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-> Peru - 30/11/2022
16% year-on-year increase in Peruvian paprika exports
From January 1 to November 20, 2022, Peru exported 38,638,639 kilos of paprika... >Read more

-> Peru - 30/11/2022
Peru's farming goods exports to Saudi Arabia reach $5.3 million until September
Recently, Peruvian Minister, Roberto Sanchez, commented on the trade relations between Peru and Saudi Arabia. According to Sanchez, agriculture is the best-positioned sector in terms of trade with Saudi Arabia... >Read more

-> Peru - 29/11/2022
Peruvian orange exports surpass $4.1 million
The Netherlands remains the main destination... >Read more

-> Mexico - 29/11/2022
Mexican grape exports remain stable in the 2022/23 season
The main grape varieties produced in Mexico this year continue to be Sugraone, Flame, Red Globe and Perlette... >Read more

-> Jamaica - 28/11/2022
Jamaica’s agriculture sector on the rise
Portfolio Minister, Hon. Pearnel Charles Jr., comments that the third quarter reflects one of the best-performing quarters on record... >Read more

-> Chile - 28/11/2022
Chilean cherry exports season to China begins
Chilean cherries are highly appreciated in the Asian market due to the Chinese New Year celebrations that will be held on January 22, 2023. Due to this, the peak of the campaign is expected to begin in early December... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/11/2022
Unforeseen increase in volume of grape exports
The 2022/23 grape season in Peru recently started and shipments are well above forecast... >Read more

-> Peru - 25/11/2022
Avocado exports continue to rise
Between January and October 2022, Peru exported 605,395,269 kilos of avocado... >Read more

-> Peru - 24/11/2022
Strong year-on-year increase in blueberry exports
The main destination countries this season are the United States and the Netherlands... >Read more

-> Mexico - 23/11/2022
Mexico, the second largest raspberry producer in the world
The production of this berry in Mexico increased up to 128 times in the last 20 years ... >Read more ad.

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