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-> Philippines - 09/03/2022
The Phillipines want to increase their onion production
Onion production in the Philippines fell by 11,000 tons last year. To develop and support national production, the government has decided to provide aid to the sector.... >Read more

-> Taiwan R.O.C. - 03/03/2022
In Taiwan, pineapple exports are growing thanks to Japanese demand
Annual pineapple exports could reach 30,000 tons by the end of the year. The majority of this volume being intended for Japan.... >Read more

-> Australia - 25/02/2022
Australians are buying fewer bananas
In Australia, the health crisis has resulted in many changes in purchasing and consumption habits. Australians have reduced their purchases of bananas.... >Read more

-> India - 24/02/2022
Very satisfactory results for Indian exports of organic products which have an ambitious objective for the years to come
Despite the negative effects of the pandemic, India managed to increase its export volume of organic products by +51%. The objective is to achieve a 10% export share in the global fruit and vegetable market.... >Read more

-> China - 23/02/2022
Shelf life-extending solution for grapes to guarantee safe transportation
Debbie Wang assures that their product enables grape producers and exporters to send fresh grapes to long distance markets without compromising quality... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 21/02/2022
The 2022 season could be another record year for kiwifruit production
In New Zealand, the 2022 kiwi harvest has just started in the Te Puke region. Forecasts indicate a higher harvest volume than the previous season.... >Read more

-> Pakistan - 21/02/2022
Pakistan plans to quadruple banana production
Promising results for the new banana varieties resulting from the research program. Varieties that will target the international market for export.... >Read more

-> China - 17/02/2022
More than 800 warehouses to monitor imported products
All imported food will be tested and then, after examination, allowed to enter the Chinese market. These warehouses will allow problems to be quickly detected and identified... >Read more

-> Japan - 16/02/2022
China is now the number one destination for Japanese exports
According to the Japanese government, exports of food, agricultural, forestry and marine products to mainland China grew by +35.2% during the year. China is ahead of Hong Kong and the United States.... >Read more

-> New Zealand - 15/02/2022
Good harvest expected but 2022 will not be a normal year
New Zealand's apple and pear crop is estimated to be in line with forecasts, but growers across the country are concerned about how much of the 2022 crop can be picked, packed and shipped.... >Read more ad. ad.

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