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-> Peru - 01/02/2023
Sharp decrease in Sutil lemon exports from Peru in 2022
The primary destinations for Peruvian Sutil lemon from January to December 2022 were Chile and Panama... >Read more

-> Chile - 31/01/2023
Chilean horticultural exports exceed $492 million to November 2022
The main destinations for Chilean vegetables in 2022 were the United States, Japan, the Netherlands, Mexico, Brazil and Venezuela.... >Read more

-> Chile - 31/01/2023
Value of Chilean fresh fruit exports decreases 4.7% year-on-year
Cherry, grape, apple and blueberry led the ranking of these shipments in 2022... >Read more

-> Colombia - 30/01/2023
Banana farmers in the border area with Venezuela on alert for the spread of fusarium R4T
Colombian producers in the border area, specifically in the departments of Arauca, Boyacá, Cesar, La Guajira, Guainía, Norte de Santander and Vichada, reinforce prevention, biosecurity and surveillance actions... >Read more

-> Mexico - 30/01/2023
Avocado exporters from Michoacán and Jalisco take advantage of Super Bowl LVII
One of the most anticipated events for fans of American football in Mexico and the United States is approaching, Super Bowl LVII, in which the Mexican avocado will play an important role. The fruit will be accompanying the tortilla chips and roasts for the soccer party on February 12.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 30/01/2023
74 Mexican municipalities free of avocado pit pests
These are the small avocado pit borer, the large borer and the borer moth.... >Read more

-> Chile - 30/01/2023
70% of Chilean arándanos exports to China consist of varied new products
The representatives of the Chilean Blueberry Committee (ASOEX) arrive in China to promote the promotion of the berry in the country.... >Read more

-> Peru - 27/01/2023
Year-on-year decrease in Peruvian asparagus exports in 2022
The United States was consolidated as the main destination... >Read more

-> USA - 27/01/2023
Join Felix Instruments webinar series on spectroscopy in agriculture
In Part 2: Building a Model: Sample Plan and Analytical Testing, Galen George, Director of Applied Science, will explain sample plan creation as well as the importance of analytical testing... >Read more

-> Peru - 24/01/2023
Peru continues to export mangoes to Chile
In 2022, the interception of two lawsuits in Peruvian mango deliveries led to the temporary suspension of the Chilean market for this fruit, however, thanks to the efforts of Senasa, it was possible to continue with the export of mangoes to Chile.... >Read more ad.

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