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USA 26/03/2020

Ethylene being essential for the supply of fruits and vegetables, the company Catalytic Generators continues its activities

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In the United States, the state of Virginia has taken steps to limit business activities. But Catalytic Generators announces the continuation of its activities, the supply of Ethy-Gen® II and ethylene generators remains uninterrupted.
Based in the state of Virginia, which has taken measures to limit business activities since March 23, Catalytic Generators assures all of its customers that the office and production facilities for catalytic generators will remain open.
· The supply of Ethy-Gen® II and ethylene generators remains uninterrupted. Catalytic Generators is considered an "essential" business by DHS and the states. Ethy-Gen® II and the ethylene produced for maturation are essential for the global supply of ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables.
· Catalytic Generators understands that the job done is essential to the food supply, and does everything it can to ensure continuity. Its suppliers continue their activities normally, its partners in the freight industry are determined to maintain their normal activities as much as possible. However, this COVID-19 situation is unpredictable, so that certain disturbances in transport are possible.
· Employee health and safety remains a priority, the company follows CDC workplace guidelines, including efforts to reduce transmission between employees and maintain a healthy work environment. With this in mind, the company has reduced the number of people present on its site by implementing staggered working hours and reduced hours for employees, without reduction in salary.
· Federal and state directives are closely followed. If anything affects normal operations or disrupts the ability to deliver products, information will be given immediately.
. Technical assistance is always available by phone. The company also reports on its activity on social networks.

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The office and the manufacturing plant Catalytic Generators are considered essential for the agricultural infrastructure during this crisis (Photo: instagram).
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