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-> France - 09/07/2019
Informia opens up new opportunities by joining ISAGRI Group.
Informia, publisher and integrator of a software dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector, joins Groupe Isagri in the ERP Agro division ... >Read more

-> France - 05/07/2019
New promotional campaign on the French market for seedless watermelons BOUQUET
A pioneer in the marketing of seedless watermelons, the company Anecoop launched this fruit for the first time on the European market more than 25 years ago, since then it occupies the No. 1 place with more than 100,000 tons marketed every year.... >Read more

-> England - 05/07/2019
Maritime companies abandon the British flag
New Brexit effect in Britain, shipping companies leave the maritime register and therefore abandon the British flag, because of the uncertainty surrounding the departure of Britain from the EU, now set to 31 October. ... >Read more

-> Italy - 04/07/2019
Unitec technology, a tool for developing business opportunities
The Japanese market is attracting the interest of many companies wishing to expand their activities in a country characterized by consumers with high purchasing power but demanding very high quality standards. A product capable of fully meeting these requirements resulting from the processing and quality selection implemented by the UNITEC technologies.... >Read more

-> Austria - 04/07/2019
Austria is the first EU country to ban glyphosate
In the name of the "precautionary principle" the Austrian Parliament has just approved a total ban of glyphosate on the national territory, making Austria the first country of the European Union to ban the herbicide.... >Read more

-> France - 03/07/2019
Compagnie Fruitière: the road is traced towards the 20% of banana plantations in organic farming by 2025
After a good 3 years of partnership with WWF FRANCE, COMPAGNIE FRUITIERE presents the progress of its commitments for a more sustainable production of bananas. ... >Read more

-> Spain - 02/07/2019
Imports of F & V have increased in volume and value
A major country for the export of Fruits & Vegetables, Spain also imports large volumes. Between January and April 2019, imports increased in volume and value.... >Read more

-> Belgium - 02/07/2019
EU-Mercosur trade agreement after 20 years of negotiations
This agreement between the European Union and the Mercosur countries (Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) will eliminate many tariffs between the two parties. The GDP of the EU and Mercosur accounts for 1/4 of world GDP, or 18 000 billion euros. This agreement raises the concern of European farmers and questions about its consequences for the climate.... >Read more

-> France - 27/06/2019
Blue Whale Celebrates 50 Years of Success and Innovation and Shows Ambition to Double Size in 10 Years
Blue Whale, a group of cooperatives bringing together 300 fruit producers and a major European apple export operator in the world, is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2019. On June 20th in Montauban, an anniversary evening was held with President Christophe Belloc and Director Alain Vialaret recalled the beginnings of this collective adventure which begun 50 years ago and presented the ambition of the next 10 years: to double the activity of the company.... >Read more

-> France - 26/06/2019
Beginning of the 2019 harvest for white garlic from Lomagne IGP
In France, the white garlic production area of ​​Lomagne IGP covers 200 communes spread over 2 departments (Gers, Tarn-et-Garonne) and covers 187 hectares. The kickoff of the 2019 harvest has started. ... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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