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-> Korea (South) - 15/11/2018
A fruit & vegetables diplomacy between South Korea and North Korea
Mandarins of the South to thank the mushroom donation of the North. South Korea has just sent four planes loaded with mandarins to North Korea, which had previously donated mushrooms to South Korea.... >Read more

-> China - 30/10/2018
CHINA FVF, the key event for entering the Chinese market
China International Fruit and Vegetable Fair (CHINA) is more than a trade show, it is the key event for entry into the Chinese market. The only event where companies can meet Chinese government inspectors, get the latest updates of import-export inspection procedures and policies.... >Read more

-> China - 10/10/2018
CHINA FVF, a discreet but large-scale show
The fair can be judged modest in size compared to other shows in the sector but CHINA FVF is a large event. The key platform for entry into the Chinese market. The only event where companies can meet Chinese government inspectors, get the latest updates of import-export inspection procedures and policies. ... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 09/10/2018
Vietnam plans to boost trade with the Middle East
Although trade has increased significantly in recent years, it is still minimal when compared with Vietnam's major trading partners (US, EU, Southeast Asia). The Middle East offers huge opportunities for Vietnamese exports that could quickly increase their market share.... >Read more

-> India - 03/10/2018
India allows fruit to be imported into any port in the country
Import restrictions have been lifted by a DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade) notification which removes earlier directives limiting the receipt of goods to a few ports in the country.... >Read more

-> Australia - 02/10/2018
The vegetables sector is pleased with the trade agreement with Indonesia
AUSVEG, the association of Australian producers of vegetables and potatoes, welcomes the finalization of the Australia-Indonesia Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), saying the agreement will help producers of Australian vegetables wishing to export to this potentially lucrative market. ... >Read more

-> China - 27/09/2018
China: 12 retailers join GLOBALG.A.P
Established by retailers in 6 provinces in China, the CCA (China Ants Alliance) now has 32 member companies from 19 provinces and municipalities. Its members operate more than 1,300 supermarkets serving 10 million customers a day and generating an annual turnover of more than 45 billion CNY (approximately 5.7 billion euros). ... >Read more

-> Hong Kong - 17/09/2018
Successful 2018 edition for Asia Fruit Logistica
Nouveau succès pour le récent salon Asia Fruit Logistica qui confirme sa position de salon majeur pour tous les marchés asiatiques. Avec toujours plus de pavillons nationaux, d'exposants et de visiteurs... >Read more

-> China - 07/09/2018
En direct de Hong Kong : A pineapple vending machine at GOODFARMER stand
At the GOODFARMER FOODS (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. stand (Hall 3c / M01) a pineapple vending machine is a real eye-catcher. High-performance device, it peels and cuts a pineapple in 20 seconds!... >Read more

-> China - 06/09/2018
Live from Hong Kong: 3 new after-sales service branches in China for MAF RODA
The French company MAF RODA, which is one of the world leaders for sorting machines, has been operating in Asia for about twenty years. Naturally, MAF RODA participates in Asia Fruit Logistica Hall 5 Stand Q17 to present new technologies...... >Read more ad. ad.

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