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-> Spain - 15/05/2019
Canada is the largest non-European market for Spanish fruits and vegetables
For the first two months of the year, Canada was the leading non-European destination for Spanish fruit and vegetables, with 16,587 tonnes in volume and €18.7 million in value, according to data processed by FEPEX.... >Read more

-> Norway - 15/05/2019
Europatat 2019 in Norway
Europatat organizes its congress every 2 years in Brussels, the capital of Europe, and every 2 years in a different place in Europe. This year the event will take place in Oslo (Norway). ... >Read more

-> Italy - 14/05/2019
Quality remains the determining factor for the future of table grapes
Table Grape Meeting, the table grape event during Macfrut, took stock of varietal innovation and industry trends with key operators and international speakers.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 13/05/2019
A direct train connection Valencia-Rotterdam
Called CoolRail, this new temperature-controlled rail link transports fresh produce between Valencia (Spain) and Rotterdam (Netherlands). The capacity is 42 containers and the frequency is 3 times a week. Compared to road transport, this rail link reduces CO2 emissions by 70 to 90%.... >Read more

-> Italy - 10/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): For UNITEC, the quality of sorting triggers a virtuous circle of benefits for the entire industry
Reliable sorting and classification of the external quality of the products makes it possible to offer consistent quality over time, which will lead to increased purchases by the final consumer. The UNITEC Group presents Pavilion B1 - Stand 075, its novelties which increase the competitiveness of the Packaging stations and improve in a concrete way their business and their revenues.... >Read more

-> Italy - 10/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): Ninfa, the salad grown in water
In the Italian region of Romagna, several companies have cooperated to implement hydroponics of 8 million salads. One of its companies, Rossi Ortofrutta Srl participates in the show (HB7D7 029) presenting NINFA, the salad grown in water with the technique of a floating system.... >Read more

-> Netherlands (the) - 10/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): Packaging without plastic is possible with Jasa innovations
JASA Packaging Solutions, a specialist in sustainable packaging solutions, presents Hall B3 stand 067 with its machines and products, including Bag-2-Paper ™ and Sleever for apples, kiwis and other fruits.... >Read more

-> Italy - 09/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): Berry perfection at Berryway
Berryway Group is an international trading network that can offer berries 365 days a year. OP ORTOFRUIT ITALIA, one of the Italian branches of the Group, presents its exceptional products Hall B5 115.... >Read more

-> Italy - 09/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): A 2019 edition under the banner of internationalization and innovation
This year 50 countries, with their own stands or in delagations, participate in Macfrut, thus confirming the internationalization of the show. At the opening, its president, Renzo Piraccini, pointed out that Macfrut has managed to double in a few years the number of its visitors and the number of its exhibitors.... >Read more

-> France - 08/05/2019
Live from Macfrut (Rimini): Presentation of the new edition of Fructidor N# 5 directory (Pre-Post Harvest & Transport), on the occasion of the Macfrut show, presents the new edition of Fructidor N# 5 directory (Pre-Post Harvest & Transport) which lists companies supplying machinery, equipment, packaging and logistics for professionals of the Fruits & Vegetables market. ... >Read more ad.

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