/2021
New varieties of snacking tomatoes to be launched soon
Varietal development of Duroc is focused on the eating experience, the shelf life and the amplification of consumer choice. Every year, the company trials more than 80 varietal selections in collaboration with seed companies... >Read more

-> Egypt - 07/07/2021
Egyptian exports grew by + 15% in volume
Satisfactory start to the year for agricultural exports, the volume of which increased by + 15% for the period from January 1 to June 29, 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 07/07/2021
Moroccan watermelon is healthy and meets health safety standards
In Morocco, since the start of the marketing of watermelon, information has circulated on social networks about the quality and safety of the fruit. This false information caused a drop in demand in the country.... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 25/06/2021
United Arab Emirates want to develop high-tech agriculture
Shaking up global trade, the pandemic has served as a wake-up call for the United Arab Emirates, which imports more than 90% of its food products. The country is now seeking to strengthen local food production and support agro-technical companies to increase the volumes produced.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 23/06/2021
Tunisia records a deficit for its food trade balance
According to ONAGRI (National Agriculture Observatory) data, the food trade balance situation for the period of the first 5 months of 2021 shows a deficit compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 22/06/2021
Diversify export markets or adapt to EU recommendations
The European Union buys around 70% of the flowers, vegetables and fruits exported by Kenya. But the EU plans to adopt new standards for the use of pesticides in 2022. This raises fears in Kenya of a drop in yields.... >Read more

-> Israel - 09/06/2021
Fruit imports cease after vegetable export ban
In Gaza, the agriculture ministry announced that Israeli fruit imports are ceasing following Israel's decision to ban the export of vegetables from Gaza to the West Bank and overseas. ... >Read more

-> Rwanda - 05/06/2021
Rwanda's chili peppers set out to conquer Europe
Exporter of high quality chili peppers grown in Rwanda, KURA is also a social enterprise which aims to improve green farming practices. The company offers fresh and dry peppers of high quality and at competitive prices to European markets. ... >Read more

-> Egypt - 02/06/2021
Egyptian exports register an increase in volume
Despite the health situation and its negative effects, Egypt has succeeded in developing its agricultural exports and has just recorded for the period from January 1 to May 26 an increase of 250,000 tonnes of exported products.... >Read more ad.

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