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-> Russia - 10/03/2022
Temporary suspension of fertilizer exports
The conflict in Ukraine has many repercussions on the energy and grain markets, but also on the market for agricultural inputs. Russia's decision to suspend fertilizer exports will impact the global market.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 08/03/2022
In Turkey the prices of fresh fruits and vegetables have fallen by 50%
The halt in exports to Russia and Ukraine, which are among the main export markets for Turkish products, caused prices to collapse on the domestic market.... >Read more

-> Serbia - 02/03/2022
Serbian raspberry growers predict record price this year
The constant increase in demand on international markets and a production yield in Serbia expected to fall this year, lead Serbian professionals to predict a very high level of raspberry prices.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 25/02/2022
Agricultural production increased in Ukraine in 2021
Volumes for the 2021 harvests show an increase compared to the previous year. Growth of +2.5% for the production of potatoes, growth of +2.9% for the production of vegetables and growth of +10.7% for the production of fruits and berries.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 16/02/2022
Russia to increase quota for Turkish tomato imports
Currently Turkiye is allowed to export up to 300,000 tons of tomatoes to Russia, but this volume will be increased... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 10/02/2022
Exports could be cut to fight inflation
In Turkiye food prices are rising. In an attempt to reduce this inflation, the volume of exports of 20 agricultural products could be reduced. ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 03/02/2022
Turkish Martaş is aimed to increase export by investing in new technology
Martaş is a cooperative doing frozen food and processing products grown in the Marmara and nearby Aegean regions. The company has two processing facilities in... >Read more

-> Russia - 12/01/2022
Russian berry producer installs Helius and Blizzard optical sorters to deliver first-grade berries
FRESHBERRY is a Russian startup producer of berries, founded in 2019 in Pryazhinsky District of the Republic of Karelia. The company is in charge of collecting, processing, supplying, and selling wild-growing blueberries, cowberries, cranberries, and cloudberries... >Read more

-> Bulgaria - 11/01/2022
Greenhouse production suspended due to high gas prices
In Bulgaria the 30% increase in the price of gas has forced almost 70% of all greenhouses producing vegetables to stop production during the winter. Imports, especially of tomatoes and cucumbers, will increase... >Read more

-> Russia - 06/01/2022
Potato production lower than expected
In Russia, the Ministry of Agriculture expected the national potato production to reach 7.15 million tons. According to the latest data the volume produced is much lower. ... >Read more ad. ad.

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