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-> Russia - 21/11/2018
Towards a new record for vegetable production in greenhouses
In Russia greenhouse vegetable production continues to grow and is likely to set a new record this year. ... >Read more

-> Bulgaria - 19/10/2018
Organic farming surfaces have tripled
Bulgaria is one of the EU countries where the organic sector is experiencing strong growth. According to Eurostat data, the European Statistical Agency, the areas under organic production increased by an average of 18.7% in the 28 EU countries, in Bulgaria this growth rate exceeded 310%.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 09/10/2018
Hazelnut exports have already exceeded 25,000 tons
KFMIB, the association of hazelnuts exporters and products of the Black Sea, has revealed that Turkey has gained about 135 million USD through hazelnut exports last month.... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 08/10/2018
Ukrainian apples can enter the Indian market
Ukrainian apples harvested this year may be exported to India, which has decided to open its market, subject to the established phytosanitary conditions, announced the UkrSadProm Association.... >Read more

-> Poland - 02/10/2018
New success for FRESH MARKET and its original formula
An original formula that makes FRESH MARKET a success: in a single day and in the same place, the event offers conferences, exhibition spaces and B2B meetings. The main objective is to enable producers and suppliers of fresh Fruits & Vegetables to meet representatives of regional and international distribution chains and wholesalers... >Read more

-> Poland - 25/09/2018
Record for number of participants attending a Fresh Market 2018
The XIth edition of the B2B meetings between supply chains members of Central & Eastern Europe and the suppliers of Fruits & Vegetables, FRESH MARKET 2018 will take place on 27 September in Ożarów Mazowceckc, Warsaw region.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 19/09/2018
The variety of Enterdonat lemon ready for export.
While traditionally, cutting authorization is granted for both the Meyer and Enterdonat varieties, this year the Meyer variety was exported much earlier, starting August 20, 2018.... >Read more

-> Russia - 12/09/2018
Interko opens Russian office to satisfy local ripening room demand
Interko, one of the leading provider of ripening solutions for the international fresh fruit industry, has strengthened its future position in Russia and the CIS nations ... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 07/09/2018
Live from Hong Kong: New participation of companies from Ukraine
This is the third participation of Ukrainian companies led by the UKRSADPROM association as part of its market diversification strategy for fruit and berry exports Hall 5d / R27.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 07/09/2018
Live from Hong Kong: AKSUN puts figs in the limelight
Turkey is the world's largest exporter of black figs and at the Asia Fruit Logistica trade show the Turkish company AKSUN Tarımsal Ürünler A.Ş is particularly featuring figs on its stand Hall 3c / N28.... >Read more ad. ad.

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