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-> Austria - 07/06/2021
Joint project of BASF Digital Farming and Pessl to enhance fruit and veg production
This collaboration will pair BASF Digital Farming’s xarvio™ SCOUTING app, which enables image recognition and analysis, with the unique software and hardware capabilities of Pessl, specifically its automatized iSCOUT® pest trap... >Read more

-> Panama - 17/06/2021
Green light to Panamanian pineapples in Israel
The cargo included 525 boxes of fresh, ready-to-eat pineapples from Prilatino brand... >Read more

-> Guatemala - 17/06/2021
Next Latin American Avocado Congress will be held in Guatemala
The event is dedicated to professionals who seek to strengthen their knowledge on topics such as export and production of quality avocado, or to obtain a contact base with specialists dedicated to the commercialization of the fruit in Guatemala... >Read more

-> Peru - 16/06/2021
Peruvian strawberry exports significantly increased
Strawberry export volume in the first 4 months of 2021 reached 7.198.686 kilos, while in the same period of 2020, it was of 3.200.591 kilos... >Read more

-> Colombia - 14/06/2021
Private Capital Fund arises to develop Colombian avocado sector
The fund follows a strategy of consolidating and commercializing the production of Hass avocado, contributing to social and economic development in the regions where it is present... >Read more

-> USA - 14/06/2021
Climate change consequences pose a risk to apple cultivation
Fire blight is a bacterial pathogen which is able to kill not just individual trees but entire orchards. It spreads easily during the blooming season. This is not a new problem for apple growers, but its presence became larger with warmer and rainier springs that favor tree infections... >Read more

-> Mexico - 11/06/2021
Mexican avocado exports increased by 26% in first 4 months of the year
The rise is explained by a reduction in the export price... >Read more

-> Peru - 11/06/2021
Export volume of Peruvian blueberry will increase by 30% in 2022
General manager of Proarándanos, Luis Miguel Vegas, pointed out that Peru passed from 12,000 tons exported in 2015/2016 to more than 150,000 tons in 2020/2021... >Read more

-> Colombia - 10/06/2021
Foreign investment conglomerate seeks to increase avocado production in Colombia
Chagai Stern says the goal is to guarantee production throughout the year with a better quality avocado, which means that when one region finishes harvesting, another will replace it... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 09/06/2021
First shipment of Hass avocado arrives to Europe from Santa Elena, Ecuador
Santa Elena's produce has a high quality and complies with all traceability standards required by the market. Avocado production in the peninsula is carried out using the latest technology in drip irrigation, disease control and packaging... >Read more

-> Argentina - 09/06/2021
Argentine citrus fruit export campaign begins with the first shipment to Russia
According to Guillermo Ruffo, the coordinator of Plant Protection for the Buenos Aires North Regional Center of Senasa, the departure of this significant ship shows the recognition of Argentine fresh produce by international markets... >Read more ad.

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