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-> Georgia - 11/04/2024
Insights on blueberry industry in Georgia: BIG Interview with Shota Tsukoshvili
Recently, Fructidor chatted with Shota Tsukoshvili, CNFA Georgia Value Chain Manager, who delved into the landscape of Georgia's agricultural sector and its blueberry industry. Mr. Tsukoshvili provided insights into Georgia's strategic shifts, advancements, and investments in blueberry cultivation, the development of modern agricultural practices, and the forecasted growth of the blueberry market... >Read more

-> Poland - 09/04/2024
Premium citrus fruit supplier announces strategic shift
For over two decades, TraPolska has been one of the premier suppliers of fresh fruits from South America... >Read more

-> Georgia - 20/03/2024
Georgian nut exports fall again in terms of value
In Georgia, exports of nuts will once again underperform in 2023, with a negative variation in value compared with 2022.... >Read more

-> Poland - 07/03/2024
Phenomenal progress for Polish pumpkin production
An increase of +700% in the area under cultivation and an increase of +733.33% in the volume of pumpkins harvested in Poland, according to Eurostat, comparing 2014 figures with those for 2022.... >Read more

-> Azerbaijan - 05/03/2024
Azerbaijan exports off to a good start this year
According to official figures, Azerbaijan's fruit and vegetable exports have just recorded increases in both volume and value.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 29/02/2024
Turkish citrus fruit exports to exceed $1 billion by 2023
Excellent performance for citrus exports in 2023. The volume exported reaches 1.95 million tonnes of citrus fruit and the value USD 1.11 billion (TRY 34.5 billion).... >Read more

-> Poland - 29/02/2024
Polish blueberry production continues to expand
Poland is a major producer of berries (strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants, bilberries). While some berries are in decline, blueberry production continues to grow.... >Read more

-> Hungary - 29/02/2024
Ebonfare showcases innovative approach to dry fruits
At the core of Dr. Aliment Kft.'s ethos lies a dedication to scientific progress. Years of meticulous research and development have culminated in the creation of Ebonfare products, which introduce a new dimension to the realm of dry fruits... >Read more

-> Russia - 20/02/2024
Russia cancels its ban on Ecuadorian bananas
Diplomacy and negotiations between the 2 parties have resolved the dispute between Russia and Ecuador, the world's largest banana exporter and the main supplier to the Russian market.... >Read more

-> Russia - 15/02/2024
Russia to increase its banana imports from India
India has just made a 1st shipment of bananas to Russia in January, and another shipment is scheduled for the end of February.... >Read more ad.

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