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-> Pakistan - 31/10/2023
Improved bilateral trade thanks to a direct shipping service
Pakistani exports can now reach Russia in 19 to 24 days thanks to a direct shipping service. ... >Read more

-> Tajikistan - 25/10/2023
Tajikistan plans to increase fresh fruit exports
In 2022, Tajikistan exported agricultural products worth USD 249 million (USD 195 million for cotton lint and USD 54 million for fruit and vegetables).... >Read more

-> Australia - 25/10/2023
Grapes: Production and exports forecast to rise in Australia
Forecasts are positive for Australian table grape production and exports in the 2023/24 season.... >Read more

-> India - 19/10/2023
Indian onion prices still on the rise
To mitigate rising prices and increase the volume of onions available on the domestic market, India had imposed high taxes (40%) on onion exports. But 2 months after this decision, prices are still rising. ... >Read more

-> Australia - 03/10/2023
Downward spiral for the price of avocados in Australia
Avocado lovers in Australia are celebrating. Retail prices continue to fall, as a result of a growing increase in domestic production.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 26/09/2023
Another strong performance (+57.5%) for Vietnamese exports
Vietnamese fruit and vegetable exports set a new record in the first 8 months of 2023 ... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 26/09/2023
End of kiwi shipments to New Zealand
Some of the last volumes of the 2023 kiwifruit season have left the port of Tauranga, bound for Tokyo and Kobe in Japan and then South Korea.... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 21/09/2023
Harvest is more plentiful but prices are soaring
In Bangladesh, according to government data, the potato harvest has reached a record volume, but retail prices have risen.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 19/09/2023
Another complicated year for kiwifruit production in New Zealand
In New Zealand, kiwifruit growers are facing a difficult year which has seen a number of unfavourable factors ... >Read more

-> Tajikistan - 19/09/2023
Shortage of grapes and soaring prices in Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
Last January, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan suffered a severe cold snap (down to -22°C) which caused considerable damage to table grape production.... >Read more ad. ad.

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