01/09/2021 | Turkiye

Turkish exports topped $ 3 billion

Turkey's exports of fresh fruit and vegetables over the past 12 months have passed the USD 3 billion mark.
AA (Anadolu Agency) reported that exports of fresh fruits and vegetables which amounted to 2.5 billion USD from July 31, 2019 to August 1, 2020, have increased to more than USD 3 billion for the period ending this year, according to official data.
"This is a record on an annual basis. We expect that the expansion of exports will continue and we aim to set a new record at the end of this year" stressed Hayrettin Uçak, President of EIB, the Association of Aegean Exporters (EIB).
In the first half of 2021, growing demand drove exports up by around 20%. In terms of destinations, Russia remains the No.1 destination for Turkish products, ahead of Germany and Romania. In terms of products, tomatoes lead foreign sales, ahead of cherries and lemons.
Currently the peach harvest in the Aegean region has come to an end but the export of fresh figs and fresh grapes continues and citrus fruits, one of Turkey's main export products, will start to be harvested in the region. 'fall.
source : dailysabah.com
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