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Spain 12/03/2019

European countries remain the main destinations for Spanish exports

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According to FEPEX, the top 10 destinations for Spanish exports of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables are European countries. These markets represent 85% of exports.
FEPEX indicates that the TOP 10 of the main destinations of Spanish exports in 2018 were Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Sweden and Switzerland. European markets accounted for 85% of exports, which totaled €12,832 million last year.
In this ranking, the first destinations recorded an increase: 3% for Germany, 5% for France and 3% for the United Kingdom. Exports to Italy, Poland, Belgium and Sweden were lower than 2017.
The first country outside Europe is Canada, ranked 16th, which becomes the first non-European destination for Spanish exports, replacing Brazil, which is now in 19th place.
Thus Europe and especially the EU continue to be the axis of Spanish exports of Fruits & Vegetables, so that the commercial policy of the European Commission is decisive, according to FEPEX, for the future of the sector.

source : fepex es



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In 2018 European markets accounted for 85% of Spanish exports of Fruits & Vegetables.
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