21/09/2022 | Spain

Olive harvest decreases 40% in the 2022 season

The Union of Unions of Farmers and Ranchers is a Professional Agricultural Organization that defends the interests of farmers and ranchers in Spain.
According to the data collected by the Union, the current harvest of olives in Spain will close with a decrease of 40%.
Although prices at origin have increased 15-20% compared to 2020/21, they do not do so to the same extent as production costs, which have grown by 30% on average.
The source points out that this behavior is due to high temperatures and heat waves, low rainfall, particularly in the Guadalquivir and Guadiana basins, as well as high rates of drought that have worsened in the western Mediterranean and a radical decrease in hydraulic reserves.
By regions
In Andalusia, the world's leading producer of olives, a harvest of around 700.000 tons is expected compared to the 1.151.394 tons achieved in the previous campaign.
In Murcia and Valencia they calculate harvest losses of up to 85%, in Extremadura 70%, in Catalonia around 50%.
Across the country, a production of 918.000 tons is estimated compared to almost 1.5 million tons produced in 2020/21.
table olive
As for table olives, in the most negative scenario, production would reach 436.000-500.000 tons at the national level, which would mean a reduction of 24-34% compared to the 2020/21 season, when a harvest of 659.000 tons.
However, the source points out that the stock for the current campaign is around 400.000 tons, which may allow less trade tensions given the foreseeable decrease in the harvest.
source: agroinformacion.com, uniondeuniones.org
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