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-> USA - 16/01/2019
With new team member Seven Seas focuses on California sales and marketing
Seven Seas has brought on industry veteran Brent Scattini as Vice President West Coast. Scattini will oversee California operations for both citrus and strawberry categories.... >Read more

-> Chile - 15/01/2019
Chile's cherries broke a world record
Guinness World Records ™ has registered in Shanghai (China) the record in building the longest fruit line in the world. The certificate proving this world record has been awarded to the ASOEX Cherry Committee (Asociación de Exportadores de Frutas de Chile AG).... >Read more

-> Mexico - 15/01/2019
Expeditions begin for peak demand for Super Bowl avocados
In the United States the final of the Super Bowl is the day of the year when the consumption of avocados is the most important. That day guacamole is on the menu for millions of American homes. But this year, a fuel shortage in Mexico fears a reduction in deliveries by trucks and therefore a drop in supplies. APEAM announced that shipments are proceeding as planned.... >Read more

-> Peru - 14/01/2019
New record of mango exports for the 2018/19 season
In Peru, the 2018/19 season promises to be very satisfactory with a new volume record for fresh mango exports. According to APEM, exports increased by 2.5% from the end of October 2018 to the beginning of January 2019 compared to the same period of the previous season.... >Read more

-> Costa Rica - 11/01/2019
Decline in volume and value for banana exports
Over the past year, the value of Costa Rica's banana exports has declined, impacting the overall result of sales of agricultural products abroad.... >Read more

-> USA - 04/01/2019
Washington based cooperative earning on fruit waste shares feedback on sorting equipment they use
The Tree Top cooperative was formed in 1960 in the heart of Washington’s apple country in Selah. Initially growers came together to find a way to save ugly and excess fruits.... >Read more

-> Colombia - 02/01/2019
Satisfactory balance sheet for Colombian agricultural exports
In Colombia, the Ministry of Foreign Trade announced that exports of agro-industrial products and agricultural products increased by 3.8% in 10 months.... >Read more

-> USA - 02/01/2019
One of the largest processors of frozen potato products in North America installs new Eco steam peelers
Cavendish Farms, the 4th largest processor of frozen potato products in North America, is equipping its new facility in Lethbridge, Alberta with TOMRA’s Eco steam peelers.... >Read more

-> USA - 02/01/2019
Catalytic Generators brief look at the New York Produce Show
Catalytic Generators and sister company, QA Supplies, exhibited at the 9th annual New York Produce Show at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City December 12th.... >Read more

-> Chile - 26/12/2018
The port of San Antonio took advantage of the paralysis of Valparaiso
Distances of a hundred kilometers, the ports of Valaparaiso and San Antonio are major points of departure for Chilean exports. Due to a dockers' strike, the port of Valaparaiso was paralyzed for more than a month and most of the export traffic went to the port of San Antonio.... >Read more ad.

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