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-> Netherlands (the) - 05/02/2020
Live from Fruit Logistica: 11% higher efficiency with Fluence by OSRAM lighting solutions
The first results of a culture trial, using the full spectrum LED lighting solutions offered by Fluence by OSRAM, have just demonstrated an 11% higher efficiency compared to the old high-pressure sodium greenhouse luminaires (high-pressure sodium / HPS).... >Read more

-> Austria - 04/02/2020
PESSL INSTRUMENTS monitoring systems increase yields and income
For more than 30 years, Pessl Instruments has been providing decision support tools. The full range of monitoring systems under the iMETOS® brand and an online FieldClimate platform are applicable in all climatic zones. With these innovative technologies, farmers are rethinking the management of their farms, increasing their yields and incomes by carefully monitoring and optimizing their inputs.... >Read more

-> France - 04/02/2020
CAPEXO presents 2 major innovations in Exotic Fruit and Vegetable packaging and labelling
In the exotic fruit and vegetable sector, plastic packaging is a pressing issue that raises the challenge of developing eco-friendly solutions from the packaging to the labelling whilst maintaining the quality and traceability of fresh produce. The company Capexo is now making its contribution with 2 major innovations in Exotic Fruit and Vegetables packaging and labelling ... >Read more

-> France - 04/02/2020
AKANEA will be present at Fruit Logistica 2020
AKANEA is a publishing and deployment company of expert management software, dedicated to food professionals. AKANEA's ERP and WMS solutions are developed to respond natively to the challenges of the agro industries: Fruits and Vegetables, Seafood, Meat products, IAA.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 03/02/2020
In the EU the frozen fruit and nut market has reached $2.4 billion
The market for frozen fruit and nuts in the EU rose steadily to $2.4 billion in 2018. The largest consumers are Germany (369,000 tonnes), France (184,000 tonnes) and Italy (149,000 tonnes). ... >Read more

-> England - 03/02/2020
New prepared fruit facility in the UK will show it at Fruit Logistica by The Fruitery.
At Fruit Logistic will be a really exciting opportunity to learn all about this new UK£2 million prepared fruit facility in the UK, and to discover its ambitious plans to expand on the European ... >Read more

-> Italy - 30/01/2020
With Cherry Vision 3.0, UNITEC's technology, quality is consistent and guaranteed over time, enabling new markets to be conquered
Cherry Vision 3.0 has enabled BackCreek Orchard, Australian fruit and vegetable center, to obtain cherries characterized by extreme qualitative consistency in each package and from one package to another: classes of Cherries of Consistent Quality in each supply and over time. This is exactly what distributors and end consumers want to find.... >Read more

-> Germany - 30/01/2020
Fruit Logistica is ready to open its doors. Do not forget to buy your entrance ticket online!
Fruit Logistica is one of the most visited shows dedicated to fruits and vegetables. Every year thousands of visitors come and… stay in line to buy an entrance ticket. Instead of ... >Read more

-> England - 30/01/2020
Colorful and tasty products, local products, and always more F&V among the 2020 trends
The annual report on trends in Fruits & Vegetables for this year 2020 predicts that the main trends will be colorful and tasty products, local products and alternatives to meat.... >Read more

-> Greece - 29/01/2020
Freskon, the strategic hub for South East Europe
The 6th edition of FRESKON, the international fruit and vegetable fair will take place in April in Thessaloniki. The event will be the center of the fresh fruit and vegetable market in Southeast Europe, according to the organizers.... >Read more ad. ad. ad. ad. ad.

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