24/12/2021 | Italy

VOG Consortium: Three new apples and an innovative communication for Marlene

The Marlene® brand is becoming increasingly popular in Spain, so much so that, for some time now, it has been among the most recognized brands in the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector. 


Through sounds, images, videos and personal accounts, we want to tell our consumers all over the world about what happens in Marlene® apple orchards during the transition from one season to the next, of how heat and cold, as well as rest and activity, alternate, making our apples unique,” explains Walter Pardatscher, CEO of the VOG Consortium. 


This theme lies at the heart of a campaign involving the Out Of Home, Digital and Adv channels, featuring a new commercial aired in Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Malta. The commercial, which took a whole year to produce, was shot with an innovative directing technique that continuously and smoothly illustrates, within a few seconds, the transition from one season to the next using editing without cuts, packed with spectacular shots and time-lapse sequences. 


“The Marlene® brand embodies the high quality of the apples produced in South Tyrol – Südtirol,” comments Pardatscher. “In addition to the seven traditional varieties, our Consortium also produces numerous Club apples designed to meet modern consumer trends. In early 2021, we introduced three 3 new apples: RedPop®, Giga® and Cosmic Crisp®. These three apples are very innovative: they cover the second half of the season thanks to their extraordinary keeping properties and have distinctive characteristics that position them in the premium segment. One of the goals of our Consortium is to offer the ideal apple for 12 months of the year, for every market and every consumer, thanks to a complete assortment.” 


The new varieties will be produced according to the rules of both integrated and organic farming. The two Giga® and RedPop® apples in particular are also scab-resistant.


“Sustainability is one of the central themes of our development policies,” continues Walter Pardatscher. “We are partnered with the Sustainapple project, which involves various South Tyrolean apple cultivation organizations: we have set out a precise timetable that will allow us to achieve the 17 sustainable development goals established by the United Nations (the so-called SDGs, Sustainable Development Goals).”


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