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-> Peru - 19/11/2019
New record expected for mango exports
For this 2019-20 season, Peruvian exports of fresh mangoes are expected to record an increase in volume of around 27%, setting a new record.... >Read more

-> Uruguay - 19/11/2019
Blueberry exports to China have started but will be difficult to grow
The Chinese market has been open since last year to blueberries from Uruguay. But Uruguayan professionals believe that exports to China will remain symbolic because of the high cost of customs duties.... >Read more

-> Peru - 18/11/2019
$ 1 billion goal for Peruvian grapes
According to forecasts by Provid (Asociación de Productores y Exportadores de Uva de Mesa del Perú) for this 2019/20 campaign, Peruvian grape exports will increase by 15% compared to the previous season.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 14/11/2019
Highest volume recorded for melon exports
In Brazil exports of melons increased considerably in October, with a volume doubling September's record and the highest level recorded for the month of October since 2015.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 13/11/2019
In Mexico the blackberry and blueberry season have begun, since September and October respectively.
Gerardo López Gómez, Commercial VP for Produce Lovers, has informed that the blueberry season began beginning of October and it will end in mid June and blackberry season started at the end of September and finishing by late May.... >Read more

-> Colombia - 13/11/2019
Colombia exports his first container of Avocado Hass to Japan
Cartama, main grower and exporter of Colombian Avocado Hass exports his first container to Japan.... >Read more

-> Peru - 11/11/2019
Good prospects for exports of grapes and blueberries
Peruvian professionals believe that exports of grapes and blueberries will continue to grow.... >Read more

-> Chile - 08/11/2019
A direct sea link between Valaparaiso and Hong Kong with the "Cherry Express" for the cherry season in Chile
Pour cette saison 2019-20 les exportations de cerises chiliennes pourraient atteindre 209 000 tonnes, soit 16,1% de plus que la saison précédente. Pour transporter les cerises vers la Chine, la liaison maritime directe "Cherry Express" ... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 08/11/2019
In Central America Costa Rica is the main exporter of pineapple
The latest data confirm Costa Rica once again as the undisputed leader in the Central American region for pineapple exports.... >Read more

-> USA - 07/11/2019
Newly updated version of Field Spectrometer will be introduced at International Conference
At the 2019 ASA-CSSA-SSSA International Annual Meeting, one of the largest global conferences of scientists and researchers in the plant and environmental science field...... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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