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-> New Zealand - 03/02/2023
Apples: 2023 New Zealand export volumes will be similar to last year
In New Zealand the 2023 harvest season is approaching and professionals in the sector expect good quality and good size fruit.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 02/02/2023
The Philippines has lost its place as No. 2 in the world ranking of banana exporters
For several years, the Philippines had been firmly established in 2nd place in the world ranking in volume of banana exports, behind Ecuador, the permanent leader. But according to a recent report, the Philippines has just been overtaken and now occupies 3rd place.... >Read more

-> Australia - 01/02/2023
Australia sets target to export 40% of its cherry production by 2025
For the 2020/21 season only 23% of Australian cherry production had been exported, the sector is setting itself the ambitious target of reaching 40% of national production exported by 2025.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 26/01/2023
Mixed results in 2022 for fruits and vegetables in Vietnam
The year 2022 will not be considered a great vintage for fruits and vegetables in Vietnam, with a negative variation for exports and a positive variation for imports.... >Read more

-> India - 26/01/2023
Producers demand 100% taxation of imported apples
In India, in the state of Himachal Pradesh the apple production sector is a major economic sector, estimated at around 60 billion INR (734.4 million USD).... >Read more

-> Nepal - 19/01/2023
Indian demand boosts Nepalese cabbage exports
In recent years, Nepal has seen a certain slowdown in its exports, except for cabbage, which in 5 months has recorded better results than the whole of the previous year.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 19/01/2023
Optimism for this cherry export campaign
Asian demand has New Zealand cherry growers optimistic for this export season... >Read more

-> China - 16/01/2023
Symbolic fruits and vegetables for the New Year of the Chinese calendar
The New Year celebrations of the Chinese calendar last a fortnight, from New Year's Eve (Saturday January 21, 2023) until the Lantern Festival (Thursday February 9, 2023) which closes the festivities. This year will be the Year of the Rabbit.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 13/01/2023
Philippines to import 21,060 tons of onions to stem soaring prices.
To fill the local produce supply gap and stop soaring prices on the domestic market, the Philippines will import fresh, yellow and red onions.... >Read more

-> Australia - 12/01/2023
Shortage of potatoes and fries
The cold and wet weather that has been recorded in eastern Australia has affected potato production causing delays in planting and preparation.... >Read more ad.

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