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Netherlands (the) 21/09/2022

Fruit Attraction 2022: Get a closer look at shelf life extending solutions for blueberries

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The Dutch expert in shelf life extending technology, PerfoTec, for over 15 years now has been fighting against waste of vegetables, fruits and flowers. The company’s innovations are designed to reduce waste of products in the supply chain.


Its technology Modified Atmosphere Packaging is based on gas levels stabilization in the packaging to extend freshness of packed products. In order to scientifically design the optimal atmosphere in the packaging, PerfoTec has developed the PerfoTec Fast Respiration Meter System that measures the respiration rate of fresh produce. The PerfoTec CLMS system converts this data into the ideal packaging atmosphere and the PerfoTec Laser System microperforate the packaging so that the required Oxygen and Carbon levels for the product are reached within the packaging.  


Furthermore, PerfoTec developed the PerfoTec O2 system to actively gas flush retail bags on the production line in a precise way. This system ensures that the packed produce reaches the ideal gas levels while packed so fruits and vegetables would benefit from this. 


“Climate change targets and the call to reduce plastic consumption gave me the idea to develop new films that could extend the shelf life of fresh products”, says PerfoTec CEO Bas Groeneweg.


“PerfoTec has found out that film properties such as the gas permeability are key in this process. Not all the packaging is the same. If modified atmosphere packaging is used, the packaging size influences the shelf life extension of fresh produce. PerfoTec succeeded in developing a packaging film with ideal characteristics for fresh produce. Some new packaging films are also solutions that PerfoTec provides for transport and storage of fresh produce. We’ve developed recyclable as well as compostable films.”, affirms Groeneweg. 


Lately PerfoTec has been focused on blueberries and noticed that food waste in the entire supply chain from grower to consumer is unsustainable. The demand for blueberries is increasing every year; this is also due to the various health claims related to blueberries. Millions of kilos of soft fruit are packed each year to travel worldwide from growers to consumers.


“As soft fruits are very delicate, the climate change can affect their availability even more, the need to save each berry will turn into a necessity in the coming future” explains Elisa Bongiolatti, Product Manager at PerfoTec.  


The company has carried out research on blueberries stored in three different ways - in punnets, trays or loose in the PerfoTec LinerBag. Compared with conventional packaging, the PerfoTec LinerBag solution keeps the blueberries fresh and tasty with no dehydration and quality decay. Blueberries stored with conventional packaging showed molds and bacteria.


“Growers, exporters, importers, and packers of blueberries can reduce food waste up to 75%”, comments Bongiolatti.


Products with high respiration rates, such as brussels sprouts, have a shorter shelf life. With the LinerBags we can lower the gas levels and avoid the bottom oxidation as well as the dehydration and decolorizing.”, adds Elisa. 


According to Groeneweg, the LinerBag can also be used for packing and storing brussels sprouts or bell peppers.


“Another great advantage of the shelf life extension with LinerBags are new market areas or new transportation methods.” says the director.


In addition to food waste reduction, the LinerBag provides other cost reductions since they are an alternative to controlled atmosphere storage cells. 



If you are a blueberry grower or packer and you are searching for shelf-life extending solutions for your produce, visit PerfoTec at the Stand 7F05B at Fruit Attraction 2022 in Madrid from 4 to 6 of October.

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In addition to food waste reduction, the LinerBag by PerfoTec provides other cost reductions since they are an alternative to controlled atmosphere storage cells.
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