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-> Viet Nam - 18/09/2020
Vietnamese exports to EU grow with entry into force of EVFTA agreement
EVFTA, the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam, allows a reduction in customs duties for many Vietnamese agricultural products. A month after the entry into force of this agreement, Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exports are on the rise.... >Read more

-> India - 15/09/2020
Australian market opens to Indian pomegranates
Already importing Indian fruits, Australia has just concluded an import protocol with India for fresh pomegranates. ... >Read more

-> Cambodia - 14/09/2020
External assistance to set up wholesale markets
In order to open up new markets for local farmers, Cambodia wishes to set up wholesale markets for national agricultural products. To carry out this project, Cambodia asked for external assistance.... >Read more

-> Malaysia - 11/09/2020
DHL launches Durian Express to export durians to Hong Kong and Singapore
In Malaysia, DHL Express has launched a new service for professionals in the durian sector to facilitate their exports. Called Durian Express, this new service ensures delivery in less than 24 hours.... >Read more

-> China - 10/09/2020
Resumption of activities for the Beijing wholesale market
In Beijing, Xinfandi, the largest wholesale vegetable market, which had been temporarily closed due to a resurgence of the COVID-19 epidemic has reopened and is expected to fully resume its supply capacity before the next national holiday, beginning of October.... >Read more

-> Mongolia - 02/09/2020
Growing potato production in Mongolia
Mongolia, according to the Minister of Food and Agriculture, expects increased potato production. Which will secure its domestic demand.... >Read more

-> Japan - 01/09/2020
Record volume for fresh fruit imports
In Japan, imports of fresh fruit during the first half of the year reached a record volume. An increase of 3% compared to the previous year. ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 01/09/2020
NZ's Fruit & Vegetables Initiative for children in low-decile schools acknowledged globally
Fruits and Vegetables in Schools (FIS) has been selected for inclusion in a report for the FAO and the WHO... >Read more

-> Australia - 31/08/2020
Restart of Pacific worker program to help Australia with the 2020-21 harvest
Australian government announced about the restart of the Seasonal Worker Program and the Pacific Labor Scheme to solve the workforce challenges ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 31/08/2020
Compac's UltraView inspection module awarded NZ Hi-Tech Award
The annual NZ Hi-Tech Awards has celebrated excellence within New Zealand’s hi-tech industry. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad.

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