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-> Russia - 12/01/2022
Russian berry producer installs Helius and Blizzard optical sorters to deliver first-grade berries
FRESHBERRY is a Russian startup producer of berries, founded in 2019 in Pryazhinsky District of the Republic of Karelia. The company is in charge of collecting, processing, supplying, and selling wild-growing blueberries, cowberries, cranberries, and cloudberries... >Read more

-> Bulgaria - 11/01/2022
Greenhouse production suspended due to high gas prices
In Bulgaria the 30% increase in the price of gas has forced almost 70% of all greenhouses producing vegetables to stop production during the winter. Imports, especially of tomatoes and cucumbers, will increase... >Read more

-> Russia - 06/01/2022
Potato production lower than expected
In Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture expected the national potato production to reach 7.15 million tons. According to the latest data the volume produced is much lower. ... >Read more

-> Belarus - 14/12/2021
Belarus imposes embargo on the import of fruit and vegetables from the EU and other countries
Belarus has decided to impose an embargo on the import of fruit and vegetables from the European Union, the United Kingdom, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, North Macedonia, Albania, the United States and Canada... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 10/12/2021
Forecast of + 13% in volume for exports of fruits, berries and nuts
According to estimates by UCAB (Ukrainian Club of Agrarian Business), Ukraine should record this year an increase of + 13% in volume for its exports of fruits, berries and nuts. The main destination is the EU which accounts for 86% of export earnings... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 26/11/2021
Russian demand picks up for fruit and vegetables from Azerbaijan
Azerbaijani exports to Russia increased significantly from January to early November 2021, due to various measures in the field of phytosanitary control that were taken in Azerbaijan... >Read more

-> Russia - 18/11/2021
Planned increases of + 25% for vegetables and + 12% for potatoes
In Russia, the production of field vegetables and potatoes should increase by 2025 by + 25% and + 12% compared to 2020.... >Read more

-> Serbia - 25/10/2021
Serbian apple production forecast to increase
In Serbia apples represent 1/3 of the national fruit production. This year, with the production volume increasing (+ 5%) and the international market situation, greater diversification of destination markets is necessary.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 25/10/2021
Promising apple season in Ukraine
USPA FRUIT is one of the leading exporters of high quality Ukrainian apples. The company exports apples and fresh produce to 30 countries, including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries from Southeast Asia, Africa and European Union. Fructidor interviewed Volodymyr Gurzhiy, CEO and CCO at USPA Fruit, and investigated the actual situation at the Ukrainian fruit market... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 19/10/2021
Akın Söyleyen shares his observations on fruit season in Turkey
Aksun is one of the biggest European exporters of fruit and vegetables, based in Mersin, Turkey... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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