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-> USA - 07/10/2019
New Generation TarpLessⓇSX Ripening Room to be introduced at PMA Fresh Summit
Rooms can be installed for bananas, avocados, pears, stone fruits, and even multi-fruit rooms with combined ripening, pre-cooling, and low-temp storage. Single or multiple temperature control zones allow...... >Read more

-> Colombia - 07/10/2019
Multiplication by 3 of blueberry crops that will continue their expansion
In Colombia, the cultivation of blueberries has been booming, with the number of areas growing two-to-one in two years.... >Read more

-> USA - 07/10/2019
A year "off" but abundant for the production of pistachios
Following last year's record harvest, pistachio growers in California were expecting a decline in volumes in 2019. Estimates indicate a lower than expected harvest but the third largest crop.... >Read more

-> Peru - 03/10/2019
South Korea, new destination for Peruvian avocado exports
South Korea, a new destination for Peru, is already exporting table grapes and mangoes to South Korea, which has just authorized the entry of Peruvian avocado into its market.... >Read more

-> USA - 01/10/2019
One of the largest export trading companies in US continues worldwide expansion
The Fresh Connection, headquartered in California, is in fruits and vegetables business since 1994. The company already has offices in...... >Read more

-> Colombia - 01/10/2019
Successful edition for the IXth World Avocado Congress
Very successful edition for this IXth World Avocado Congress which took place in Medellín. For the first time Colombia received the event which greatly exceeded expectations (number of participants, number of exhibitors, number of conferences, number of meetings).... >Read more

-> Peru - 01/10/2019
The volume of avocado exports has decreased
In Peru avocado exports decreased in volume. After a record volume of exports recorded in the 2018 campaign, this year's volume is much lower.... >Read more

-> Dominican Rep. - 30/09/2019
Import authorization in China for 4 Dominican fruits
China has just approved the importation from the Dominican Republic of several fruits: mango, avocado, banana and pineapple... >Read more

-> Canada - 26/09/2019
A very satisfactory season for the production which continues its expansion
Quebec is one of the most important regions in Canada for fruit production. It is still too early to make a complete assessment but the season has been very satisfactory, especially as regards to strawberries and raspberries.... >Read more

-> USA - 25/09/2019
Cut costs, reduce spoilage and increase harvest revenue? Felix Instruments’ easy-to-use measurement tool is the KEY!
Taking care of growers and distributors of fresh produce, Felix Instruments-Applied Food Science develops easy-to-use tools to cut costs, reduce spoilage and increase harvest revenue.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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