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-> Colombia - 20/03/2019
Banana exports increased in value and volume
According to AUGURA (Asociación de bananeros de Colombia), sales of Colombian bananas on international markets have increased in value and volume.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 19/03/2019
Apples: average production according to estimates
Nationwide, apple production in Brazil this year will be almost equivalent to last year's production, according to estimates by ABPM (Associação Brasileira de Produtores de Maçã). ... >Read more

-> Honduras - 13/03/2019
Growth in volume and value for pineapple exports
Although the official data only reports on 11 months of the year 2018, the results are very satisfactory and show an increase in volume and value for pineapple exports from Honduras.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 12/03/2019
Brazil to resume imports of apples and pears from Argentina
Argentinean experts from SENASA (Servicio Nacional de Sanidad y Calidad Agroalimentaria) met with their Brazilian counterparts and an agreement was reached to resume Argentinian fruit shipments to Brazil.... >Read more

-> USA - 12/03/2019
Innovative ethylene generator even for the smallest ripening rooms will soon become available
Inventor of ethylene generators announced the launch of a new version of the Easy-Ripe® Generator that can be permanently installed on the exterior of a ripening room.... >Read more

-> Peru - 11/03/2019
Avocados: New rise for exports that should still progress
CCEX (Centro de Comercio Exterior) of the Lima Chamber of Commerce has just indicated that Peruvian avocado exports recorded in 2018 a record turnover. Turnover expected to grow further in the future with the opening of new markets.... >Read more

-> Chile - 04/03/2019
TOMRA Food consolidates its position in the Chilean market
TOMRA Food closed the 2018 financial year consolidating its position in Chile, with prospects of excellent results in 2019 in view of the country's positive growth forecast. Johan Germeys, TOMRA Food´s Regional Sales Manager for Latin America, and Paola Arévalo, Sales Manager TOMRA Food Chile, explain their expectations for the food market in the country.... >Read more

-> USA - 20/02/2019
100% recycled extra strong Hybrid bins designed by Macro Plastics ensure economical shipping and storage
The New Hybrid Bin Family, designed by Macro Plastics, features a revolutionary nesting design ensuring economical shipping and storage. The 100% recyclable bins are also long lasting, and reusable to help customers to reduce waste.... >Read more

-> Peru - 19/02/2019
Avocados: Volumes exported similar to the previous season
In Peru, forecasts of avocado volumes exported for this 2019 season are estimated similar to the previous season however this year 's prediction has an earlier start to the season. ... >Read more

-> Chile - 05/02/2019
Blueberries: good growth in exports, organic fruits achieving remarkable performance
According to information from the Crop Report, prepared by the Committee of Arándanos de Chile-ASOEX, Chile's exports are continuing at a good pace. Expeditions of organic blueberries grew by 54%.... >Read more ad. ad.

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