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-> USA - 01/07/2020
Daily shipments of Northwest Cherries increase
Despite the fact that the total volume has decreased compared to historical averages, Northwest Cherry Growers’ later orchards are still developing a crop more closer to normal than other regions... >Read more

-> Brazil - 30/06/2020
Brazilian exports decline
Another negative effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in Brazil, the fresh fruit export sector experienced a catastrophic May. Exports have reached the lowest levels in 17 years. ... >Read more

-> USA - 29/06/2020
The Irrigation Association announced about Smart Irrigation Month in July
July is a Smart Irrigation Month – the initiative of the US Irrigation Association, provides an opportunity for the irrigation industry to promote the importance of smart irrigation methods... >Read more

-> USA - 29/06/2020
New greenhouse for growing lettuce and salad greens
Michigan’s Revolution Farms is expanding its operations... >Read more

-> USA - 23/06/2020
Felix Instruments published the study about spectrometers that measure internal quality of grape and peach
Felix Instruments with CID Bio-Science published a monthly newsletter of published research papers, where can be found performance evaluation of two commercially available portable spectrometers to non-invasively determine table grape and peach quality attributes... >Read more

-> USA - 18/06/2020
Safe picking continues to be a priority for California Strawberry Farmers
Strawberry farmers in California have been recognized as one of the leaders in food safety for many years... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 17/06/2020
Fruit export is still little affected
Despite having experienced a decline in the value of its total exports, Costa Rica has seen little impact on its agricultural exports. ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 17/06/2020
Orange production drops sharply in Mexico
Latest estimates indicate that severe drought conditions in many Mexican citrus producing states have led to a sharp reduction in volumes. The production of oranges should drop by 45%.... >Read more

-> Panama - 12/06/2020
La Dona Fruit readies for European demand
Weekly exports of pineapples from Panama will continue throughout the summer, despite the global pandemic. ... >Read more

-> USA - 08/06/2020
Promising Results of first harvests for proprietary apple varieties in Southern Hemisphere
Two new varieties of apple produced their first fruit for harvest in 2020... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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