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Australia 08/10/2019

A fully compostable film has been developed for cucumbers

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An environmentally friendly alternative to traditional polyethylene plastic packaging, a fully compostable retractable film has been developed for cucumbers in Australia.
Last year, Drakes supermarkets in the South Australia region contacted IG Fresh and asked the Adelaide-based fruit and vegetable wholesaler to develop a retrofit and compostable plastic film alternative. Working with BioBag, a bioplastic film was created from a compostable resin using plant materials, including non-genetically modified corn starch.
This new fully compostable film was launched in September. It is used exclusively on cucumbers sold in 38 Drake supermarkets in the South Australia region. In a few weeks its use will be extended to other products.
The Norwegian company BioBag, which has 6 factories and 20 trading partners or distributors worldwide, produces more than one billion bags a year.


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Developed for cucumbers, this new film will soon be used for other fresh products (Photo:
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