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-> Belgium - 01/04/2020
EUROPATAT 2020 congress is canceled
With the COVID-19 coranavirus pandemic affecting Europe, the 2020 edition of the Europatat Congress which was to take place in Brussels (Belgium) is canceled.... >Read more

-> France - 01/04/2020
Rungis launched an online sales website for individuals
The Rungis market is operating normally and is not subject to any restrictions. To supply the inhabitants of the Paris region with fresh produce, the Rungis market has launched an online delivery platform.... >Read more

-> France - 31/03/2020
BRATIGNY, wholesaler subsidiary of the OMER-DECUGIS GROUP, has delivered bananas to hospitals
Bratigny, wholesaler subsidiary of the Omer-Decugis Group, in partnership with RMD Transports, a company specializing in the unbundled transport of goods on the Paris-Rungis International Market, has delivered 2 tonnes of bananas to the Créteil and Villeneuve Saint-Georges hospitals. ... >Read more

-> Belgium - 30/03/2020
AREFLH calls on the European Commission to put in place exceptional measures
Gathered by videoconference, the representatives of the Regions and Producer Organizations members of the AREFLH have drawn up a joint document to be sent to the European Commission to request the implementation of support measures for European fruit and vegetable producers.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 27/03/2020
Fresh Produce Instruments has found a solution for European ripeners
For European ripeners and quality control managers involved in ethylene management in ripening rooms, Fresh Produce Instruments has found the solution...... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 27/03/2020
INTERPERA is postponed to June 2021
The conditions imposed by European governments in connection with the COVID-19 coranavirus pandemic, as well as the desire to preserve the participants of Interpera 2020 led the organizers to postpone the event.... >Read more

-> Germany - 27/03/2020
Germany no longer allows entry of foreign seasonal workers
As part of border controls to combat the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, the Interior Ministry announced that seasonal workers will no longer be allowed to enter Germany.... >Read more

-> Spain - 26/03/2020
The Exhibition Center now houses a hospital
Given the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, it was decided to set up a field hospital in the Madrid exhibition center. This hospital will be the largest hospital in the country, with a capacity of 1,300 beds that can be increased to 5,500 places.... >Read more

-> Spain - 26/03/2020
The Santiago Apóstol de Tomelloso cooperative joins Anecoop as a new member!
The cooperative based in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real), specialized mainly in the production of melons and watermelons, joins the second-degree cooperative Anecoop, after several years of close commercial collaboration.... >Read more

-> Spain - 26/03/2020
HaciendasBio has exported 22.000 tons of ecologic fruit and vegetables to the German market in 2019
Last year the company has earmarked 50% of its production to Germany. Some of the products demanded were vegetables (mainly pepper), stone fruits such as nectarine or plum, watermelons or grapes. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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