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-> Australia - 18/05/2022
Disappearance of the father of the Pink Lady® apple
John Cripps, the Anglo-Australian horticulturist who introduced consumers around the world to the Pink Lady® apple, has passed away. The Pink Lady® variety was the culmination of 25 years of research.... >Read more

-> Cambodia - 13/05/2022
The year 2022 has started well for Cambodia's agricultural exports
For the whole of 2021 Cambodia had exported 7.9 million tonnes of agricultural products, for the first 4 months of 2022 the exported volume has already reached 4 million tonnes.... >Read more

-> Viet Nam - 11/05/2022
Vietnam has launched a project to boost its exports to Europe
In 2021, Vietnamese exports of fruits and vegetables to European markets increased by +17.4% in value and represented an 8.5% share in the country's total export value. In Europe, consumer demand remains solid and allows us to predict a further increase in Vietnamese exports this year.... >Read more

-> Australia - 10/05/2022
Australian growers are forced to throw away avocados
In Australia, as in many other countries, food prices are rising. But this year is a surplus year for avocado production and Australian growers are being forced to throw away avocados to avoid a further drop in prices.... >Read more

-> India - 06/05/2022
Hot weather affected cherry production
In India, the state of Himachal Pradesh is located in the north of the country and west of the Himalayas. This year, the recent exceptional heat wave should affect the production of cherries grown at medium and high altitudes.... >Read more

-> Bangladesh - 06/05/2022
A new airport to increase the country's vegetable exports
A new airport is being built to export vegetables produced in Bangladesh which are in high demand abroad, especially in Europe.... >Read more

-> China - 29/04/2022
Activity has resumed and the return to normal will be rapid for the port of Shanghai
Since the end of March, due to a wave of COVID-19, the port of Shanghai has experienced major disruptions. But the situation is improving and a quick return to normal is expected.... >Read more

-> China - 28/04/2022
Urgent! Avocado Hass for Sale for Chinese market
Hot sale: 1 container Avocado Hass - origin Peru- arrival in Shanghai on Friday 29th April for immediate sale ... >Read more

-> India - 27/04/2022
Exceptional heat wave over India and Pakistan
This early spring is likely to be one of the warmest periods on record in South Asia. In India and Pakistan, an unprecedented heat wave is causing very high temperatures which could reach 50°C in the coming days.... >Read more

-> India - 27/04/2022
FIS 2022, the essential event to develop your activities in India
FIS (Fresh India Show) 2022 aims to be the ideal platform to learn, see and explore the Indian market, seize development opportunities or strengthen its activities. In India, per capita consumption of different fruits and vegetables has increased by 15-25%, import and demand for fresh, frozen, cut, packaged produce has also increased. Indian growers are buying more material to meet growing demand.... >Read more ad. ad.

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