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-> Germany - 18/05/2022
New visual identity for the Fruit Logistica and Asia Fruit Logistica trade shows
Each of the shows receives a new logo that visually unites the 2 shows, introducing a common corporate design and thus establishing a new strong umbrella brand.... >Read more

-> Ireland (Rep.) - 16/05/2022
Dublin will welcome more than 800 delegates for the next WPC (World Potato Congress)
Initially scheduled for 2021 and postponed due to the pandemic, the WPC (World Potato Congress) and Europatat Congress will take place within a few days in Dublin (Ireland).... >Read more

-> Spain - 16/05/2022
Murcian citrus growers insist on better controls on imports from Argentina and South Africa
According to Alfonso Gálvez Caravaca, General Secretary of ASAJA Murcia, the European Commission, the Ministry of Agriculture and the regional authorities are responsible for the safety of plant health throughout the territory of the European Union... >Read more

-> Italy - 16/05/2022
Italian premium quality grapes available for purchase throughout Europe
Agricoper di Gianni Liturri is a grape producing business which was created in 1938 and today is runned by the 3rd generation... >Read more

-> France - 13/05/2022
Cherries: 2022 production will return to its average level
In 2021, the catastrophic episodes of frost had resulted in a historically low harvest volume. In 2022, according to initial estimates, French cherry production will return to its 2017-2020 average level.... >Read more

-> France - 12/05/2022
The medFEL show continues in digital format with an appointment on May 24
In addition to the face-to-face event which took place at the end of April in Perpignan (France), the medFEL exhibition continues in digital format with an appointment on Tuesday May 24 for the 'European Peach & Nectarine harvest forecasts'.... >Read more

-> Italy - 10/05/2022
Growers from Sardinia offer premium seedless melons and watermelons
OP Agricola Campidanese is a growers organization based in Sardinia in Italy, formed by around 30 growers, whose average annual production volume reaches 20.000 tons... >Read more

-> Spain - 10/05/2022
A life dedicated to perfection to satisfy the consumer
In January 2022, we said goodbye to one of the most creative people in the global fruit and vegetable sector, Arsène Maillard, whose work as a breeder and editor of plant varieties remains with us as a valuable legacy.... >Read more

-> France - 09/05/2022
A very successful 2022 edition for the medFEL show
The results are very satisfactory for this 2022 edition of the medFEL show: a large number of visitors and 200 exhibitors present. This edition was the occasion for numerous business meetings and made it possible to highlight innovative products/services and to present the sectors of the future, but also to discuss the new challenges to which the sector must respond.... >Read more

-> Italy - 06/05/2022
UNITEC celebrates the installation of its 1000th sorting machine in Italy
Since its beginnings in 1924, the company has installed 6,500 sorting lines, dedicated to more than 45 types of fruit and 100% made in UNITEC - at the headquarters in Lugo, Emilia-Romagna - at customers located in more than 65 countries on 5 continents. UNITEC celebrates the installation in Italy of its 1000th quality sorting and selection machine.... >Read more ad. ad.

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