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-> Senegal - 19/09/2019
Senegal has the potential to reach a production of 100,000 tons of tomatoes per year
In recent years, tomato production in Senegal has stagnated and is unable to achieve the expected volumes. New momentum is needed and officials say they are confident about the future of the industry.... >Read more

-> Jordan - 17/09/2019
Jordan observes a drop in its exports
Disappointment among Jordanian producers and exporters who expected to resume their positions as major suppliers to the Iraqi market. Their exports to Iraq have decreased. ... >Read more

-> Togo - 16/09/2019
Growing production and export for Togo pineapples
Production has increased and the value of exports has increased for Togo pineapples.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 13/09/2019
Blueberry production increases but access to important markets remains closed
Blueberry production in South Africa is expected to increase by more than 45% this year. Professionals in the sector are calling on the government to accelerate negotiations to allow access to important markets in Asia.... >Read more

-> Qatar - 13/09/2019
Local production is growing and demand is growing
Qatar has set itself the goal of achieving self-sufficiency in vegetable production up to 70% by 2023. Agricultural projects and farms are growing, as well as initiatives to expand sales of local vegetables. ... >Read more

-> Egypt - 05/09/2019
Live from Asia Fruit Logistica: Great harvest of sweet potatoes for GB Farms
The company only focuses on opportunities in which it can reach global recognition as a top supplier...... >Read more

-> South Africa - 05/09/2019
Live from Asia Fruit Logistica : GreenTest, the Nitrate Tester
"What I love about GreenTest, is that it only takes three seconds to measure the levels of toxins in your food, enabling you to make a choice right there and then” said Damian Michael, founder of Food Safety Company, Alvarita, which launched the world’s first portable nitrate and radiation detector in South Africa... >Read more

-> Sierra Leone - 04/09/2019
$ 40 million investment in pineapple production and processing in Sierra Leone
The important Japanese trading company Itochu Corp. announced that it has established a subsidiary for the cultivation and processing of pineapple in Sierra Leone. The investment for the first phase of this development will reach 40 million USD.... >Read more

-> South Africa - 30/08/2019
Opening new markets is key to planned expansion
South Africa is the third largest citrus exporter in the world after Spain and Turkey. Oranges constitute the bulk of exports. The planned expansion (+ 25%) by 2028 will only be possible with the opening of new markets.... >Read more

-> Morocco - 28/08/2019
The EU is still importing more tomatoes from Morocco
Sales of Moroccan tomatoes in the EU countries recorded a further increase, estimated at + 10.41% between 1 October 2018 and 31 May 2019. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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