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Italy 04/07/2019

Unitec technology, a tool for developing business opportunities

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The Japanese market is attracting the interest of many companies wishing to expand their activities in a country characterized by consumers with high purchasing power but demanding very high quality standards. A product capable of fully meeting these requirements resulting from the processing and quality selection implemented by the UNITEC technologies.
UNITEC technologies are able to sort fruit according to several quality parameters such as external quality, softness, shape defects and, of course, weight, size and color. In addition, they are designed to separate premium quality fruits from those of medium range or intended for the food industry.
It is also essential for the Japanese market that the fruits received are perfectly intact despite the distance from the place of production and processing. This requirement is met with the help of UNITEC technology: its ability to separate overripe fruits from those characterized by an adequate level of ripeness, prevents contamination of the "right" product and ensures that it reaches its destination in optimal conditions even after several days of travel.
Over the last few years, UNITEC has already enabled many companies around the world to export their products to Far East countries that are demanding in terms of quality, such as China. Many South American professionals have relied on UNITEC technologies to sort their fruits and have been able to develop their exports.
UNITEC President Angelo Benedetti looks to the future with optimism and confidence: "What happened for China will happen soon for Japan, we are convinced that UNITEC technology is the best way to remove barriers and to create new business opportunities! Forward-thinking entrepreneurs know this and we are ready to support them in their ambitious but concrete growth plans, thanks to the strong increase in exports guaranteed by our technologies ".
In addition to UNITEC Blueberry Vision technology for the selection of blueberry quality, UNITEC has designed and developed technological systems specializing in the selection of the quality of many other fruits: Cherry Vision and UNIQ Cherry for cherries, Apples Sort and UNIQ Apples for apples, Pears Spell for pears, Kiwi Vision and UNIQ Kiwi for kiwis, Plum Vision and UNIQ Plum for prunes, Apricot Vision for apricots, Orange Vision for oranges, etc.



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UNITEC systems are used to sort fruits and vegetables, even the smallest and most delicate, such as cherries and blueberries, into qualitative classes of consistent quality.
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