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-> Taiwan R.O.C. - 23/07/2021
Taiwanese bananas to be served to Olympic Games athletes
For the first time, Taiwanese bananas have been chosen by the Olympic Committee as one of the fruits that will be served to athletes during the Games.... >Read more

-> China - 21/07/2021
Rising production eases container shortage in China
In China, according to the transport ministry, the shortage of empty containers has worsened thanks to manufacturers who have increased their production capacity.... >Read more

-> India - 15/07/2021
First shipment of Indian dragon fruit off to Dubai
The fruit was grown by two farmers from district Sangli, government of Maharashtra... >Read more

-> China - 12/07/2021
New impetus for Chinese farmers selling directly to urban consumers
In China, more and more farmers are using videos and live broadcasts to sell their products to urban consumers. According to a recent estimate, more than 100,000 farmers broadcast 2.52 million sessions on Taobao Live.... >Read more

-> India - 12/07/2021
Climate change and COVID impact the mango sector
In India, mango production is declining due to the effects of climate change and industry professionals see the situation worsening with internal isolation, transport problems and import restrictions to certain destinations.... >Read more

-> India - 08/07/2021
9% drop in revenues from exported Indian onions
In India, the ban on exporting onions for 4 months and the drop in demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic, caused a drop in revenue from exported onions. The 2020-21 financial year recorded a drop in value of 9% and the lowest level reached in 6 years.... >Read more

-> Philippines - 08/07/2021
Philippines retains its place in the global banana market
Despite 2020 marked by low production and logistical problems, the Philippines maintained its position as the world's 2nd largest exporter of bananas.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 05/07/2021
New perspective on Gold3 kiwifruit plantations in China
The spread of Zespri's unlicensed Gold3 kiwifruit plantations in China threatens a major export source for New Zealand growers. After several attempts to agree on some 5,400 hectares of unlicensed kiwifruit in China, Zespri decided to work with the New Zealand and Chinese sectors on an alternative approach to these unlicensed plantings ... >Read more

-> Australia - 24/06/2021
Australian grape volumes exported to South Korea expected to increase
En Corée du Sud la réglementation est simplifiée pour l'importation des raisins australiens. Cet assouplissement devrait permettre à l'Australie, 3ème fournisseur de raisin de table de la Corée du Sud, d'accroitre encore ses volumes... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 23/06/2021
Bountiful harvests help boost exports
This year the harvests are abundant in Pakistan; which will stimulate the national economy by making it possible to increase exports for certain products and to decrease imports for other products.... >Read more ad.

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