09/01/2020 | India

21% increase for Indian grape exports

Indian grape exports increased by 21% in volume. Due to increased demand from European countries.
According to DGCI & S (Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics) data from the Ministry of Commerce, Indian exports of fresh grapes amounted to 43,622 tonnes for the period from April to October 2019, compared to 36,180 tonnes for the same period of 2018.
This can be explained by the increase in demand from European countries, after Indian exporters have ensured the quality and traceability of products with the improvement of agricultural practices.
Despite this increase in shipments, Indian exporters are concerned about the availability of fruit due to damage from non-seasonal rains this year. For the Nashik region, experts predict a loss of 10 to 15% following the rains in December.


source : business-standard.com

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