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Finland 10/09/2019

Climate change will favor new crops in Finland

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The possibility of producing certain fruit and vegetables in Finland, previously considered "exotic" for the country, is taking shape with the effects of climate change.
Cherries could become a new crop, and the commercial pears crop is expected to increase significantly. The growing apple production is also expected to expand to the north of the country.
Peach and apricot could also be produced in the country. Experiments by some horticulturists have shown that the cultivation and production of peaches, apricots, grapes and aubergines are now possible.
The Finnish Natural Resources Institute (Luke) conducts research on the impact of climate change. The institute predicts that the temperature will increase from 2 to 7°C while the precipitation will increase from 6 to 20% by 2080.
Scientists say the weather in the fall will be mild longer, the cold winter temperatures will soften, the snow will be less abundant, the snow will melt earlier in the spring and the growing season will be prolonged.

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Experiments by some horticulturists show that the cultivation of certain "exotic" products is now possible in Finland (Photo: facebook /
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