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-> Germany - 19/07/2024
Reusable packaging expert opens state-of-the-art service centre in Ingolstadt, Germany
This facility, equipped with solar panels for sustainable energy and advanced technology, is designed to support Germany‚Äôs largest retailers with efficient, data-driven services... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 18/07/2024
Dutch onion exports down by 7%
In the Netherlands, the 2023-24 onion export season is far from satisfactory, with results below those of the 2022-23 and 2021-22 campaigns.... >Read more

-> Denmark - 17/07/2024
RETAIL: Coop Trading the entry door to 4,300 Nordic stores
Interview with Anders Lind, Nordic Sourcing Group Manager of Coop Trading, the buying organisation of +4300 Nordic supermarkets.... >Read more

-> Spain - 17/07/2024
Castilla y León has begun the early potato harvest
This campaign has a slight delay of five to six days due to the rains and low temperatures in spring that postponed sowing.... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/07/2024
How is the fruit season developing in Spain?
In Spain, moderate temperatures have favored the production of melon, watermelon, pear and apple, although consumption has been low... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/07/2024
Significant crop losses in Lleida due to hail storm
The storm affected pear, peach and nectarine crops... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/07/2024
Spain imports more fruits and vegetables
Upward trend follows the pattern of recent years... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/07/2024
Spanish organic pistachio producer chooses the TOMRA 5C and improves productivity by 5%.
The Agri-Food Cooperative "SAT del Campo", dedicated to the cultivation of high quality organic pistachio nuts, relies on TOMRA Food sorting solutions. The TOMRA 5C allows it to adapt flexibly and quickly to the changing demands of its customers, to ensure the quality standards required by European markets and to optimize its results.... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/07/2024
Spaniards are consuming less fresh vegetables
In 2023, fresh vegetable consumption in Spanish households has decreased by 2.6%.... >Read more

-> Greece - 15/07/2024
Oriental fruit fly identified in Greece
Attacks a variety of crops such as citrus, peaches, pears, tomatoes and mangoes.... >Read more ad.

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