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-> Peru - 21/05/2019
The Netherlands imported 51% of total Peruvian pomegranate shipments
Peruvian pomegranate exports increased in volume by about 10% in the first four months of this year. During this period the N#1 destination was the Netherlands which received 51% of the shipments.... >Read more

-> Peru - 17/05/2019
Peru plans 10% increase in exports to the United Kingdom
Peru has signed a free trade agreement with the United Kingdom. Peru is already the 2nd largest fruit supplier in the UK and expects a 10% increase in exports to this market. ... >Read more

-> USA - 16/05/2019
Important cherry harvest expected in North West states
In the United States, North West cherry growers announced their first estimate of the harvest. This campaign looks very promising. ... >Read more

-> Cuba - 16/05/2019
Cuba exports mangoes for the first time in Europe
Already exporting pineapples, fruit juices, papayas and peppers to Europe and the Middle East, Cuba has just added mangoes that have just been shipped for the first time in Europe. ... >Read more

-> USA - 14/05/2019
New crop forecast for oranges, further behind
USDA (US Department of Agriculture) 2018-19 crop forecasts for Florida oranges, announced on May 10, are down by 5% from the previous month's forecast.... >Read more

-> Brazil - 08/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): Abrafrutas targets $1 billion in exports for 2019
Participation in an international trade show is a decisive element for increasing contacts and increasing turnover. Abrafrutas exhibits at Macfrut Hall D5 -Stand 077.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 08/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): Ecuador participates in the show for the first time
Ecuador has a large variety of exotic fruits in its exportable offers. In addition to bananas, the country can offer papayas, pitahayas, physalis, mangos, pineapples and many other products. Around ProEcuador, several companies exhibit Hall D5-012.... >Read more

-> Chile - 07/05/2019
The Chinese market opens for Chiles' pears which hopes to reproduce the same success as with cherries
During President Piñera's visit to China, an agreement was signed to open the Chinese pears market in Chile. ... >Read more

-> Panama - 06/05/2019
Panama Canal Restricts Navigation Due to Drought
An El Niño-related drought has caused a drop in the level of Lake Gatun, forcing the Panama Canal Authority to limit the draft of ships.... >Read more

-> Mexico - 03/05/2019
The state of Michoacán is still leading the production of lemons
Avec une production qui est passée de 711 000 tonnes à plus de 1 300 000 tonnes au cours des 3 dernières années, l'état de Michoacán est le leader au Mexique de la production de citrons... >Read more ad.

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