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-> South Africa - 01/11/2021
The harvest of table grapes is planned similar to the previous season
In South Africa, the 1st estimate carried out by SATI (South African Table Grape Industry) forecasts for the 2021/22 season volumes similar to the 2020/21 season... >Read more

-> United Arab Emirates - 27/10/2021
The number of hydroponic farms has multiplied by 20 in the Emirates
In the Middle East, agricultural production is low due in part to limited arable land and water scarcity. Food imports are important and to limit them, the countries of the region are making significant investments to stimulate local agricultural production.... >Read more

-> Madagascar - 21/10/2021
In Madagascar, the 2021 lychee campaign will be early
According to the report of the CTHT (Center Technique Horticole de Tamatave) which observes the fruiting of lychees in the country, the official date of the start of the 2021 campaign.... >Read more

-> Iran - 20/10/2021
Iran plans date production totaling 1.2 million tonnes
In Iran, despite drought and low rainfall, date production in the current calendar year is expected to reach 1.2 million tonnes.... >Read more

-> Jordan - 14/10/2021
Takeover for the agricultural sector in Jordan
In Jordan, the agricultural sector is on the road to recovery after the pandemic according to the Ministry of Agriculture, which announced an increase in exports of + 17.4% in value. Jordanian vegetable exports to Israel have just picked up.... >Read more

-> Cameroon - 13/10/2021
The recovery is confirmed for Cameroonian banana exports
According to statistics from Assobacam (Cameroon Banana Association) exports totaled 20,471 tonnes in September 2021, i.e. an increase of + 61.81% compared to August and + 64.13% compared to month of July... >Read more

-> Morocco - 12/10/2021
Logistical problems could disrupt Moroccan exports
In Morocco, citrus production is expected to increase by 15% compared to the previous season, but Moroccan professionals are worried about logistical problems... >Read more

-> Zimbabwe - 12/10/2021
+ 6.5% increase in value for Zimbabwe's exports
Good harvests, which made it possible to increase the quantities sold and the reopening of destination markets, contributed to a good export performance for the first half of 2021.... >Read more

-> Kenya - 22/09/2021
Pakistan, new destination for Kenyan mangoes
Kenya and Pakistan are finalizing an agreement to ship Kenyan mangoes to Pakistan. Pakistan produces mangoes for only 3 months while Kenya can produce all year round.... >Read more

-> Iran - 22/09/2021
Good start to the year for Iranian exports
According to IRICA, the Iranian Customs Administration, the country exported around 2.5 million tons of agri-food products in the first 4 months (March 21 to July 22) of the year 2021-22.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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