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-> Colombia - 20/12/2018
The 9th edition of the WAC (World Avocado Congress) will take place in Colombia
CORPOHASS, the Colombian association of producers and exporters of Hass avocados, organizes the WAC 2019 event. This Avocado World Congress takes place every 4 years and is held for the first time in Colombia.... >Read more

-> USA - 12/12/2018
New period for sales of organic products
The Christmas holidays are approaching and should lead, like Thanksgiving, sales above average for organic products.... >Read more

-> USA - 06/12/2018
It's Pear Month in the United States
In the USA, since 2004, the Department of Agriculture has made the month of December, the National Month of the Pear.... >Read more

-> USA - 05/12/2018
Company selling instruments for fresh produce issued an instructional video
Short 2 and a half minutes video in simple and clear way demonstrates why it is important to use quality control and measurement instruments and how to use them. A few of company’s most popular products are shown: firmness testers, refractometers, water quality analyzers, and data loggers.... >Read more

-> USA - 22/11/2018
Americans are twice as likely to buy groceries online
Online shopping for groceries is increasingly appealing to US consumers, 73% of whom believe that it saves them time and 26% to admit that it allows them to shop during working hours. During this Thanksgiving period, experts estimate that this year there are 2 times more people shopping online than last year.... >Read more

-> Chile - 20/11/2018
A new major campaign for Chile Cherries
With the goal of surpassing the success of the past campaign, Chile's new cherry promotion campaign focuses mainly on Chinese consumers and invites them to "enjoy the Red Moment".... >Read more

-> USA - 16/11/2018
The variety RED DELICIOUS cedes its N#1 position to GALA
In the United States for more than 50 years, the variety RED DELICIOUS was No. 1 among the apple varieties produced in the country. This year, according to the forecasts of US APPLE ASSOCIATION, this ranking will be modified.... >Read more

-> Dominican Rep. - 15/11/2018
Objectives: increase production and increase pineapple exports
Identified as one of the agricultural products with high potential, pineapple, which has already recorded strong growth in the Dominican Republic in recent years, will benefit from new measures to promote production and export.... >Read more

-> Argentina - 15/11/2018
A successful 2018 campaign for Argentinian lemon
The Argentinian lemon exporter, whose quality has been controlled by the ALL LEMON label since 2010, has closed a very satisfactory 2018 campaign. Higher volume, certified quality and new conquered destinations.... >Read more

-> Honduras - 14/11/2018
Eastern Europe increases demand for Honduras bananas
In Honduras, banana exports to Eastern Europe have increased considerably. Russia, Ukraine and Croatia are the biggest banana claimants in Honduras, according to Hector Castro, president of Honduras' independent banana producers.... >Read more ad.

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