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Australia 19/10/2021

Grapes and citrus are impacted by tensions between China and Australia

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Australia is a supplier of agricultural products to China but relations between the 2 countries have deteriorated and are having a negative effect on Australian exports.
According to a Rural Bank report, picked up by an Australian media outlet, tensions between China and Australia have impacted 2020/21 fruit exports, which for the first time since 2010/11 recorded a drop in value. The decrease is in the order of 267.5 million AUD (197.75 million USD) or -17.4%.
Among the fruit category as a whole, table grapes recorded the largest drop in export value with a variation of -25.8% to AUD 485 million (USD 358.54 million). China remained the No. 1 destination for Australian grapes, but the value of these exports varied by -40%. According to Australian professionals, shipments have declined significantly after delays of up to 20 days at Chinese customs, which impacted the quality and value of the fruit.
Regarding citrus fruits: the export value of mandarins decreased by 39.7 million AUS (29.34 million USD) or -21.2%. The value of orange exports fell by 23 million AUD (17 million USD) or -7.4% to 287.2 million (212.31 million USD). Exports of oranges have declined to China. This decline was partially offset by increased demand from Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.
Other categories of fresh products that have experienced a decrease: nuts with -78.6 million AUD (58.10 million USD) or -7.9% and vegetables with -6.6 million AUD (4.87 million USD) or -2.2%.
The report published by Rural Bank analyzes the performance of 6 agricultural sectors. For the 2020/21 period studied, Australian agricultural exports amounted to AUD 49.6 billion (USD 36.6 billion), or -0.8% compared to the previous period. Dairy products recorded a 4th consecutive year of growth with + 7.3% in value.
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Australian fruit exports to China have declined, especially grapes and citrus fruits (Photos:
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