17/06/2019 | Spain

Prospects are positive for the campaign

With a quality considered very good, the ANPC (Asociación Nacional de Productores y Comercializadores de Ajo) believes that the prospects are positive for the garlic campaign.
If weather conditions continue to be favorable, the quality of the product will be very good. This will promote sales, especially since stocks are minimal this year.
The situation and prospects are very positive for Spanish professionals who believe that only production volume from China, the world No. 1, could affect this situation. According to members of ANPCA, this new season could allow to recover from the previous 2 seasons.
In 2018, Spanish exports of garlic fell in both, volume and value, due to the decline of major markets such as Germany and France. Exports amounted to 151 731 tonnes, 8.5% lower than in 2017, for a value of €234.8 million (-25%).
source : fepex es
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