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Canada 16/07/2019

Delay for strawberry season but satisfactory harvest expected

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Quebec is the largest strawberry producing province in Canada with 56% of the volume marketed. This year the season started with 2 weeks late but professionals expect a satisfactory harvest, in quantity and quality.
In Quebec, due to a cool and rainy spring, the ripening of strawberries was a little late and the season started with almost 2 weeks behind the usual schedule of the last 10 years. However, professionals expect a satisfactory harvest in quantity and quality.
In Canada, Quebec is the main province producing strawberries with 56% of the marketed volume, followed by Ontario (24%). These 2 provinces account for more than 75% of the total area of strawberries in the country and produce 80% of the volume. In 2017, Canada produced 28,372 tonnes of strawberries on an area of 3,939 hectares.


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This year, the Quebec strawberries arrive a little late but the producers expect a satisfactory harvest (Photo:
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