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-> France - 25/09/2019
The natural controlled atmosphere Janny MT continues to expand its range
The Janny MT storage modules, renowned for their ability to create a naturally controlled atmosphere, and to minimize weight loss in storage, have a functioning that is well mastered for a range of 10 fruits, 18 vegetables, 3 cut flowers , and also for mushrooms such as chanterelle.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 25/09/2019
EU to suspend support for banana sector in Africa
After 31 December 2019, EU support to the banana sector in Africa will not be extended, according to statements by an EU representative.... >Read more

-> France - 25/09/2019
Saica Pack, a full range of corrugated packaging solutions for Fruits & Vegetables
In a context of changing consumer expectations towards a reduction or even abandonment of plastic, SAICA PACK offers corrugated packaging solutions for Fruits & Vegetables. Present at Fruit Attraction (stand 7D13), Saica Fresh Pack (Saica Pack Fruits & Vegetables) will be pleased to present this new range... >Read more

-> Germany - 24/09/2019
German exporter shares apples forecast
Some European countries are expecting to have less apples 2019/2020 season, others forecast...... >Read more

-> Ireland (Rep.) - 24/09/2019
Brexit could bring new opportunities
Irish professionals believe that the future Brexit could bring new opportunities to the agricultural sector. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 23/09/2019
3rd edition of the World Fresh Forum at Fruit Attraction 2019
Fruit Attraction will host, for the 3rd consecutive year, the World Fresh Forum which presents the existing business opportunities in the countries invited to this edition: Singapore, India and China.... >Read more

-> Spain - 19/09/2019
Bad weather in Spain, damage is important
Strong storms and heavy rains resulting in severe floods have affected several producing regions in Spain. The damage is significant and still difficult to accurately assess.... >Read more

-> France - 18/09/2019
Tech & Bio 2019, the key trade show for organic farming
Once again, more than 350 exhibitors and 19,000 visitors will gather to participate in the 7th edition of Tech & Bio, the international agricultural exhibition of organic and alternative techniques, on September 18 and 19 in Bourg-les-Valence (Drôme, France). ... >Read more

-> Italy - 17/09/2019
Balanced, non-excessive and good quality production for the kiwifruit of the northern hemisphere
The International Kiwi Organization (IKO) Convention held in Turin (Italy) gave an overview of the sector. Harvesting forecasts and favorable market, many elements raise optimism.... >Read more

-> Italy - 16/09/2019
Presentation of the 37th edition of MACFRUT
Many new features are planned for this MACFRUT 2020 show: the show will open from Tuesday (5 May) to Thursday (7 May), new conferences and events, focus on new markets and in particular on the road to Marco Polo. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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