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-> Spain - 11/03/2019
The Port of Barcelona celebrates its 150th anniversary this year
Now the port of Barcelona is a major port of Western Europe, it covers an area of 1,300 hectares and has recorded a 15% increase in its container traffic in 2018. ... >Read more

-> France - 06/03/2019
Balance sheet "Saint-Charles Quality Approach"
As is the case each year in the context of the Saint-Charles Quality Stewardship Agreement, a delegation of Administration representatives took part in the presentation meeting of the 2017-2018 "Saint-Charles Quality Approach" Review. ... >Read more

-> France - 06/03/2019
MAF RODA : always at the forefront of innovation
The MAF RODA team presented several new equipment at the 2019 edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin: the BI-AXONE grading machine for pears and robots FAST PACK and Line Pack for automatic packaging of apples, as well as all latest generation of MAF flagship electronics, the GLOBALSCAN G7 for external quality control of fruits.... >Read more

-> Italy - 05/03/2019
MACFRUT establishes a new partnership in Colombia
Following the partnerships with Fruit Attraction (Madrid) and Sival (Angers), MACFRUT is strengthening its internationalization process with an agreement in Colombia.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 05/03/2019
Digital agriculture to improve yields
In Belgium the potato production and processing sectors are joining forces around the WatchITgrow collaborative platform to improve sustainability and productivity. ... >Read more

-> England - 25/02/2019
Berries sales soared
British consumers are enjoying more and more fruits and especially berries whose sales have skyrocketed in recent years.... >Read more

-> France - 19/02/2019
Europeans favor local products
The Cetelem Observatory / BNP-Paribas Group, which has been analyzing household consumption patterns in Europe for more than 30 years, has just published its latest study of 13,800 consumers in 17 European countries.... >Read more

-> France - 15/02/2019
Saint-Charles Export to Fruit Logistica with a diverse range of products and services
The Berlin show is an opportunity to meet buyers from around the world in a very short time and a great opportunity for all those who work the products called "off-season". About fifteen companies were present on the large space of the group (144m2) in Hall France.... >Read more

-> Germany - 15/02/2019
A tradeshow at its peak
The 2019 edition of Fruit Logistica is considered as good quality by many participants. But the event that celebrated its 25th birthday last year, is now in its adulthood and its size and attractiveness can hardly go up a notch.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 13/02/2019
Dutch eco-friendly bio-films that bring financial attractiveness
Van der Windt, Dutch certificated supplier of high-quality flexible packaging materials for the food processing industry, recently presented 4 new types of bio-film at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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