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-> All countries - 05/12/2023
Tell us what new ressources you want to find in Fructidor?
2024 will be a milestone for Fructidor and every reader can contribute to our development... >Read more

-> Peru - 06/12/2023
Peruvian avocado production decreases -35% in September
Mainly attributed to a decrease in cultivated areas.... >Read more

-> Peru - 05/12/2023
Grape production in Peru increases to impressive levels
In the month of September 2023, grape production in Peru experienced a notable boost, reaching a total of 22,421 tons... >Read more

-> Peru - 04/12/2023
Peruvian table grape export value surpasses $996 million until October
Between January and October 2023, Peruvian table grape exports showed a surge, if compared to the same lapse in 2022, according to Agrodata Perú... >Read more

-> Chile - 04/12/2023
Chilean cherry growers suffer millions of dollars in losses due to rains
Chilean cherry growers are facing serious setbacks as a result of last week's heavy rains, which registered up to 40 mm in a single day in the central-south zone.... >Read more

-> USA - 01/12/2023
Assessing sweetness dynamics in apples with advanced optical sensor technology
The pursuit of excellence in apple production remains ongoing, and the research paper by Biegert et al. titled “Modelling Soluble Solids Content Accumulation in ‘Braeburn’ Apples” is a step forward in this search... >Read more

-> USA - 30/11/2023
Cosmic Crisp® apple: Perfect flavor and texture for cooking and baking
The Cosmic Crisp® apples are generously sized crispy apples known for their flavor profile, striking an equilibrium between sweetness and tartness... >Read more

-> Chile - 29/11/2023
Reserve your booth for the Global Cherry Summit 2024
The event, co-organized by Yentzen Group and the ASOEX Cherry Committee, stands out as one of the main meetings of the cherry industry worldwide.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 29/11/2023
Ecuadorian banana exports grow 6.36% through October
The statistical report corresponding to the period from January to October 2023 on exports and classification of the banana sector, issued by the Association of Banana Exporters of Ecuador and prepared by the Banana Statistical Observatory, reveals a 6.36% growth in banana exports compared to the same period last year.... >Read more

-> Peru - 29/11/2023
Downward projections for Peruvian blueberry export season
The drop is due to the climatic anomalies that have occurred this year.... >Read more

-> Chile - 29/11/2023
Chile exports more than 81 million boxes of cherries this campaign
The Chilean Fruit Cherry Committee has revealed its second projection for the 2023-2024 season... >Read more ad. ad.

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