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-> France - 22/03/2019
The Best Eating Fortnight, the new event of Réseau Provence Dauphiné
With its latest events (Mission terroir, Producers' week and the sunny island with more than 300 events), the Provence Dauphiné network offers a new highlight: the "Quinzaine du mieux manger". ... >Read more

-> Spain - 21/03/2019
Strawberries: Spain-France-Italy contact group analyzed the campaign
The contact group, made up of representatives of Spanish, French and Italian producers, met in the Italian town of Parete (Caserta, Campania) to review data from past campaigns, evaluate the current campaign and analyze the state of play and progress in joint work in the phytosanitary field.... >Read more

-> France - 20/03/2019
1st day of spring and day of happiness in the island of Ré
On this first day of spring the Rebelle d'Ars en Ré company has just made its first harvest of new potatoes.... >Read more

-> France - 19/03/2019
The Rungis Market broke the world record of the Biggest Table
For the 50th anniversary of its installation in Rungis, the Market has just broken a world record, that of the biggest table with 401,022 meters!... >Read more

-> Germany - 19/03/2019
Stable volumes for mushroom production
In Germany the 2018 production of mushrooms remained almost stable compared to the volume produced the previous year according to data from the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis). ... >Read more

-> Spain - 18/03/2019
The International Artichoke Symposium
This is the most important scientific event dedicated to vegetables, which has just been held in Orihuela (Spain) and brought together 120 scientists from 12 countries: International Symposium on Artichoke, Cardoon and their Wild Relatives.... >Read more

-> France - 15/03/2019
UGPBAN offers a new product: 'Child' banana
The diversification of the offer is an important vector to enhance the value of the product, and after the 'Equitable' (fair trade) banana launched last year, UGPBAN (Union of Groupings of Banana Producers of Guadeloupe and Martinique) launches 'Child' banana. ... >Read more

-> France - 14/03/2019
FEL'INNOV Challenge at the MEDFEL fair, to promote and elect the most innovative solutions in the industry
The FEL'INNOV Challenge is created by MEDFEL and aims to place innovation at the heart of the fruit & vegetables sector and to promote the meeting between the supply of innovative solutions and demand.... >Read more

-> France - 13/03/2019
An innovative approach for the monitoring of the palox presented by BARBARIE
Une approche innovante de la traçabilité présentée par Barbarie, permet d’apporter des solutions clé-en-main aux entreprises de production et logistique de fruits et légumes et de les aider à faire des économies...... >Read more

-> Italy - 13/03/2019
Macfrut 2019 looks to the development of sub-Saharan Africa
The international training program "Lab Innova - Sub-Saharan Africa", promoted by Agence ICE, in collaboration with Macfrut, AICS Agency and other territorial partners were presenting during the "Macfrut 2019: Africa under the spotlight" meeting.... >Read more ad.

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