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-> USA - 15/01/2020
Starr Ranch continues program of using less plastic in packaging for organic apples
Demand for organic apples is growing during last few years...... >Read more

-> Peru - 15/01/2020
Superior harvest and extended commercial window in 2020 for avocados from Peru
In Peru professionals predict that this campaign in 2020, the export volume of avocados will exceed last years. Higher volume but also extended availability calendar thanks to the new zones which will start to produce.... >Read more

-> Peru - 13/01/2020
Peruvian fruit exports to the United States set new records
According to data from the Ministry of Foreign Trade, Peruvian fruit exports to the United States increased by 25%. The best performances were blueberries (+ 64%), avocados (+ 30%) and grapes (+ 24%). ... >Read more

-> USA - 13/01/2020
Salix Fruits ends 2019 achieving 30% growth and establishes its leadership in the citrus business
The company positioned itself as a leader among USA importers of Argentine lemons. Furthermore, it continued to grow in Asia by exporting grapes of Chilean origin.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 10/01/2020
Brazilian banana exports benefited from the context
The volume of Brazilian banana exports registered an increased rate of 51%. Due to the large volume exported to the Mercosur countries whose demand has exploded following the political and social conflicts that took place in Bolivia and Chile.... >Read more

-> Chile - 10/01/2020
Demand in Asian markets jumped 42%
The upward trend in Chilean blueberry exports is confirmed, with in particular a 42% increase in volumes shipped to Asian markets. ... >Read more

-> Mexico - 08/01/2020
Mexican avocado production forecast up by 7.6%
In Mexico, the world number 1 country for the production and export of avocados is forecasting an increase in the 2019/20 harvest which will lead to an increase in shipments to the United States.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 07/01/2020
Superior orange production for the 2019/20 season
According to the latest estimates, the Brazilian orange harvest should be 34.7% higher than the previous one.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 07/01/2020
Agreement between Produce Lovers and Planasa to get a better quality of blueberries.
The first result of the agreement between Produce Lovers and Planasa will be at the end of April or beginning of May.... >Read more

-> USA - 07/01/2020
Ellips makes first impression in blueberry field on North and South American markets
Headquartered in the Netherlands Ellips group is already well established on North American market for...... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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