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-> Viet Nam - 25/02/2019
US entry approval for Vietnamese mangoes
After 10 years of negotiations Vietnamese mangoes will be able to enter the United States market.... >Read more

-> Japan - 18/02/2019
Assistance needed to find seeds company
Does anyone knows name of Seeds company that produces the following Japanese strawberry varieties: skyberry, benni-hoppe, aiberry, shiroi houseki, kokota, toukun, hatsukoi no kaori....... >Read more

-> China - 14/02/2019
How Should Imported Fruits Enter China ?
Taking Pingxiang Port as Example. As people's living standard is growing better and better, imported fruits gain the popularity among people, especially tropical fruits in Southeast Asia. However, to get into China, the tropical fruits are obliged to go through the customs of Pingxiang Port, the largest land fruit import and export port in China.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 05/02/2019
Volume up for 2019 apple / pear harvest
In New Zealand, the 2019 the apple/pear harvest estimate has just been announced. The total forecast is up by 2.5% from 2018 production.... >Read more

-> China - 24/01/2019
Change of date and place for INTERPOMA 2019
After its first 2 editions in Weihai (Shandong), Interpoma China will be held for its next edition in Shanghai in April. ... >Read more

-> Japan - 14/01/2019
A project between Japan and Australia will experience fruit production all year round
With the objective of developing high-end products for export taking advantage of the seasonal difference between Japan and Australia. For example, farmers in one country will be able to monitor farms in the other country in real time through video and instruct staff on the spot.... >Read more

-> India - 31/12/2018
The grape exports season has already begun
Usually in the state of Maharashtra the grapes export season starts in early January but this year exports started much earlier.... >Read more

-> Korea (South) - 18/12/2018
Apple production in decrease
In South Korea, poor weather conditions during the flowering and fruiting seasons led to a decline in apple production. The decrease is estimated at 14%. ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 18/12/2018
Packaging flexibility is taken to the next level with new filling system
BBC Technologies, part of TOMRA Food and one of the global leaders in turnkey solutions for sorting, packing and optimizing small fruit, extends its industry-defining CURO filling system range with the new CURO-2 compact system for fruits under 40 mm diameter... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 13/12/2018
Export earnings will increase by 12%
In New Zealand exports of the sector are expected to reach a record level in the next year according to the Minister of Agriculture. Export earnings are expected to increase by 3.8% for the sector as a whole and by 12% for the horticulture sector alone.... >Read more ad. ad.

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