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-> Germany - 02/02/2023
Sales of fresh fruit and vegetables fell in Germany
According to official data, in 2022 compared to 2021 consumer prices recorded an increase of +13.4% for all food products, an increase of +10.7% for vegetables and an increase of + 3% for fruit... >Read more

-> Greece - 01/02/2023
A 3-fold increase in the volume of kiwis exported is now planned
The kiwi is the 1st export product, in the Fruits & Vegetables category, in terms of value for Greece. The country has now become, after New Zealand and Italy, the 3rd world exporter of kiwis.... >Read more

-> France - 01/02/2023
Carrots: Variation of -20% for the volume of French production
According to official estimates, the 2022/23 production of carrots for the fresh market should fall sharply, mainly due to unfavorable weather conditions and the reduction in surface area.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 01/02/2023
Tosca welcomes new EMEA President
Tosca is one of the world leaders in reusable plastic packaging and performance pooling solutions, aimed at boosting output and eliminating food, labor, and transportation waste. Their robust portfolio of pooled, IoT-enabled reusable plastic assets includes crates, pallets, bulk containers, and more... >Read more

-> Belgium - 27/01/2023
Record participation of Belgian exhibitors at Fruit Logistica 2023
At Fruit Logistica 2023 (February 8-10), a vast 660m2 stand will bring together Belgian companies from the fruit, vegetable, potato and fruit tree sectors... >Read more

-> Germany - 27/01/2023
Don Limón to participate in the largest trade shows of the U.S. and Europe in 2023
The history of Don Limón dates back to 1952, when it all started from the fruit stand in Hamburg, Germany, which until nowadays has evolved to a large fruit business... >Read more

-> France - 26/01/2023
PHILIBON will be present at Fruit Logistica 2023
After a period of absence, PHILIBON returns to exhibit at Fruit Logistica... >Read more

-> England - 25/01/2023
Potatoes: Declining production will lead to higher prices
In the UK, summer drought and soaring production costs caused a decline in potato acreage and a reduced harvest. The year 2023 should see a further reduction in surface areas.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 23/01/2023
Citrus companies around the world benefit from TOMRA sorting and grading solutions
TOMRA Food will participate in Fruit Logisitica Berlin (8-10 Feb)... >Read more

-> France - 18/01/2023
Noix de Grenoble AOP will be present at Fruit Logistica for the first time
Participation as an exhibitor at the Fruit Logistica exhibition for the Walnut of Grenoble AOP (Protected Designation of Origin) whose production volume reaches 13,000 tonnes each year, approximately 53% is intended for export, mainly to countries of the European Union.... >Read more ad.

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