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-> Turkiye - 13/06/2019
Turkish Cargo has transported $18 million of Turkish fruits and vegetables
Last year, Turkey Cargo's Turkish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables totaled $18 million, up by 71% in value compared to the previous year.... >Read more

-> Russia - 10/06/2019
A Maersk cold warehouse in St. Petersburg
This new cold warehouse will allow Maersk to offer complete solutions to Russian customers and thus better meet their specific needs. Storage has become as crucial as transportation.... >Read more

-> Poland - 04/06/2019
Apple production at a minimum level
The damage caused by spring frosts combined with the effects of a year of rest for the trees leads to a forecast of a minimum harvest this year.... >Read more

-> Russia - 29/05/2019
Vegetable and fruit production will increase this year
According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture forecast, production of vegetables, potatoes, fruits and berries will increase again this year.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 28/05/2019
Lemon exports grow by 15% and new markets are targeted
In Turkey, exports season of citrus fruits and in particular lemons is satisfactory. Lemon exports have increased by 15% in volume and the sector wants to open new markets.... >Read more

-> Russia - 20/05/2019
Onion prices markedly upward
In Russia onion prices have risen, averaging 30%, reaching their highest level in 5 years.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 07/05/2019
Hazelnut processing: Turkey based exporter increases efficiency with ROI in 2-3 years
Olam Progida, part of the Olam Group, founded in 1989 works from seed to shelf by supplying food and industrial raw materials to more than 22,000 customers worldwide. It is present in 66 countries and operates four hazelnut factories...... >Read more

-> Poland - 23/04/2019
A wave of frost affected the fruit production
After abundant production last year, Polish professionals are worried about volumes this year, indeed a wave of frost has caused various losses.... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 19/04/2019
With its growing domestic production Turkey could soon stop its banana imports
In Turkey, as in many countries, the demand for bananas is increasing, but the volume of imports is decreasing thanks to increasing national production.... >Read more

-> Croatia - 09/04/2019
A satisfactory year for production
In Croatia the production of fruits and vegetables in 2018 was satisfactory, despite some contrasts according to the products (for mandarins + 156% but for cucumbers -37.9%).... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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