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-> Philippines - 11/11/2022
Philippines approves genetically modified eggplant cultivation
The Philippines obtained official regulatory approval for the commercial cultivation of genetically modified eggplant, becoming the second country after Bangladesh to validate the splicing of a pest-resistant gene taken from the Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) bacterium into the said vegetable... >Read more

-> Nepal - 10/11/2022
Nepal continues to import fruits massively
In Nepal the growth of fruit production is slow but the demand for fruit is growing, so the country continues to import massively.... >Read more

-> Australia - 10/11/2022
Australia to import apples from the United States
After about 20 years of negotiations, Australia has given the go-ahead for the import of fresh American apples from the states of Washington, Idaho and Oregon.... >Read more

-> Australia - 09/11/2022
Mangoes are now flying to South Korea
In Australia, the Northern Territory region is the region with the largest mango production in the country.... >Read more

-> Thailand - 03/11/2022
The 15th edition of ASIA FRUIT LOGISTICA has opened its doors
The show runs until November 4 at the QSNCC (Queen Sirikit National Convention Center) in Bangkok, Thailand.... >Read more

-> India - 27/10/2022
India has doubled the volume of its fresh fruit imports
According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, India imported a record volume of fresh fruits which represented an increase of +100.57% compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> Australia - 19/10/2022
A shortage of pineapples is anticipated for 2023
In Australia, the Queensland region produces many fruits including pineapple, but after a wet and cold winter, pineapple producers expect a drop in the volumes produced and anticipate a shortage from 2023.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 17/10/2022
Frost has decimated New Zealand crops
Fruit growers are assessing the damage caused by the frosts of the 1st week of October.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 28/09/2022
In Vietnam, fruit and vegetable imports increased by +28.8% in value
Producer and exporter of fruits and vegetables, Vietnam recorded a strong increase in the value of its imports of fresh products this year.... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 22/09/2022
Fall of 50% for fresh fruit imports in Bangladesh
Severe decrease in the volume of fresh fruit imports in Bangladesh, following a new regulation concerning these products deemed 'non-essential'.... >Read more ad.

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