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-> Turkiye - 06/04/2020
Aksun installs new sorting line for figs and plans to open new packhouse
Turkish company plans to install new fig line now and to open the doors of this new packhouse by the beginning of the fig season in 2021... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 01/04/2020
Apple export from Ukraine fell by 38%
The season 2019/2020 was extremely unfavorable for apple exporters in Ukraine... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 26/03/2020
Volume and value increase for Turkish exports of fresh fruit and vegetables
If Turkish exports to other sectors have slowed, fruit and vegetable professionals are seeing an increase in volume and value for their exports.... >Read more

-> Russia - 02/03/2020
Increase in quota of imported Turkish tomatoes
Russia will buy more tomatoes from Turkey, the import quota have increased by 50,000 tonnes.... >Read more

-> Russia - 25/02/2020
Russia could increase import quota for Turkish tomatoes
Russia, which has stopped buying Chinese tomatoes because of the coronavirus, could turn to Turkish tomatoes by increasing their import quota.... >Read more

-> Bosnia and Herzegovina - 25/02/2020
Imports represent 90% of food products consumed
Sad observation for professionals in the sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The country has experienced a drop in exports and an increase in imports, which now account for 90% of the food consumed.... >Read more

-> Russia - 12/02/2020
Russia slashed vegetable imports
In 2019 Russia imported vegetables from 76 countries. While the total volume decreased by 14% compared to the previous year, some vegetables recorded increases. ... >Read more

-> Turkiye - 13/01/2020
Shipments of potatoes and onions subject to authorization
In order to avoid shortages due to exports and to combat fluctuations in consumer prices, potatoes and onions are now included in the list of products of which export is subject to prior authorization. ... >Read more

-> Ukraine - 07/01/2020
B2B Meetings in Fruit Logistica: CHERRY growers from Ukraine receive increasing interest
Interested in importing CHERRY ? Call today and set up meetings with selected growers.... >Read more

-> Moldova - 03/01/2020
Moldova to boost exports to Russia
Moldova will increase its exports to Russia, thanks to a new agreement which expands the list of authorized exporters to the Russian market providing for an increase in the volumes of goods without customs duties.... >Read more ad. ad. ad.

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