09/07/2019 | Colombia

Suspicion of a TR4 case in Colombia

For the first time in Latin America, a case of Fusarium Oxisporum TR4 was detected in Colombia. Pending on the analysis of various laboratories, the sector is on alert.
This suspected case was detected in banana plantations in the Guajira region of northern Colombia. According to local media samples were sent to foreign laboratories for analysis. In anticipation of the results ICA (Instituto Colombiano Agropecuario) emphasized that "Preventive surveillance actions are being carried out all over the country.We are currently witnessing suspicion and once all the protocols of analysis and diagnosis have been carried out, we will manage the communication in accordance with the regulations in place. "
The fungus Fusarium Oxisporum TR4, better known as strain 4 of the "Panama Disease" has caused extensive damage to banana plantations in several parts of the world. According to FAO, the fungus "colonizes, infects and destroys" Cavendish plants, which account for the majority of bananas traded worldwide.
In Colombia, banana plantations occupy an area of ​​561 922 hectares, of which 11.27% (63 381 hectares) are for export. Bananas from cultivars of the Cavendish subgroup, highly sensitive to TR4, cover a total of 49,307 hectares.


source : expreso.ec, ultimahoraec.com

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