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-> France - 18/02/2020
More qualitative and more targeted exchanges for Saint-Charles Export at Fruit Logistica
If the drop in visitors, marked mainly by fears related to Coronavirus; was noted, the quality of the exchanges and meetings was unanimously recognized. This edition was very active and allowed more qualitative, more targeted and more in-depth exchanges than usual. ... >Read more

-> Portugal - 17/02/2020
The value of Portuguese exports increased by 105%
According to Portugal Fresh (Associação para a Promoção de Frutas, Legumes e Flores de Portugal) national exports of fruit and vegetables increased by 105% between 2010 and 2019.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 17/02/2020
Bel’Export showcased its range of fruits and new packaging at Fruit Logistica
What started as a small fruit company in the heart of Haspengouw in Belgium has grown into...... >Read more

-> Spain - 13/02/2020
The Spanish market has great growth potential for yellow fleshed kiwi
The Italian company Jingold® has decided to stimulate the consumption of one of its flagship products in Spain: the yellow fleshed kiwi Jingold®. This variety still has great growth potential in the Spanish market, according to the company.... >Read more

-> Italy - 07/02/2020
Live from Fruit Logistica: 2019? 12 months of work and 12 months of results for UNITEC technologies users
UNITEC technologies have generated significant results for fruit and vegetable plants around the world. 2019 could be summed up as "12 months of work, 12 months of results". Fruit Logistica 2020 is an opportunity for the UNITEC Group to take stock of the results that last year its technologies guaranteed to fruit and vegetable plants around the world. ... >Read more

-> Germany - 07/02/2020
Live from Fruit Logistica : GLOBALG.A.P. Announces World Consultation Tour
For GLOBALG.A.P., 2020 is the year of major revisions to its flagship Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) standard. A world-wide series of outreach events called the World Consultation Tour will gather input and feedback for the new version from farming communities in several countries... >Read more

-> England - 06/02/2020
Live from Fruit Logistica: Innovation, performance and sustainability, the winning trio at Sinclair
Sustainability is a subject that is growing in all sectors of the industry. Sinclair, a label manufacturing specialist, has successfully combined innovation, performance and durability. One of its products, Sinclair EcoLabel® is nominated for FLIA 2020.... >Read more

-> Italy - 06/02/2020
Live from Fruit Logistica: Record of Italian exhibitors for this 2020 edition
New record for Italian participation in the show, the huge area "Italy- The beauty of Quality" in Hall 2.2 welcomes more than 50 companies from all over Italy this year.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 05/02/2020
Live from Fruit Logistica: 11% higher efficiency with Fluence by OSRAM lighting solutions
The first results of a culture trial, using the full spectrum LED lighting solutions offered by Fluence by OSRAM, have just demonstrated an 11% higher efficiency compared to the old high-pressure sodium greenhouse luminaires (high-pressure sodium / HPS).... >Read more

-> Austria - 04/02/2020
PESSL INSTRUMENTS monitoring systems increase yields and income
For more than 30 years, Pessl Instruments has been providing decision support tools. The full range of monitoring systems under the iMETOS® brand and an online FieldClimate platform are applicable in all climatic zones. With these innovative technologies, farmers are rethinking the management of their farms, increasing their yields and incomes by carefully monitoring and optimizing their inputs.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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