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-> Bangladesh - 22/09/2022
Fall of 50% for fresh fruit imports in Bangladesh
Severe decrease in the volume of fresh fruit imports in Bangladesh, following a new regulation concerning these products deemed 'non-essential'.... >Read more

-> China - 21/09/2022
China sends tons of onions to Pakistan
To help people in flood-affected areas in Pakistan, China collected tons of onions and shipped them by road.... >Read more

-> China - 15/09/2022
A new hybrid fruit has been developed in China
A research team from SCAU (South China Agricultural University) has developed a new longan and lychee hybrid fruit.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 14/09/2022
Pakistan seeks to import 13,000 tons of onions
Devastating floods have destroyed thousands of hectares in Pakistan. To curb price inflation, the Pakistani government has issued import permits for 13,000 tons of onions.... >Read more

-> Australia - 08/09/2022
Mango production is compromised due to labor shortages
In Australia, the mango harvest has already started in the Northern Territory region, but this year professionals fear that part of the harvest will be lost due to labor shortages.... >Read more

-> China - 07/09/2022
Cherries: Rise in Chinese production and drop in imports
In China, cherry production will increase, mainly due to an increase in areas which will reach 170,000 hectares for the next 2022/23 campaign. The volume of imported cherries is expected to vary by -6%.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 01/09/2022
Devastating floods affect Pakistan
After the heat wave, the deluge hit Pakistan, of which about 1/3 of the territory is under water. These precipitations are the highest for more than 3 decades and will cause, according to the first estimates, more than 10 billion USD of damage.... >Read more

-> Indonesia - 24/08/2022
Chinese market opens for Indonesian pineapple
Indonesia produced in 2021 about 2.92 million tons of pineapples. Exports generated approximately USD 336 million. Indonesia exported pineapples to United Arab Emirates, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Canada, Kuwait and South Korea. China has just opened its market to Indonesian pineapple.... >Read more

-> India - 28/07/2022
Pineapple may help treat Alzheimer's disease
An enzyme from the pineapple stem may improve symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, according to a recent Indian study.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 07/07/2022
Antifreeze fans to protect crops from frosts and minimize unforeseen costs
The FrostBoss® frost fan is a reliable and efficient solution to keep horticultural crops in their best shape during the winter nights... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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