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-> Turkiye - 12/09/2022
Turkey monitors exports of tomato products
The Turkish government has decided to monitor exports of canned tomatoes, tomato paste and paste, in order to avoid a rise in prices on the domestic market... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 06/09/2022
Turkish fig season to continue until the end of October
Having started exporting fruits and vegetables in 1994, today, Aksun is known as a reliable supplier to over 25 countries worldwide... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 25/07/2022
Turkish exporter shares experience on dried fig sorting machines usage
Kral Incir is one of Turkey's most important dried fig exporters. Thanks to installing two TOMRA Helius and two TOMRA Ixus sorting machines, the company is now able to meet the high standards demanded by export markets... >Read more

-> Albania - 22/07/2022
Vegetable imports increased by +42.1% in the first half of 2022
Albania recorded a considerable increase in its vegetable exports during the first half of 2022.... >Read more

-> Poland - 15/07/2022
Quality tomatoes and cauliflowers ready for shipping across Europe
In July, Vegeland will continue supplying tomatoes, cauliflowers, broccolis and will also start with peppers. In autumn, the company will offer apples, cabbages, as well as organic produce... >Read more

-> Poland - 28/06/2022
Polish manufacturer refines environment-friendly packaging for fresh produce
Among dozens of solutions presented in the market nowadays, the ones offered by SoFruPak deserve to take a closer look at... >Read more

-> Serbia - 24/06/2022
Alternative routes for Serbian fruit exports
Serbia exports fruits, mainly apples as well as berries. The main destinations are the Balkan countries and Russia, but since the conflict in Ukraine, fruit exports to Russia are more complicated.... >Read more

-> Moldova - 16/06/2022
EU plans to improve market access for 7 Moldovan products
The European Commission has just proposed to double the quantity of 7 products that can be imported duty-free from Moldova to the EU.... >Read more

-> Poland - 09/06/2022
Innovative concept to address main fruit grading problems
The AirJet® Blueberry Grader created by Australian company, GP Graders, was designed to meet the increasing demands of clients in a developing industry. Milbor PMC is the exclusive distributor of the AirJet® blueberry grader in Europe... >Read more

-> Poland - 06/06/2022
One of the next year's largest blueberry events will be held in Poland
The event will feature trips to some of the world’s largest blueberry production sites, such as Ochoża blueberry farm, the Karczmiska Blueberry Factory test farm, Polskie Jagody Producer Organization, and Wilczewscy Blueberry Farm ... >Read more ad.

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