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-> Morocco - 04/05/2020
Resumption of exports to West Africa
Morocco has resumed exports of potatoes and onions to West African markets. ... >Read more

-> Saudi Arabia - 24/04/2020
Saudi Arabia imports 80% of its food
According to SFDA (Saudi Food and Drug Administration) data, the country imports 80% of its food from 157 countries.... >Read more

-> Tunisia - 24/04/2020
Sfax-Tripoli direct shipping line for fresh fruit exports in Tunisia
Tunisia‚Äôs Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries announced that The Inter-professional Fruit Group (GIF) and the TuniShip shipping company will launch a direct shipping line... >Read more

-> Oman - 22/04/2020
New dates for the 4th edition of the Oman AgroFood fair
The COVID-19 pandemic having considerably affected the international mobility of people, the Oman AgroFood fair has just changed the dates of its 4th edition.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 21/04/2020
The supply of the Moroccan market will be normal and regular
In Morocco the Ministry of Agriculture clarified that the national market will normally be supplied with agricultural and food products. No shortage to fear.... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 14/04/2020
Fruit & Vegetable volumes increased by 88.5% and pharmaceuticals volumes by 49.4%
Dubai International Airport (DXB) is experiencing remarkable increases in the volume of perishables and pharmaceuticals entering to maintain supply chains during this time of crisis.... >Read more

-> Iran - 08/04/2020
New container transport line between Iran and Oman
This new line links the port of Bandar Abbas, in the south of Iran, to the port of Sultan Qaboos, the largest port of Muscat, in Oman. ... >Read more

-> Morocco - 01/04/2020
Moroccan exports to Europe increase
The health crisis impacting Europe has caused a drop in production in certain producing regions and demand from European countries and is therefore turning to Morocco.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 30/03/2020
Positive estimates for citrus exports threatened by the impact of the pandemic
The citrus export season in South Africa will start in May, the export volume should be 13% higher than the previous year. However, the COVID-19 pandemic risks threatening these forecasts, in the country that has just been placed in containment and in destination countries.... >Read more

-> Egypt - 24/03/2020
Franco-Egyptian cooperation for the development of wholesale markets
In Egypt, the first phase of technical support for improving the efficiency of the wholesale market system was carried out in collaboration with Rungis, the wholesale market in Paris (France).... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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