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-> Turkiye - 28/05/2024
Discover new business opportunities at the Interfresh Eurasia
The 5th edition of the Interfresh Eurasia Fruit is set to take place from September 26 to 28, 2024, in Izmir, Turkey... >Read more

-> India - 20/06/2024
The volume of apples imported into India has risen by 70%.
In India, the consumption of apples continues to grow, with the increase in population and the demand for healthier food. India produces apples, but the infrastructure needed to transport this fruit in good conditions remains limited.... >Read more

-> Korea (South) - 20/06/2024
Korea extends tariff exemption for imported fruits
With this measure, a significant increase in arrivals of Australian oranges is expected. ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 13/06/2024
Kiwis: the 2024 harvest is the biggest ever in New Zealand
Although there are still small volumes to be picked in the orchards, the 2024 harvest is already the largest kiwifruit harvest ever in New Zealand.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 13/06/2024
Durian exports to China continue to perform well
Local media report that Vietnam is consolidating its position as the 2nd largest supplier of durians to the Chinese market, just behind Thailand.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 06/06/2024
Decline in lychee production will impact the dynamism of Vietnamese exports
Exports of fruits and vegetables to Vietnam are buoyant, with an increase of +28.1% in value recorded for the period January to May 2024. ... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 04/06/2024
The value of onion exports exceeds that of orange exports for the 1st time
In Pakistan, oranges are generally the fruit and vegetable category with the highest export record, but this year that record will be held by onions.... >Read more

-> China - 29/05/2024
Chinese lychee production forecast to fall by 45% in volume terms
In China, the extreme weather conditions that hit Guangdong and Guangxi, the 2 leading lychee-producing areas, seriously affected lychee production.... >Read more

-> Australia - 23/05/2024
Critical situation for avocado production in Queensland
In Australia, the oversupply of domestic avocado production is causing fruit prices to plummet, while costs (inputs, freight, labour) are skyrocketing for farmers, who are opting to cut down their trees and grow other crops.... >Read more

-> Australia - 21/05/2024
A complex situation for Australian citrus growers
Faced with the exponential rise in production costs (inputs, labour, energy), the prices offered by supermarket chains and the increasing volumes of imported fruit, many small citrus growers are abandoning this type of crop.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 21/05/2024
Pakistan forecasts a fall in mango exports
In Pakistan, for the 3rd year running, climate change is having a serious impact on mango production, and export volumes are set to fall. ... >Read more ad.

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