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-> Argentina - 18/05/2020
Start of exports to Europe for Argentine lemon
The Dutch port of Vlissingen received the first vessel loaded with lemons from Argentina. The cargo is destined for the European market. ... >Read more

-> USA - 15/05/2020
Artificial Intelligence Crop Detection Service is expanding to four U.S. states
Valley Irrigation in partnership with Prospera Technologies announced the expansion of its artificial intelligence-based crop monitoring and detection service ... >Read more

-> Panama - 11/05/2020
Losses are severe for watermelon, melon and pineapple exports
The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are causing significant losses for the agricultural sector in Panama. Production losses and export losses. ... >Read more

-> Canada - 06/05/2020
Canadian talk show series “When Life Give You Lemons” from Sunkist Growers
The company launched virtual talk show with new citrus recipes, at-home activities and featuring special guests... >Read more

-> Brazil - 05/05/2020
Brazilian exports: slight decline overall but some remarkable performances
The coronavirus pandemic has led to a drop in fruit consumption, especially in Europe, reducing the total volume of Brazilian exports. However, some fruits recorded remarkable growth rates (+ 126%).... >Read more

-> Chile - 04/05/2020
Production and export volumes forecast slightly down
In Chile the production of kiwis will be lower than last year. This drop in volume is attributed to the decrease in areas and water shortages that have affected the producing areas.... >Read more

-> Ecuador - 01/05/2020
Ecuador reassures Europe of continued fruit supply
Despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, fresh fruit harvesting, packing and shipping are running safely and efficiently.... >Read more

-> Canada - 29/04/2020
Too many potatoes today, risk shortage tomorrow
The Canadian Potato Council has called for emergency response from the federal Department of Agriculture to protect the sector from surpluses. Surpluses that could lead to a shortage in the long term.... >Read more

-> Uruguay - 28/04/2020
Exports to the United States have revitalized the citrus sector of Uruguay
For the citrus sector of Uruguay, the United States market has grown considerably to become the main market now. The sector expects further growth this year. ... >Read more

-> USA - 28/04/2020
PMA organized virtual roundtable on the grocery/retail sector for Fresh Produce
On April 22, 2020 members of the fresh produce chain connected in virtual roundtables around the most pressing COVID-19 disruptions ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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