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Ukraine 01/04/2020

Apple export from Ukraine fell by 38%

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The season 2019/2020 was extremely unfavorable for apple exporters in Ukraine. Difficult weather conditions, a decrease of high-quality production and the total apple yield, as well as growth of national currency, led to an increased demand and higher prices for apples on the domestic market. This situation caused decrease of apple exports and influenced all Ukrainian exporters.

Moreover, today`s situation of COVID-19 - a worldwide pandemic made it even worse. The borders were closed, so it became a big problem for exporters to supply apple from Ukraine to the countries in South-East Asia. In addition, sea freight rates also increased for at least 40% (and sometimes even more).

All these factors cased largest decline in apple exports from Ukraine, which, according to the Ukrainian Agricultural Export Association, fell by 38%.

Despite this situation, the Ukrainian company USPA FRUIT followed all apple supply programs, expanded export to the African market and increased the volume of own apple export compared to the previous season. These results were reached thanks to combining a large volume of high quality apples, reliable customer service and by following own apple supply standards.

USPA FRUIT is actively developing cooperation with African countries and further markets, like countries located at Indian Ocean. The company is starting a new program in Liberia and Bangladesh.

USPA FRUIT is one of the leading exporters of high quality Ukrainian apple. The company exports apples and fresh produce to 17 countries, including UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries from Southeast Asia, Africa and European Union. USPA FRUIT can be met annually at Fruit Attraction, Gulfood, Asia Fruit Logistica and Fruit Logistica.

Mr Volodymyr Gurzhiy,
tel:+380 50 9255 732

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