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Poland 29/04/2020

Poland also fears shortage of seasonal agricultural workers

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Poland was one of the first countries in Europe to limit rail / air connections and introduce border restrictions. The agricultural sector is now worried about a shortage of seasonal workers.
At the start of the health crisis, most of the Ukrainians who make up the largest group of migrants in Poland returned home. Several organizations have asked the government to simplify work permit procedures and allow quick and secure border crossing, especially for agricultural workers from Ukraine. Ensuring workers receive all necessary protective equipment.
"It will be impossible to harvest crops without seasonal workers," warned Jacek Podgórski, director of the Institute of Agricultural Economics. "It may not be worth picking the fruit."
Without a sufficient number of seasonal workers, the agricultural sector will have to make billions of zlotys in losses and Poland may find it difficult to maintain its food supply chain.



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Harvesting impossible without a sufficient number of seasonal workers (Photo:
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